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Business Plans, Love, and Strategies- Challenge Part 2!

May 5, 2016


Till part 1 of the post on this marvel, we have seen the dramatic circumstances on how Gandhi (Chiranjeevi)- an unemployed youth challenges an influential businessman Ram Mohan Rao (Rao Gopala Rao) saying that he would earn a sum of fifty lakhs in five years.  Though Gandhi challenges with full confidence, it happened in nick of the moment and he doesn’t really have a clear strategy on how to proceed forward. When Lakshmi(Suhasini) comes to know about this challenge, she mocks Gandhi saying that it is humanly impossible to earn such money in the current era. Just when the viewer is also concerned about how Gandhi finds inspiration to go forward, the director immediately takes to the inspirational incident which removes all the doubts from Gandhi’s mind.


A concerned Gandhi sits near a temple premises where an old beggar woman comes and asks him for alms. An already troubled Gandhi reacts in an irritable manner saying that he doesn’t have even a single rupee in his pocket. The old woman leaves the place but comes back with a ten paisa coin in her hand and gives it to Gandhi. She also asks him to buy something to eat with the money(Yes!those were the days when people could buy some snack or food with 10 paisa!) This one incident might sound too simple and dramatic in the first look but with deep thought- it is downright inspirational! Gandhi understands that if an old woman with no education or proper health could have confidence in earning money with her prowess, he can definitely achieve the task!

Gandhi immediately heads off to a gambling center to stake his newly earned rupee to play a game of heads or tails. His balance turns to 100 rupees in just an hour of inspiration! When the gamblers ask Gandhi to play once more, the clever hero replies in this following way:

“Telivaina Joodagadu ekkuva sarlu geliche vaadu kadhu, aata eppudu aapalo kacchitam ga telisina vaadu, inka aadithe emauthundho naaku baga telusu!”

A clever gambler is someone who doesn’t win consistently but someone who knows where to stop the fun. I clearly know what would happen if I play more!

This one line is fantastic punch on people who obsessively get into gambling and get carried away by the wins! The director and writer show perfectly that gambling to some extent is fine but it shouldn’t become the sole way of earning money- It needs dedication, hard work and of course a tinge of luck!

Lakshmi on the other hand has other ideas about living and earning life. When she comes to know that Gandhi earned money by gambling , she tries to tell him that it is not really a victory at all. But Gandhi replies cleverly saying that there is nothing like good or bad in the society where things are already corrupted to the hilt. In the mean time, Haarika finds Gandhi’s ways quite intriguing and they get into interesting conversations. A slight romantic angle also begins between them when Haarika requests Gandhi to advise to get into some business and the latter asks her to set up a beauty parlor and offer her own beauty tips!

The fantastic blockbuster Indhuvadana song arrives in a jiffy with remarkable dance steps by Chiranjeevi and supported ably by Vijayashanti as well. This song became an anthem for the youth those days for its peppy beats, frisky interludes – a whiff of fresh air from melodramatic or overly sweet duet songs!

. A very special mention should be needed for lyricist Veturi to infuse versatility in a totally commercial number!

With the earned money, Gandhi gives an advertisement in newspaper saying that he would give tips for people on how to earn money quickly.  A troubled textile client arrives to meet Gandhi saying that none of his clothes or bed sheets are getting sold because of the movie craze which is changing too fast in the people.  Gandhi laughs it off saying that the problem is quite simple as the movies might change by the actors in it don’t! He advises the textile client to print the film stars posters on each of these garments and the idea becomes viral! Though this idea looks quite dramatic and funny- the intention of writer and director is that sometimes even the most unlikely plan can work great!


Gandhi then meets a group of unemployed youth headed by an angry youth named Ramtheertha.  The young man shares his anguish that the country couldn’t show them any jobs despite having top grades in their graduation.  Fed up with the system, Ramtheertha says that his group is planning to make an advanced weapons factory which would fetch them money. But Gandhi advises them not to go in the wrong path and tells them to approach the government for a self employment scheme to establish a factory in east side of Vizag city. Gandhi also says that the profits which come from the plan’s executon should be shared equally with him!


In the mean time, Gandhi makes no delay by employing Lakshmi- his most trustworthy friend as his secretary to look after all tasks he need- entrepreneurial lessons explained the best in the so called filmy way!

The plan works out as expected and Ramtheertha along with his team succeed in starting the industry. The union minister is also invited for the function along with Haarika who comes to offer her support to Gandhi. But sadly, Gandhi leaves with Haarika as per her request to talk and leaves Lakshmi after the event. Gandhi wonders why Haarika called him so urgently and during the time they have dinner, she asks him to sign on a blank paper without explaining any reason.


Gandhi- a pure businessman by heart does something quite unexpected then! Without hesitation, he signs the paper and gives it back to her. Haarika obviously feels quite pleased for the trust he has on her and he even says that his value for her is more than a life partner! Just when the viewer confirms that the love angle is fixed between Gandhi and Haarika- the director shifts the scene back to Lakshmi!


An angered Lakshmi gets very upset with Gandhi’s sudden departure and talks quite harshly to him when he gets back. Instead of arguing back with her, Gandhi silently departs by respecting her words. It is really interesting to see the contrasting relationship Gandhi has with Haarika as well as Lakshmi. While with Haarika, it is mostly of mutual trust from a distance, Lakshmi is someone who is always there for Gandhi right from the day one! The film also treats friendship as well as romantic interest with equal importance and which is where it turns out to be a modern classic.

gandhi lakshmi

Gandhi zooms in his money earning by making impressive strategies and comes to a position where he can afford and an own house along with a car.  He earns Rs.20 lakhs with the plans till date and now plans to buy a land where mica deposits can be seen. The moment he earns this money, Gandhi takes Lakshmi to see the new residence and also tells her that he wouldn’t disturb her in untimely occasions and stay in his limits. Obviously, Lakshmi realizes her mistake and confesses that she felt jealous when he left with Haarika. The greatest friends unite after an emotional breakdown and Lakshmi then gives a letter to Gandhi saying that he should read it after the bet duration is completed.


A very special mention should be made once again to the fantastic chemistry between Chiranjeevi and Suhasini in this scene. They share a very special onscreen bonding which speaks of classiness and each of them complement so wonderfully with each other!

The audience might think how Gandhi could progress so effortlessly without any hurdles or troubles in the journey. Just when the thought comes, here arrives Lakshmi’s irresponsible brother Hanumanth (Gollapudi Maruthi Rao) along with his stunningly beautiful wife Priyamvada (Silk Smitha).  The clever Hanumanth tries to speak sweetly and requests Gandhi to look after them until their financial condition improves. While Lakshmi tries to be wary about trusting her lazy brother, Gandhi obliges.


What sort of twists happen with the advent of Hanumanth in Gandhi’s abode? What does Priyamvada got to do in this plot?


How would Gandhi deal with these hurdles?

Stay tuned.. as more important characters would make their presence in this fantastic marvel.

More to come in part 3!

Money, Life, Values and Entrepreneurship- Challenge Part 1!

April 26, 2016


Making movies based on popular novels has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.  The world of Telugu Cinema, which has always been open for new risks and adventures did not falter to take up this worthy risk. Right from Sharath Chandra’s Bengali novel Devdas, senior Tollywood heroes like ANR and even Sobhan Babu came forward to make movies based on novels. The biggest advantage of having a novel based film is the already gained popularity along with crafting picture perfect characters which challenged the reader’s imagination when in book form!

1970s witnessed many novels being made into Telugu Films but most of these were either love stories or with a strongest social message. In fact, many of these films were targeted towards women audience in particular. Prem Nagar, Jeevana Tanragalu, Balipeetam fall under this category. However, the artistic duo Bapu-Ramana made Sakshi which was “too class” and lacked the commercial punch needed for Telugu flicks!

The end of 1970s marked a new dawn for the dimensions of Telugu films because it started evolving in many aspects of living. While there were those dreamy flicks which had a larger than life hero trashing hundred goons in a go and shaking a leg with the most glamorous actress in town, there were hard hitting realistic films from master directors like K.Vishwanath and Balachander who spoke about the bitter realities of life. The hero was an average guy with issues to solve in life, and at the same time have their own sweet nothings and happy moments to cherish.  This trend came into full form with early 80s where some majestic marvels like Akali Rajyam, Manchu Pallaki came into the celluloid.

But the trend of making a super hit novel into a perfect masala entertainer started with Kondanda Rami Reddy and Creative Commercials producer K.S.Rama Rao. It was just when young writer Yandamoori Veerendranath started making his mark in the novels industry by winning hearts of thousands of Telugu book readers in the state. His novels had a striking unputtdownable aspect associated with it and most importantly- his novels had great female lead roles who had equal say as the hero in the book!

It was short of a miracle for this duo to choose the most popular novel Dabbu to the Power of Dabbu written by Yandamoori as the subject for a masala entertainer starring Chiranjeevi – who was making his presence strongly felt in the film industry. The novel is quite racy, satirical and also takes up on the issues which every young graduate of the 80s era would face- let it be unemployment, poverty, or frustration on the government for unable to provide a well paid job.

One of the best aspects of Challenge as a movie based on this infamous novel is that- it strikes a perfect balance between being preachy and at the same time elevating the star image of the hero. The film is like an optimistic tonic which would refresh the viewer about positivity in the worst of times! Despite being typical rags to riches story- the film’s narration and performances along with fantastic dialogues coupled with marvelous background score take it to a new level altogether.

I take the biggest privilege to begin the rebellion series with this amazing film Challenge which featured Chiranjeevi, Vijayashanti, Suhasini, Rao Gopala Rao, Gollapudi Maruthi Rao, Rajendra Prasad in pivotal roles.  Let us begin the analysis by digging into the lead role Gandhi played by Chiranjeevi himself..


Our main protagonist Gandhi is a young unemployed graduate with top grades in his academics.  Like any other troubled youth of that age, Gandhi struggles to find a job and get his diseased mother treated. Gandhi is such a strong personality that he doesn’t get bogged down by the harsh realities of life. His fighting spirit coupled with remarkable intelligence and skills takes him to new places and adventures throughout the film. In short, Challenge is Gandhi’s journey from an unemployed youth to a successful businessman who also decides to teach an arrogant rich man a strong lesson. His character is one of the most memorable ones in Telugu Cinema for its honesty, quirkiness and a perfect example of a practical thinking youngster!

Rightfully, the film opens with Gandhi running to save his mother’s life. Though this introduction is so typical to many sentimental films of that age- the scene evokes new meanings as it unfolds! The gruesome title score by Maestro Ilaiyaraaja speaks mountains about the difficulties which the hero is going to face as the film progresses. But the overall impact of it creates a positive influence on the viewer thanks to Chiranjeevi’s screen presence and Kodandarami Reddy’s taking.

hqdefault (3)

Gandhi anxiously starts off spotting a lazy and arrogant autowala and tries to get him on hire. The reason for his tension is to take his mother to hospital immediately. When the auto wala starts speaking arrogantly and demanding an extra fare, Gandhi gets frustrated and rushes away in the auto by thrashing the driver aside! The next scene shows Gandhi requesting the medical shopkeeper to spare the medicines as he is having lesser money to pay. Within few minutes of runtime, the director brilliantly establishes the economic condition of Gandhi and his struggle to get his mother alright.

Sadly, his mother dies because of lack of timely treatment and Gandhi naturally feels responsible for it.  Gandhi feels helpless for his saddening situation and just when things are already bad, the wardboy (Saikumar) tries to demand a bribe to look after the dead body for the night. This makes Gandhi even more shocked about the terrifying conditions in India where corruption so rampant. As the night dawns to a new day, the ward boy tries to give his “gyan” on the way world is running only with money and shows the example of an influential businessman Ram Mohan Rao (Rao Gopala Rao) who arrives with his wife to get her treated in the hospital.


Ram Mohan Rao’s beautiful daughter Haarika (Vijayashanti) is well educated and happens to meet Gandhi in dramatic circumstances thanks to latter’s clever plan. Gandhi introduces himself to Haarika as a spiritual person who has highest degree of intelligence. Haarika has her own doubts on Gandhi but starts believing he is super intelligent when he solves a brilliant analytical puzzle.

Haarika understands that Gandhi’s mother is dead and should get the last rites and eventually donates Rs.500 for the same. This explains the good nature of Haarika and also marks the first beginnings of a memorable friendship between her and Gandhi.


The director makes no delay in introducing the second female lead of the film namely Lakshmi (Suhasini).  Gandhi spots her jumping in the lake and mistakes her to be attempting suicide but later realizes that she is totally contrasting to what he thought about. While Gandhi complains about the flaws in the government about unemployment, Lakshmi is a positive personality who believes in self employment and be financially independent.  She even tells Gandhi that only incapable people blame the country or the government for lack of job and if a person is really intelligent,  he/she should use their intelligence to earn money and sustain in life. This offers a whiff of positive air about the social conditions of India- with the so called Suhasini touch!


A very special mention should be made for the brilliant onscreen chemistry between Chiranjeevi and Suhasini which started with Vamsi’s Manchu Pallaki. Right from the word go, these two steal the show with their perfect co-ordination in acting skills and body language!

Rightfully, Gandhi finds Lakshmi to be quite inspiring and also requests her to stay in her house because he is homeless.  A considerate Lakshmi offers him to stay in her house and shuns off the clichéd norms about a man and woman living in the same house! Incidentally, Lakshmi’s brother is none other than the ward boy who made an early presence in the film!

The film takes an interesting turn when Gandhi spots an advertisement for job from none other than Ram Mohan Rao. The same company offers three jobs with varying degree of salary payment and Lakshmi understands that it was a practical joke on people instead of a serious requirement.  This itself shows the arrogance of Ram Mohan Rao and how badly he treats about poor struggling people.

However, Gandhi stuns Ram Mohan Rao by applying for the lowest paid job instead and doesn’t use a stamp for the application. This angers Ram Mohan Rao and he calls Gandhi for the interview not to give a job but to confront the youngster’s indignance. The real brilliance begins with Gandhi arrives at Ram Mohan Rao’s residence where Haarika also is in the scene.

This pivotal scene marks the beginnings of one of the greatest sequences of Telugu Cinema where an unemployed youth gets the audacity to challenge an powerful businessman inspite of having a single penny in hand!

Scene 1: It’s My Challenge!




Gandhi : Good Morning Sir..

Ram Mohan Rao: Nuvvena… Jaathi Pitha Vi (Referring to the father of the nation!)

So.. you are Gandhi?

Gandhi: Kadhu sir.. Kanisam vatti pitha ni kooda kadhu.. pelli avvaledhu kanuka..kondaru matram muddhu ga Nirudyogapitha ani pilustaru..

No sir.. I am not even an ordinary father.. because I am still single! But some people fondly call me father of unemployment!

[Haarika finds this extremely witty and laughs out loud..]

[Ram Mohan Rao tries to chide Gandhi for making such arrogant move by sending application without a stamp. He tries to demean Gandhi by pinpointing his poor condition and tells that he is not selected for the interview. This angers Gandhi and the scene unfolds in an interesting manner now.]

Gandhi: Sir, Nenu mimmalni moodu prashnalu adagacha? Mee nelasari aadayam entha?

Sir, can I ask you few questions? What is your monthly income?

Ram Mohan Rao: Nelaki rendu moodu lakshalu

 I earn 2-3 lakhs per month..

Gandhi: Meeru Teerika velallo em chesthuntaru?

What do you do in free time?

Ram Mohan Rao: Ee Ram Mohan Rao lanti business magnate ki teerika, adhi na dictionary lone ledhu..

I never have free time at all!

Gandhi: Meeru rathi ennintiki nidrapotharu?

When do you go to bed?

Ram Mohan Rao: Rathri 10 gantalaki

Night 10PM

Gandhi: Ante rojuki padhi gantalu choppuna nelaki 300 gantalu pani chesthe mee aadhayam moodu lakshalu. Padihenu rojulaki Lakshannara, Vaaraniki 75,000, rojuki 10,000.  Ante ganta ki veyyi rupayalu. Ante meeru naatho matldina paavuganta lo waste chesina samayam viluva 250 rupayalu. Nelaki meeru naku isthananna jeetham. Ippudu nenu meeku rendu vandala yabhai rupayala aadayanni raakunda chesanannna mata. Ela undhi sir ee tit for tat?

That means you work for ten hours per day leading to 300 hours per month which gives you a salary of  lakhs. That means 1.5 lakh for 15 days, 75,000 per week and 10,000 rupees per day. It also means thousand rupees per hour. You have spent interviewing me for 15 minutes which amounts upto Rs.250 – the salary announced for my job. This means I have been successful in not letting you lose the amount. How is this tit for tat?

[This infuriates Ram Mohan Rao to the hilt. Naturally, a penniless youth exhibiting such level of intelligence and provocation that too in front of his own daughter would instigate any person! Moreover, Ram Mohan Rao is already established to be an extra egoistic personality who would go to any length to argue about importance of money. He stops a leaving Gandhi to continue the argument]

Ram Mohan Rao: Intha telivaina vaadivi ee udyoganiki endhuku vachav?

Despite being so intelligent, why did you apply for this job?

Gandhi: Naakante telivaina vallu, churukaina vallu inka TAKKUVA jeethaniki pani chesthunnaru sir ee desam lo..

People who are cleverer than me are working for lesser salaries in this country sir..

Ram Mohan Rao: Ala endhuku jaruguthundhi anukuntunav?

Why do you think it is happening?

Gandhi: AVASARAM, thanaki taanu bratikinchukovalsina AVASARAM..

Necessity, to sustain on one’s own feet and live.

Ram Mohan Rao: Nijamga vallu telivaina vallaithe aa telivitetalatho dabbu sampadichachu kada..

If they are so clever, why can’t they earn money utilizing the skills?

[ The debate goes to the bigger level about the importance of money and passion now. Gandhi now exhibits higher degree of maturity and balance about life by answering Ram Mohan Rao with perfect clarity of mind. This philosophy is most influential and explains about the importance of passion towards profession in life]

Gandhi: Chudandi Ram Mohan Rao Garu.. ee lokam lo prathi vadi lakshyam kevalam DABBU SAMPADINCHATAM kadhu. Okko manishiki okko lakshyam untundhi. Udaharanaki, oka scientist lakshyam edho kotta vishayam kanipettadam. Oka doctor thana vrutti lo edho goppathanam saadhinchalani. Oka rachayita oka manchi rachana chesi prayojakatwam sampadinchalani. Ila okkokka lakshyam sadhinchukovatam kosam manishi tapana paduthu untadu. Ee prayatnam lo kontha mandhiki DABBU kooda automatic ga vasthundhi. Anthe gani, veellaki kevalam DABBU  SAMPADINCHATAME mukhyam kadhu.  Aa mataki vasthe, Dabbu sampadinchatam goppa vishayam kadhu.. antha kastamu kadhu.

See Mr. Ram Mohan Rao. Not everybody has the ambition of just earning money in life. Every person has their own ambition and passion towards life. While a scientist dreams of inventing something new, a doctor works hard to excel in profession. A writer writes to make a great book sometime in life. In this effort, money comes as an after effect. This doesn’t mean that these people work only for money. For that matter, earning money isn’t a big deal or a difficult task.


Ram Mohan Rao: Dabbu sampadichatam anedhi oka KALA, anntikanna chala kashtamaina KALA. Anni KALALLOKI goppadhi.  Adhi cheyaleni vadu tana asamardhathani samardhichukotaniki ilanti vaadenedho chesthu untadu.

Earning money is one of the greatest arts. It is the most difficult and challenging. Only people who are unable to do it make useless arguments of this sort.

[ Ram Mohan Rao goes into defensive mode and explains about the self criticism which people have about what they don’t have in life. He insults Gandhi as well about his poverty and provokes Gandhi even more]

Gandhi: Dabbu leka daridrudini chusi jaali padachu gani, nee lanti oka SAMSKARAM leni daridrudini kshaminchakoodadhu. Chudandi, DABBU SAMPADINCHATAME naa dhyeyam aithe, 5 samvatsarallo yaabhai lakshalu sampadistanu.

One can pardon a poor man but a man without virtues can never be forgiven. Ram Mohan Rao, as you are saying that money earning is tough- I will earn 50 lakh rupees in five years.

Ram Mohan Rao : Picchi Vaagudu Katti pettu.. aidhu samvatsarallo YAABHAI lakshalu? Hatyalu chestava, dopidilu chestava? Bankulani looti chestava?

Don’t talk nonsense, how can you earn fifty lakhs in five years?Will to commit crimes, thefts or bank robbery?

Gandhi: Avi chetha gani vallu chese panulu. CHATTA BADDHAM ga yaabhai lakshalu sampadistha. Oka telivaina vadu taluchukunte dabbu entha suluvu ga sampandistaro niroopinchi neelanti dabbunna vallako gunapaatam chepthanu.

Such tasks are done by incapable folks. I will earn legally and will prove that an intelligent person can earn money easily. I will teach rich and arrogant people like you a big lesson.

Ram Mohan Rao: Nuvvantha goppa vadivi aithe, cheppindhi chesi chupettagalgithe naa kooturuni neekicchi pelli chestanu..

If you are that great, then I will get you married to my daughter!

The scene ends in shock of Haarika and even Gandhi as well. But Gandhi recoups the situation and accepts the brilliant challenge! Gandhi even asks Ram Mohan Rao to get a legal agreement arranged as he started believing only himself from now on.



Watch the pathbreaking scene in the link below:


How does Gandhi begin from literally nothing to a huge amount such a Fifty lakhs?

What does Lakshmi react to this shocking turning point?

What would an individualistic person like Haarika think about this shocking conversation?

To be continued in part 2..

Meaningful Revolution- Beginning of The Rebellion Series

May 2, 2015



Rebellion Series

The term Revolution is quite inquisitive. The moment it is heard, the first obvious reaction would be anger, aggression and an overall change within a region or the World. But revolution can also mean at the individual level in self transformation. It can also mean a person’s journey through life and hardships. Revolution can happen at the minimal issue such as personal struggle to a bigger level where the social responsibility and social evils itself are questioned. At the same time, revolution doesn’t mean loud and aggression either. It can create the biggest impact when done in deeds instead of long monologues or action sequences!

Because this word has so many inner layers and debatable questions- it has become the immediate choice for me to write about those unforgettable Telugu films which spoke about this aspect.

Telugu Cinema has touched the aspect of Revolution right from the eternal Black and White era days where the films spoke about predominant problems of agriculture, corruption, newly independent India and so on. However, it was not only the Hero alone who spoke about such issues, but also every other character who found it important to express the concern. Social Inequalities, Gender Injustice,  Land Grabbing- and what not? Black and White Telugu Cinema has touched all these aspects in style, empathy and amazing clarity. To add to the brilliance, revolutionary lyric writers like Sri Sri, Arudra and Athreya have given some of the greatest songs which inspired a generation of thought by questioning the wrong doings around the World in a poetic manner.

As times changed slightly from the 60s decade till 70s where Cinema itself had undergone lot of new improvements, the revolutionary theme also underwent some major changes. Women oriented subjects gained more popularity with the advent of directors like K.Balachander, K.Vishwanath, Bapu along with subjects where the Industrial Revolution and Labor problems were dealt in great care. This era saw the protagonist facing new set of issues like unemployment, falling in love, interstate marriages, self control and what not? This era’s protagonist questioned the bigger facets of life with more clarity and personal zeal.  This era also saw the new age woman coming out for working and becoming the sole breadwinner of the family, and witnessed some really talented actresses like  Jayaprada, Jayasudha, Saritha , Sujatha and so on who adorned these roles with masterful perfection.

The decade of 80s is one of the most defining transformation moments for Telugu Cinema. A set of new filmmakers such as Vamshi, Kranthi Kumar, Jandhyala, Ram Gopal Varma and so on started making their own different set of films which spoke of revolution in various forms. We saw the life of a successful actress who has a shadowed past (Sitara), a young woman who lives with her single mother (Swathi), a laid back girl who questions dowry (Srivariki Prema Lekha) , a young college student who fights mafia (Shiva) in mesmerizing clarity. These characters are strong within as well as made a difference in how people thought and presented their ideas.

Telugu Cinema adapted towards changing times right from then, where it witnessed the bigger challenge of modernization impacting strong Indian values and culture in a graceful manner.

Right from the 90s decade till the new age post 2005 era, Telugu Cinema continued to produce films which had the protagonist question about the wrong happenings and what doesn’t look right in breathtaking clarity and in an awe inspiring manner.

Marapuraani Chitralu is going to offer a timeless tribute to such films which made us re-think about the way of living, and how a medium called Cinema influenced generations to come.



Good vs Evil, Emotional Bonding and Magic- Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari Part 3

April 28, 2015



Till part 2 of this magical marvel’s post, we have seen some funny encounters between our lead roles Raju (Chiranjeevi) and Indraja (Sridevi). Jandhyala made sure that the comedy element is never faltered throughout without missing the commercial touch as well. As quoted in the previous part, our dear hero Raju has a habit of confronting the wrong happenings in the city and in one situation, he helps the school teacher (Sangeetha) from being insulted by the local richman Das (Kannada Prabhakar). Naturally, this instigates anger in the goon’s group and they plan to attack Raju and Indraja in a cinematic manner.


After the heroic stunts and some brilliant show by the hero in teaching the goons a lesson, Das consults his guru Mahadrushta (Amrish Puri) who is an influential wizard having black magic powers.  This person is quite queer and just like any other antagonist for Magical folklore films, he is on lookout for great treasure which would grace him if he sacrifices five women from superior races. Mahadrushta realizes that there is some magical power associated with Raju and Indraja and decides to test his luck by coming all the way to Raju’s residence.

The scene where Mahadrushta tries to psychologically capture Indraja is brilliantly conceived visually, musically and cinematically as well. Indraja, who is naturally a common woman without the ring struggles against the evil powers of Mahadrushta. Just when she is ready to give up her will power and surrender herself, Raju arrives for her rescue. Raju’s natural quest for questioning wrong doings and the power of the ring stuns Mahadrushta and he realizes that he must first find out about the nature of this magical power.

First Confrontation

Amrish Puri’s natural flair for negative roles made him the perfect choice for the role of Mahadrushta. Though his role has shades of his previous popular characters like the Wizard in Hollywood film Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom and Sekhar Kapur’s Bollywood entertainer Mr.India, he made sure that the Telugu nativity and the dreadfulness is never missed in this portrayal. He in fact shares a very interesting antagonistic chemistry with Sridevi, and it is a treat to watch the silent attack and counter attacks between them.

Sridevi and Shamili

Mahdrushta understands that it isn’t an easy task to get what he wants and orders the sidekicks (Rami Reddy, Tanikella Bharani) to get a piece of Indraja’s clothing in order to find out the same. Just when Indraja is stopped by the goons, things turn in such a way that Indraja gets to drive a car by force. Raju mistakes that action to be Indraja’s clever plan to kidnap the kids and as a result, he slaps her.  A furious Raju warns her not to come to his house again or disturb his life.

But when the kids fearfully confess their mistake to Raju, he immediately realizes his mistake and tries to search for Indraja’s whereabouts. This scene marks the first spark of love between Raju and Indraja and the dawn for a great Human- Divine love story! Just when the audience wonder where has Indraja gone- whether she was captured by Mahadrushta and so on, K.Raghavendra Rao shows Indraja in a sweet school girl attire learning English in the local school! Raju is welled with guilt looking at her and apologizes for slapping her.  But Indraja isn’t sad because she found affection, and care in the slap!

If you might wonder why I am talking so much about this slap incident- it is because this particular scene has led for one of the path breaking songs of Telugu Cinema in terms of commercial brilliance- “Abbanee Teeyani!”.

This song can be termed as a breakthrough for Chitra as a playback singer because till then, it was predominantly S.Janaki who was the first hand choice for Ilaiyaraaja for female playback. Her sweet voice stole many young hearts of the 90s era and needless to explain about Sridevi’s amazing grace in the song. It also redefined the concept of a commercial Chiranjeevi duet being racy or having fast dance moves. The song on the contrary, is a mellowed melody but having the gripping rhythm which became an overnight sensation then! Sundaram Master (Father of Dancing sensation Prabhu Deva) ‘s choreography is another highlight for the song with laid back steps and more focus on the grace factor!

images (1)

Watch the song here for the dance and melodious extravaganza!

Things take a dramatic turn when Mahadrushta realizes that Indraja is a divine lady and he has to capture her for sacrifice. In the mean time, Indraja is in personal confrontation. The deadline for her return journey back to the heavens approach by and she is unable to procure the ring from Raju. To make things even more complicated, Indraja is overwhelmed by the love and affection shown by the people of Planet Earth. Many questions about life and the sweetness of human life arise in her mind and just then Das plans to attack the village and capture Indraja for Mahadrushta. His attempts get futile but sadly, the little kid (Baby Shamilee) gets severely injured in the fight. On the same night of Karthika Pournami (Indraja’s deadline), the sad news of kid’s illness shakes everyone in Raju’s abode.

A concerned Indraja

Quite dramatically, the little kid gives the ring from Raju’s finger to Indraja asking the latter to promise her she would never leave Raju. Indraja is left with sadness, emotional conflict and confusion as a result and this entire sequence has been brilliantly conceived. But to the surprise of the audience, Indraja wears the ring and gets her magical powers back! The first thing she immediately does is to cure the little kid of her illnesses and looks up to heavens to get back to her home. One of the kids (Shalini) witnesses this entire sequence and gets obviously stunned.  Raju , who has gone to get medical help for the little kid comes back home to find her completely cured and even understands that Indraja is indeed the daughter of Lord Indra.

Beginning of Bonding

Raju realizes that Indraja was indeed innocent and he along with the kids group start searching for her in the village. Just when hopes pine down, Indraja is seen in the divine attire along with some wild animals in a deep forest. Though she mentally prepares herself to leave the Planet Earth, she is stopped by the innocent friendship, affection and Raju’s love towards her.  It is time for a fantastic duet which speaks of the eternal relationship between Raju and Indraja- the human power and divine power!

Apart from Ilaiyaraaja’s fantastic music, Veturi’s lyrics deserve a special mention here. He writes the feelings of a divine woman as if he has really seen one with amazing perfection. Some phrases like “ Devagaanam antha Yenki Paatalaaye” (“The divine melody has become a folk song!) and “Devathalle vacchi Jaanakalle Maari” (“The divine lady has transformed to Goddess Seetha”) are few examples of his lyrical brilliance.


Jagadaka Veerudu eight


The overall treatment of Raju-Indraja’s relationship was done in extremely subtle manner by the director and writer. You wouldn’t see extreme emotions or anything over dramatic and it was indeed a great attempt for a commercial flick of this sort.  Chiranjeevi and Sridevi’s histrionics complement wonderfully each other in every frame they arrive.  It is not at all an easy task for filmmaker to conceive a love story between a typical hero and a divine woman, that too in a convincing manner and Raghavendra Rao gets full marks in this department!

Chiranjeevi and Sridevi

Now that Raju understands divine power in the form of Indraja is with him, he decides to teach Das and Mahadrushta a final lesson. He teases the timid goons with his magical powers and this overall episode has irresistible influence of Mr. India. However, Chiranjeevi’s unique charisma and grace makes it class apart. After some dramatic moments and the ring getting misplaced- yet reaching the hero through divine intervention, the big moment of Raju and Mahadrushta’s confrontation arrives. When Indraja gives the ring to Raju and asks him to finish the evil wizard with the magical powers, our hero refuses to kill Mahadrushta with magical powers but trusts his human abilities.

This teaches a very important fact to us that to do any task, divine intervention or supernatural powers are not needed necessarily and humans are equipped with every strength to do it! Rightfully, the good wins over the evil and just when the time arrives for Indraja to leave Planet Earth, she makes the decision which her heart tells. She throws the magical ring into the sea and returns for Raju’s selfless love and affection.


The film thereby ends on an optimistic note which keeps human efforts and abilities an edge high over divine powers and miracles.

Marapuraani Chitralu remembers the entire cast and crew of Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari for giving us an unforgettable cinematic experience with thrills, adventure, fun and what not!

A very special mention has to be made for..

Ashwani Dutt for his remarkable production values and grand vision for every stunt and key sequence of the film.

Jandhyala and Yandamoori Veerendranath for thinking of a challenging story and convincing K.Raghavendra Rao about the commercial dimension of it.

Neeta Lulla for Sridevi’s breathtaking costume designing.

The successful musical duo Ilaiyaraaja- Veturi for churning out chartbusters which have tremendous and mesmerizing value!

Stay tuned for the upgraded Marapuraani Chitralu and more exploration of unforgettable Telugu Cinema!


Sambho Shiva Shambho Part-I

December 6, 2013

Shambho Shiva ShamboTelugu cinema has enough love stories in the era gone by,present and more to come in future.but wondering down the line ,you as a viewer would feel how come every story has only love but no meaning or purpose.Here comes amidst all those questions a good and powerful story that makes one to think what all these years love has been projected to be and why its failing when its in nascent stage.

Taking from its original Naadodigal which was a hit in Tamil cinema and remade in all other languages(Telugu,Kannada,Malayalam,Bengali,Hindi) you can understand the essence of the story from this very point.While every love story that is made is set to make the viewer understand how the couple fall in love and make their way for love.This Story stands apart from the usual contemporary stories and shows like every story its a usual one but the quest for why love is not standing long enough between modern day couples and  what is breaking them apart.One would get a reality check from this very story.moving on….

Karunakar(Ravi Teja),Malli ( Allari Naresh) and Chandu (Siva Balaji) are close friends living nearby in a middle class colony in a small town in Rajahmundry. Each one has their own set of goals to achieve but yet no one is selfish in their own part.Karunakar has his goal of getting a government job so that he can marry his cousin Manamma(Priyamani)this condition is put by mani’s father(Bharani)so that he can marry her.Karuna tells Bharani that he likes his honesty.Chandu wants to start a computer institute so that he can settle and marry Pavithra(Abhinaya) who is Karunakar’s sister.While karunakar is aware of her sister’s proximity towards chandu,he usually turns a blind eye towards them having confidence in both his friend and sister.

Karunakar and Pavithra live with their grandmother and parents.His father taunts him for not getting a police job. In one such sequence his father asks pavithra when was independence achieved?.Pavithra tells that she does not keep unimportant things in her mind.Her father supports her.Karuna disapproves him and asks him who were the grandfathers and their ancestors. to this he does not have a answer.karuna tells all the names and surprises everyone.he tells that these days youth don’t remember such things but only about computer and other tech stuff.which is very much true.While chandu lives with his father who dotes on him.his father also supports his love for pavithra by helping him in proposing her at the college.Malli is a comic relief.he is very much fond of prasadam offered at temples and in one such attempt loses his passport form.Yet he too has a serious goal to fly abroad for which he needs a passport.but unlike Karuna and Chandu.Malli does not have affable family his father (Kota Srinivas Rao) has married another woman after he lost his wife. Kota tries to enact so he scolds him for not being responsible in front of his wife as if he is mistreating his son.but otherwise he loves him so much and supports him by giving money even after his son’s repeated failed attempts to file a passport application.In one such situation Malli tells his father as to how many days he will enact like can see how a father loves a son so much but cannot show due to external factors around him.

Of all the three Malli is outright in nature.He speaks his heart and does not think twice before saying anything to anyone.In a way he is innocent.while chandu is normal.The most balanced one and quick at action is Karuna,who is a dare devil.Mani always is in a playful mood with her Bava(Karuna)she does everything possible to make him happy.The chemistry between the duo is natural.Like every Telugu inti Bava Mardalu, Ravi and Priya put up a decent play. She is supported by Karuna’s nanamma who suggests her on how to impress her bava with different sweets and eatables.

Santhosh meeting karunakar, Malli and chandu

Santhosh meeting karunakar, Malli and chandu

Meanwhile Karuna’s childhood friend Santhosh(Surya Teja) lands at his house.On knowing that karuna is not at his home.He goes near the railway bridge in Rajahmundry where he meets him and also chandu and malli.Karuna tells his friends how close both were right from sharing same food,same bed,clothes till seeing same girl.There were same in all aspects.Malli requests santhosh to swim along with them.he refuses saying he doesn’t know how to swim.they take him to the village carnival.There is a local leader who aspires to grow politically in that region Chitti Naidu (Krishna Bhagvan) who boasts about helping everybody in the form of his posters and ads in that area.

Chitti naidu

Chitti naidu

He helps people but in turn publicizes his helping nature to gain political mileage.In one such encounter the trio(Karuna,chandu,malli) bash him up and leave an unpleasant experience in the village carnival.
Meanwhile a police officer comes to Malli’s house.But Kota thinks his son might have done something wrong for which he came. Malli comes and gets to know that the officer has come to verify his passport details.Quite enthusiastically he answers all questions.The viewers are left in splits as one gets to know the reason.but after the officer leaves,malli tells his father that instead of trying to insult him,why doesn’t he kill him by giving some poison.Kota feels bad as he misunderstood his son.

Karuna gets a call letter for the next level in his exams.Mani lands up at his home and she taunts his mother that she is not giving any food to karuna as he has become very weak. his mother also taunts her that all days she keeps eating whatever she makes for him and both end up face to face.karuna interferes and stops their cat fight. Mani gets to know that karuna has a interview on 26th of the month for next level.she is happy but only to be disappointed that there is still a long way to go.Here Chandu gets his formalities done for getting the loan and happily sets on for a ride with his girl friend.

Here at this juncture malli’s passport is on his way,karuna is only one interview away from getting his dream job(Government) so that he can marry his cousin. And Chandu also gets his loan cleared.When all three are so close in achieving their desired goals there is a simple yet interesting twist that comes our way. Normal audience would be puzzled as to what could be the so called turn.And yet truly as the story turns interesting from this juncture.

Santhosh being resued

Santhosh being resued

Santhosh the childhood friend of karuna stands atop of the Rajahmundry Railway Bridge and jumps into the Godavari river.Malli and his friend who is beside him is alerted and malli too jumps into the water to rescue him.Chitti Naidu who is there on the shore sees all this and sets off with a rescue boat.Meanwhile karuna and chandu too hearing this set on another boat.By the time karuna,chandu and malli reach santhosh.He is rescued by Chiiti’s men. Karuna slaps malli for taking him along as he does not know how to swim. but malli tells him that he did not fall by mistake or was not thrown by anyone.,e wantedly jumped to end his life,which surprises everyone. Santhosh is brought up on the boat and is hanged upside down and is being swinged so that the water inside comes out. All three sigh in relief.

Malli then shouts upon Santhosh saying that his life has almost gone. What would be his answer if people would question him about his whereabouts.Also he reckons that Karuna who has not slapped him since childhood has first time slapped him because of him. here we can get a glimpse of what malli is about he lets his anger in a true manner like anyone would do without hiding any emotion. Upon questioning the reason behind his extreme step Santhosh tells them that he has loved a girl and ever since wanted to be with her.All three look Surprisingly happy.As if they wanted to be in that situation.He narrates to them how initially it was difficult and after he jumps into a lake, she also starts reciprocating his feelings on seeing his sincere love towards her.

As he narrates this.Malli tells that ” Eee Ammayina padalsinde.” EE Strory ayina elage untundi” to this chandu asks him to keep his mouth shut.Santhosh tells that his story is now known to both their parents and that Prabha(Santhosh Lover) is in her house. and his mother(Roja) is seeking the alliance of central minister. Santhosh tells Karuna that he loves Prabha Deeply and if both them are married to different people then both would die eventually.To this Karuna and other two take serious note of his words.Karuna scolding Santhosh

Karuna tells him for this small thing he has to die like this? “Edaina Bathiki Sadhinchali”…”Prapachamlo evaraina ee dhairyam tho premistharoo telsaa? Preminchaka valani Support cheydaniki,kalapadaniki manalanti friends untarani..” and he assures Him that his marriage will be Done!.Karuna assures to help Santhosh

Karuna makes all arrangements to get Santhosh married to his Girl.Pavithra offers money to Chandu.saying that.
“Repu manaki edaina sahayam kavalante evaraina ilage help chestaru kadha” chandu says”Mana pelli ki ilanti problem em undadu”..
All four set for Kurnool
All four set off on the vehicle and Malli enquires as to where they are going.On knowing that they are going to Kurnool.he says “Rayalaseema lo unde Kurnool aa?”. “Avnu” says chandu. Malli: “Pere intha danger ga undentraaa…??!!!”
Here our Rayalaseema holds a special place for faction and love. where on one side you have love on the same side you have faction and how many stories have evolved and who has won will always be a question.

After a tired and long Overnight journey they reach Kurnool on the wee hours of morning.All four sit down for a cup of tea.In between Karuna gets a call from his Friend Nani(Sunil)As They come to know that he works in a hotel.they think their work is done and assure santhosh about his marriage.Nani on receiving his friends learns about their shocking plan and questions about their Nani shocked by their plansknowledge on the people they are about to encounter.Karuna Tells nani that Santhosh is the son of Bhavani(Roja) Ex MP.Nani asks, why cant you talk peacefully.
To this malli replies.”Matlade samsye ledu.akada manakosam 100 mandi vethukuthunaru”.
Nani:”eviti manakosama? nenepudu milo cheranu ra???
Malli: “Ipudu Kalisam ga..” Nani is shocked!
Malli: “ikanunchi memchese prati manchi chedu pani lo niku saga bhagam undi! nuve ma gang leader vi!”

A car stops in front of the hotel.Nani tells all four that if you want to go safely from this place then don’t utter a word till that person goes out and tells that the person is Narsimha Reddy’s driver.

Malli asks “Driver ki intha build up aa?? vadi mokham mida enti anni pichi geethalu unnai??
Nani says: “Picchi geethalu kadu ra katthi potulu”
Karuna keeps watching and Nani asks them as he is about to leave where he is going. Karuna replies:”Pelli Sambhandam matladostha!”
Nani fears and Karuna gets into the car with the driver.He goes till the factory of Narsimha Reddy and meets him.He asks if he is interested to sell old cars as he has started a company to buy old cars then remodel and sell them.Narsimha tells him that he is not interested in new things and always like old things as old is gold. Narsimha then asks him if he is from east? karuna replies he is from Rajahmundry. Narsimha says his accent made him to think like that.

All five gather and think about the plan to take the girl.while Nani is tense about how they four will execute. Malli tells him that he is also going to be part of their plan.Hearing this Nani is shocked.they will plan to execute that night itself.While the three of them are at the house of the girl.

Malli gets caught

Malli gets caught

Malli is forced to go inside,while other two wait outside.Not aware that a dog is inside of the house malli jumps and finds himself in front of the dog.while the dog chases him he is being caught by the security men and is handed to Narsimha .Narsimha confronts malli.He comes to know that he is a thief who came to steal small items.Thus narsimha offers some money and warns him not to be seen again.With this malli gets a sigh of relief and tells his friends that narsimha seems to be a nice man.On hearing this nani is astonished.he says after i came to know that you were going i was surprised and on hearing that you were caught by them my heart almost stopped functioning.He pleads them to stop at this point and leave.He says it is all because of that guy Santhosh that their lives are at risk.he(Nani) is in no way concerned in this matter.

Karuna says “Vadu mammalni nammi vachadu anduke memu Vocham!”
“Memu pattukundi katthi ani telsu!, adi gutchukuntundi ,raktham vostundi ani kuda telsu!ayina sare danni vonchadame gane vodile samasye ledu!”

Nani says:Vodalakandi ra vodalakandi… kani nanuu vodileyandi raa!!”
Karuna: Orey Nani…
Nani: Sare Kani…

Bhavani Enquiring about her sonNext day Morning, Bhavani(Roja) finds about his son’s whereabouts and doubts that Narsimha might have kidnapped him.She is quite tense when she gets a call from police department, that her son is in Kurnool itself.She orders her men to be infront of Narsimha’s house and track their moments.While narsimha and his men come out of their house.Bhavani’s men follow them.Also behind bhavani’s men are the trio who chase them behind in an auto.All four Set on their MissionThe trio along with santhosh go to the Ahobilam temple where Narsimha along with his family and  his daughter Prabha come. From here the story takes an interesting leap. But Viewers should wait for the next part as to see what unfolds for the trio. Will they be successful in kidnapping the girl? and Nani who is extremely afraid of Narsimha and his people would he be caught or will he escape?
Well even i am curious too.. meet you in the next Part.

Celebrating 100 Golden Years of Indian Cinema..

May 3, 2013




Note: This article is written by Sharath Kumar Gaddameedi, an avid follower of Indian as well as Foreign Cinema..we, the authors of Marapuraani Chitralu thank him for this informative piece of write up.

India’s 1st full length feature film Raja Harishchandra completes 100 years on Friday (May 3, 2013). Directed by Dadasaheb Phalke, Raja Harishchandra was released on May 3, 1913 after it was premiered on 21 April 1913 at the Olympia Theatre. The run time of the silent film was around 40 minutes and was exhibited with one print in a single theater Coronation Cinema Hall, Goregaon (North Mumbai).


Dadasaheb Phalke is regarded as the Father of Indian Cinema. Phalke was a visionary gifted enough to foresee the awesome potential of the film medium almost a century ago. Phalke’s film ‘Raja Harishchandra’ was not the first ever Indian film.

Dadasaheb Phalke, the founding father of Indian Cinema, was born on April 30, 1870 at Trimbakeshwar near Nasik in the Maharashtra state of India. Named as Dhundiraj Govind Phalke by his Sanskrit scholar parents, Phalke developed a passion for creative arts from a young age and enrolled at the Sir J.J. School of Arts, Bombay in 1885.

The Dadasaheb Phalke Award is the most prestigious award in the realm of Indian cinema. Named after Dadasaheb Phalke, the pioneer of Indian film industry, the award is bestowed to honor distinguished contribution to the growth and promotion of the film medium.Inline image 1


Harishchandrachi Factory is a 2009 Marathi film, directed by Paresh Mokashi, depicting the struggle of Dadasaheb Phalke in making Raja Harishchandra in 1913.


Dadasaheb Phalke award winners from Telugu film Industry

P.S: Credit to the amazing contributors for Indian Cinema in for making this excellent work of animation in the beginning of this article.

Funny Divine-Human Encounters and Entertainment – Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari Part 2

April 21, 2013

Chiranjeevi as Raju

Till part 1 of the entertainment centric movie post, we just saw the beginnings of the scope in which Commercial Cinema can take us. The best of it marks its beginning when Indraja (Sridevi), the daughter of Lord Indra returns to Planet Earth to get back her magical ring from Raju (Chiranjeevi) in a tactful manner.  Being to her obvious divine self, Indraja feels the task is quite simple, and takes matter of minutes for her mission to be accomplished. The first encounter of Indraja happens with Raju at Borra Caves area in a hilarious way! The scene unfolds in such a way where Raju tries to explain the history of the Emperor Rajasimha to his tourist customers and in a timely way the tourists hear the laughter and movements of Indraja- eventually misunderstanding her to be a ghost!

Raju glances at Indraja along with his Kannada Tourist Customers

Raju loses his customers on account of this and he gets quite furious looking at Indraja for the first time. Looking at her mythological styled attire and jewellery, he mistakes her to be a drama artiste and tries to get rid of her immediately. The way Indraja calls Raju “Maanava” (“Oh Human Being!”) and the latter reacting to the same saying “Aa Pilupu Maanava” (“Won’t you stop calling me like that?”) in an irritable manner is a treat to watch! Thanks to Jandhyala garu who made best use of the word Maanava in both noun and verb forms when used by Indraja and Raju respectively at a brilliant level of comedy

Poor Indraja- who gets shocked by the indignance of Raju in not being kind to her gets more determined to get him back in good books. In the course of it she chases back Raju and his kid group hoping to get some whereabouts about where he lives.

It is now time to introduce the most comical police duo played by the veteran Tamil comedian Janakiram and his assistant named Maalokam who are too funny and naïve as far as finding criminals is concerned. The most interesting aspect of this duo is the sentences they speak on. Their conversations in this film became so popular that people use the same even now when similar situation comes in real life! Whenever the assistant acts too clever in finding out something important- Janakiram says “Ekkadiko Vellipoyavu Maalokam” (You have gone far ahead, Maalokam!) in his amazing dialogue delivery and the assistant innocently replies to it saying “Ounu Sir, Swarga Lokapu Anchulu Daakaa Vellipoyanu Sir!” (Yes Sir, I have even reached the end of Heavens’ Gate!).

The Police duo comes to know that certain Princess from Sambhalpur has gone missing and they would get Prize Money for the same. At the very moment they happen to see Indraja (Looking too obvious to be a princess!) and try to follow her up. In the course they catch another guide, played by Allu Ramalingaiah. The scenes between these three terrific comedians are worth watching in the movie than being described in the post!

Innocent Indraja at Raju's House Flabbergasted Raju.

Coming back to the main storyline , Indraja finds out Raju’s house with great difficulty and it so happens that when the members in the house are ready to eat, our dear Indraja also sits innocently along with them. Raju gets flabbergasted seeing Indraja in his house and asks her to leave at the very instant. When his attempts run futile he even calls his pet dog (Named Alladdin!) but due to the divine powers of Indraja, even that attempt becomes a failure. The kids start requesting Raju to let Indraja stay with them, as they feel she is too sweet to have around! It is now time for Jandhyala to take the front seat in the dialogues department when Raju and Indraja start a conversation about food. The wonderful imagination on how a person from Heavens and a normal middle class Human being from Telugu household speak is shown amazingly in this sequence!

Indraja's Magic..


Scene 1:


 Indraja looks at Rice, and Brinjal curry being served to her in a plate and being totally foreign to such cuisine, she asks Raju this way:

Indraja: “Ee Davala Varna Padardhamemi Maanava?”

“Oh Human, what is this white coloured material?”

Raju (Quite irritated with such questions!): “  Daanini Annam antaru,Ye intha kaalam gaddi gaadham thini brathikava?”

“That is Rice!Why so?You have been eating grass or stuff like that all these years?”

Indraja, Looking at Brinjal and asking more innocently..

“Idhemi maanava?”

“What is this?”

Raju (Irritation reached to heights!): “Adhi..Vankaya!”

“That is Brinjal!”

Indraja, still unable to believe that it is something to be eaten, asks

“Deenini Em Cheyavale?”

“What should I do with this?”

Raju: “Daanini Notlo pettukuni Koruku!”

“Keep that in mouth and give it a bite!”

Poor Indraja does as said and gets shocked with the spicy food and starts yelling in anguish!

This is Jandhyala’s way of saying that AP Cuisine is challenging even to people who come from Divine Lands!

Looking at the way Indraja speaking and the interactions, Raju comes to the obvious conclusion that Indraja is somebody who is mentally ill and needs to be taken to her family members very soon. He devises a plan thinking of giving a Missing advertisement on newspaper by taking her picture and in that way, she can be sent back to her family!

Funny Photograph of Indraja with Raju and party..

When even that attempt gets failed as the picture taken by Vichitra Kumar (Brahmanandam), a crazy Photographer in town comes off totally blank, Raju gets more furious with Indraja’s presence at home. Time for some heroic deeds come to picture now, as he brings out the wrong doings at a local casino run by some bad guys in the town. The casino group chases Raju and party, leaving them helpless but to seek refuge at a Recording dance hall and the funniest part is to see Raju and Indraja disguise as Recording dance artists. The best part comes when our duo start dancing in a funny way leading to the most popular song in Telugu Cinema ever (As far as Melody and Commercial element in perfect balance is concerned) Yamaho appears for the visual and musical delight!

Raju and Indraja ready for the Recording dance disguise!

The song is well picturized (despite some unavoidable presence of Fruits and flowers in K.Raghavendra Rao songs), but nicely choreographed as well. Chiranjeevi and Sridevi look too perfect for each other as they complement wonderfully in dance!

The local rich aristocrat Das (Played by Kannada Prabhakar) gets very angry with his business getting affected. Things turn in such a way that Raju and Indraja challenge Das yet again in a party and even make the villain gang dance for their tunes singing a song “Dinakkutha”.

Watch the graceful dance steps of Chiranjeevi and Sridevi for this song below! Trivia says that Chiranjeevi was having 102 degree fever during this shoot and it is amazing to see that was not reflected at all in the video! SPB does wonderful job in singing exactly like Chiranjeevi, and rendering the dialogues as well in between!


Oh yes! Indraja has not forgotten her mission of getting her ring back from Raju, and she tries in every crazy way possible to get it back- but all her attempts run futile. While once we feel its too funny, but at the same time we start feeling sorry for her!

Das cannot believe himself that his power is being challenged in the town and he suspects some divine power is behind Raju’s courage and the energy in which he confronts such a rich person like him. He decides to consult a Wizard Mahadrushta (Enter the classic Wizard with negative shades-Amrish Puri!) to get some advise on the same.

Things gathered a good pace now where the good power and evil power are rising in parallel!

What happens next? Is Human will greater than Divine or magical power?

How is Humanity weighed over the tremendous magical powers which divine people possess?

What challenges Indraja faces when she starts appreciating the bold nature of Raju?

Chiranjeevi and Sridevi on the sets of the Yamaho song filming..

More to come in Part 3!

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