A Happy Independence Day to all ! It gives me great pleasure to start with a movie like leader.On this special day which is very important to all of us indians.Let me take you to the beautiful world where characters come live in front of you.I hope you enjoy reading my article.Its a tribute to all the movie makers & enthusiasts.Hail! Telugu Cinema..


To begin with The movie is about the political scenario in todays politics.It all starts with the assasination of the CM. whos son(Rana)  tries to become the CM.But has a opponent his cousin Dhanunjay(Subbu Raju) who is very much into politics and aspires to be the next CM. No one in the family of Arjun is aware of the fact that Arjun has a desire to be CM, Which is his father’s( Suman) last wish. He plans to acquire support from his father’s party asking them to oppose Dhanu and to make him the next CM.everything goes in his way.He becomes the CM.He is initially supported by his Father’s MLA’S  until he places a ACB raids onto the families of bureaucrats. This will bring lot of opposition onto him.He then plans to retain his seat by asking the Opposition leader(Ahuti Prasad) by asking out his daughter whom he loves.

On his constant plans to regain his seat,His mother tells him that he is also becoming like his father who entered into politics trying to do something for the country but ended up being a politician.And now he is also following the same foot steps.She tells him that He should be a ‘Leader’ for the people and not the ‘Politician’.

He then plans to resign from his post as CM. He gathers all the money that had been raided from the ACB into People’s Fund including his father’s Black money which gathers lot of popularity.

He plans to tour the whole of the state where he meets the people and know their problems and vows to bring a new set of  ‘leaders’ under his leadership who work for the people.

The story is brilliantly told by Shekhar Kammula who has put forward simple things into the story.He has shown a never seen ideals in this movie.Rana’s action has won many Hearts and he really ‘lived’ in the character of a Leader.

The main aspect of the movie shows how the current political system is and what can be done to change this.Shekhar has given a solution to the existing system in his movie which can be really implemented.It was a movie made with great thought and.

The main point in this movie is how He tries to show the difference between a ‘Leader’ and a ‘Politician’. What is a character of a true leader.what he has to do.And what makes him to be a ‘Leader’. Its not merely a movie made for some entertainment .It makes us to give a serious thought.

Music is the soul of the film Mickey has done 100% justice to this film. especially the theme music will give goose bumps whenver listen to it. The song ‘Maa Telugu Talliki’ was brilliantly remade to suit the current trend and to the movie’s theme. Originally sung by Smt.Tanguturi Suryakumari.

The lyrics written by Sri Veturi garu is really a listener’s pleasure.The song ‘Ee sakuni adani Judam’ is one such song which outlines the current scenario.

Finally, it is a movie made for the people to make them realise that what we need is a ‘change’ in the current political scenario and that can be brought about only by the people of the country ‘INDIA’.

This film is a milestone in Shekar’s career.

Please if anyone has not watched the movie go and get your DVD/VCD and watch it.




One thought on “Leader

  1. All the movies of of sekar kamula are best …but leader wuld have given him special satisfaction ….. i think india need this kind of leader but dont know will it be posible atleast in 2020 😦 ranas performance was stunnig ….. there is not even a single scene where i felt rana as a newcomer amazing perfomance ….

    navya and deepthi gud work gals i think people esp telugu ones wheenver they r bored they can peep into this blog and have gud time 🙂

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