Beginning of the Ultimate Laughter Series- Introduction to Hasya Brahma!

Telugu Cinema has to be considered very fortunate to have wonderful comedy element in it thanks to one gentleman called Jandhyala. The innovative words coined by him, the characters in his movies with peculiar behavior which remains to be remembered even till date, the dialogues which came from his wonderful thoughts and what not? He has done unforgettable contribution to the so called “Comedy” Era of Telugu Cinema and his movies will be remembered until people who understand the comic sense in his movies forget to laugh!

It is said from close sources that Jandhyala was a playwright and used to write many dramas and stage plays during his bachelor studies in Vijayawada in early 70s. He rose to prominence with mesmerizing “Praasa” dialogues in NTR’s Adavi Ramudu ( Praasa in Telugu means a grammatical form where the ending words have rhyming sound and at the same time carries certain meaning).

Jandhyala’s association with KaLa Tapasvi K.Vishwanath requires a special mention here. This brilliant duo did wonders in Telugu Cinema during the early 80s when the language was getting forgotten through emerging western influence during that time. Some critics even feel that it is indeed Jandhyala who is the brain behind Vishwanath in movies such as ShankharabharaNam through his dialogues throughout. Can any Telugu Person forget the popular “Music Class” scene or the “Lawyer” scene in ShankarabharaNam where Jandhyala added power to every character through the dialogues he wrote? And the “Bhangima” comparison to a horribly taken photograph in Sagara Sangamam?I see many people around who call a horribly taken photo as “Bhangima” even today!Such is the power of Jandhyala’s words!

People who are unaware of Jandhyala might find the above paragraph somewhat confusing but my intention here is to only bring about the legendary man in brief and I assure I will be discussing about each of the brilliant movies mentioned individually for the reader’s pleasure!

Jandhyala then ventured out into direction and introduced actors such as Naresh, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Brahmanandam, Sutthi Veerabhadra Rao, Subbaraya Sharma,Potti Prasad etc., who are not only brilliant comedians but also fantastic actors. He even gave a different comic angle to that-time hero with the “Angry Young Man” image, Chiranjeevi ( Chantabbai- The Telugu James Pond!). The most talented actor “Nata Kireeti” Rajendra Prasad also got break as the top-notch Comedy Actor thanks to this legendary Hasya Brahma we have in A.P!

One of the most peculiar thing which fascinate me in Jandhyala’s movies is the so- called “Stamp” of every character he creates. The way he develops the characterization of each and every character is something intriguing. The dialogues in his movies are so crisp and perfect in timing that they remain to be unforgettable even in the fast-paced era of 2010!

Many people would be associating Jandhyala only with his Comedies but he has made some wonderful movies with a strong message and story line such as Ananda Bhairavi, Naalugu Sthambalata, Babai Hotel- to name a few.

Me along with my co-author of this blog Deepti are die-hard fans of Jandhyala’s work and the Ultimate Laughter Series is going to begin in our blog which would discuss not only about Jandhyala’s popular works but also his rare works which has hilarious comedy and was missed by the popular audience. As for now it is suspense of which Jandhyala’s movie I would be going to re-visit taking the readers into a wonderful world of laughter, happiness and joy!

Marapuraani Chitralu will not only unleash this Genius’s comedy creations, but also the brilliance behind every words penned by the Hasya Brahma! But this Ultimate Laughter Series will confine to Jandhyala’s Comedy magic!

Beginning this amazing Laughter Series with the quote said by the legendary man himself:

Navvatam Oka Bhogam, Navvinchatam Oka Yogam, Navvalekapovatam Oka Rogam!

నవ్వటం ఒక భోగం, నవ్వించటం ఒక యోగం, నవ్వలేకపోవటం ఒక రోగం!

Translation: To be able to laugh is a pleasurable luxury, to make others laugh is an art and to be unable to laugh is a disease!!


6 thoughts on “Beginning of the Ultimate Laughter Series- Introduction to Hasya Brahma!

  1. you are right…………………… he is a not only a great director but a great giver to movies……. and i would say he is really a telugu person.

    i would have been more happy ……if you have written the blog in telugu,if any i would help you

  2. really cool work Navya and Deepthi..really proud of you guys..was very surprised to see there are people who write blogs abt directors,actors..usually blogs are for movies or music:))

  3. Hi guys thanks for all the information you compiled here.we are bunch of guys and we are die hard fans for jandhayala.not even a day passes without reciting his dialogue….the characters he created are so brilliant that….no body can ever creates characters like this……hatoff to jandhayala

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