Oy! is a fresh film directed by Anand Ranga who has worked as an assistant director to Bommarillu Bhaskar in Bommarillu.

The movie has a good feel in it as one watches it.It is entirely a new concept which makes us to remember it for ever.

Uday a rich guy who takes over as a CEO of the company after his father passes away. He always goes by the principle that life is short and  sweet. Sandhya is a simple girl with middle class values in life.She is completely opposite to Uday.She always thinks for saving for the rainy day.She is also traditional with  her own ideals. Uday sees her in a pub on the night of 31st Dec and falls for her. Here he notices that she keeps writing a diary when everyone else is enjoying the party.He likes her for this style of hers.He then enters as a paying guest in her house.He knows that he is not a perfect match to her as she has her list of ideal husband qualities like being 6 ft tall,humor,honesty and he must have a large family. All this he gets to know through her cousins. and then he starts off by trying to impress her in all possible ways.On one such occasion he comes to know that the house in which she is staying is in dispute with his own company trying to take over. So he makes  the case against her to be canceled with the help of his friend Fatso(Krishnudu). he doesn’t let her know that he is the CEO of the same company.He then proposes on the midnight of her Birthday by gifting her 12 gifts one each for a month to remember till  the next birthday.Interestingly all his gifts are very short lived gifts.He awaits her Reply.

The story takes an interesting turn when Abhishek(Sunil) who is an LIC agent wants to sell a policy to Sandhya.But Sandhya refuses as she doesn’t have any nominee. This takes prior to Uday proposing her.But since she too likes Uday she writes Uday’s name in the policy. Uday comes to know about this and in a gush of joy he rushes to the office only to know that Sandhya’s policy has been rejected as she has cancer. He feels dejected.

His uncle  Dr Harish chandra(Napoleon) advices him to try and make her wishes fulfilled.So on his advice he takes her to Kasi as she requires to pay homage to her grandparents. He also tries to fulfill other wishes of her.

Back home they host a Christmas party where Sandhya faints and eventually taken to hospital.There she comes to know about her disease. Uday comes to know through his uncle that  she may die at any moment.He is shocked hearing this as he was assured that it can be cured.But his Uncle tells him that even Uday’s Mother also underwent the same pain when she was on her last bed.She could not enjoy what she wanted in life and one must not let them suffer.instead  try and fulfill their wishes until they live the last moment. On Uday’s birthday. she too gifts him 12 such gifts, but tells him that unlike the gifts that he has presented her gifts remain for ever.She tells him that the 12 gift is something which he like short & sweet and that is her coz she’s is going to die.

The last part of the film makes  us to cry.as it was really emotional.The concept of gifting 12 different gifts was so beautiful.each gift having  its own meaning to life. Sunil’s comedy along with Pradeep Rawat was superb. Especially when he enters into the character of ‘Chatrapati’ & keeps calling him ‘sleeveless uncle’. Also his advice to his assistant on how to sell a policy  was very good.

Sid & Shamili make a good pairing. The idea of trying to be at two places at the same time was a wonderful concept.Siddharths’s attempt’s to learn Telugu by watching dvd’s of NTR are hillarious. Krishnudu has done his part well.he acts as sid’s mom,dad& grand mom all at one go and was quite impressive.

The house of sandhya was well done with a view of beach in the front.she also gifts the house to sid. The nursery which she takes care is cool.

Music by Yuvan has one yearning for more. The song  ‘Nuta dabbai aaru’ sung by siddharth is a hit followed by ‘Seheri’.his moves in this song are a treat to watch.

‘Povedhe Prema’ & ‘Waiting for you’ are two soulful numbers.They are two emotional ones.which one can hear when one is in pain.

Overall Anand Ranga  has  put up with fantastic movie with whole lot of new ideas.Though the ending is sad the way it is made will always make us to watch it again.

People who haven’t yet seen it please go watch it. as it is for all those guys and girls who are in love.


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