Babai-Abbai: The fantastic comedy duo from Jandhyala-Part 2

Prelude to Laughter:

I have initially started writing about Babai-Abbai  movie keeping a single post in mind but after watching the first part of the movie in detail I changed my mind to two parts…amazed by the extraordinary comedy dialogues and sequences in the movie..but I am very happy to say that this part is going to be the continuation to the next part and this happened for very much good! I am doing this solely to bring the best of Jandhyala’s writing style of comedy to all the readers which would not only make people appreciate his popular works but also the rare stuff from this Hasya Brahma!

Let the Laughter never stop and happiness prevail all around!

As discussed already in my previous posts, Babai-Abbai get so used to this debt business that the debtees along with the house owner Nirmala get furious over them and start asking about when they will be going to repay the debts. Our ever-clever Babai comes up with the most hilarious thought in order to answer all these people by saying that they will perform a mythological drama ( From the epic Ramayana) in a new manner in which Rama and Sita confront each other during the popular “Golden Deer” scene in the Forest. They name the drama “Sita-Rama Sangramam” which itself is going to say how hilarious the drama is going to be! Babai’s idea given to these debtees is to sell the tickets for this drama and retrieve all the money given to this Brilliant duo!

Speaking of the greatness of debt aka appu in Telugu..Babai addresses these debtees in the following manner:

Scene 4: Babai’s witty lecture about the concept “Debt”!!

“Srikrishna devarayalu vanti maharaju, kala hrudayudu thana manthriki appaji ani peru pettukunnadante, appu entha viluvainadho telusthundhi. English lo down kanna appu viluvainadha kadha?”

Even the great Emperor Sri Krishna Devaraya has put his minister the name “Appaji” which itself explains the greatness of appu (Debt in Telugu!). Even in English Up (Sounding-Appu-again debt in Telugu) is greater than Down isnt it?

More than the humour one can see the tremendous logic and convincing power of Babai Character from the pen of Jandhyala!

As planned the legendary hilarious drama Sitarama Sangramam Stage is set. The Rama (Played by Abbai) and Sita (Amazingly hilarious Sutthi Veerabhadra Rao in lady attire!). They both look so funny that Babai’s wife Aruna thinks it is indeed Hidimbi (The Rakshas in Ramayana!) by looking at Babai in Sita’s attire!

Instead of describing how funny/brilliant/ and comic the drama is..I felt it is best to include the video of it for everybody’s viewing pleasure!

I am sure whoever reads watches this video by the end of it would be either laughing their heart out or fall down from the seat (If in sitting position!)

Right to the superb comedy..the drama becomes huge flop as the audience feel offended and insulted by seeing a great epic Ramayana in such poor light! Its the same situation again for Babai-Abbai sadly…but these people never lose their right spirit!!

The house-owner of Babai-Abbai’s room deserves s detailed explanation now..played by Nirmala, she has an over-giggly daughter named Sundari ( Who unfortunately looks quite unlike her name!) and she gets pleased whenever people praise her daughter. It is this point our dear Babai-Abbai cash at every oppurtunity available and speak with such a brilliance that even she does not understand that they are indeed “ridiculing” her daughter!

Disclaimer: My intention is not to say that dark-looking people are bad or to be laughed at..but it is solely to explain the tremendous dialogue power of Jandhyala where he makes Babai speak flawlessly and make fool of his house-owner and get away from things. Jandhyala might have put such character because there are indeed such people in real life who have such biased opinions about dark-skinned people..this is going on to some other serious topic hence let us continue the laughter series!

Scene 5: Babai and Aruna’s First Meeting:

It so happens that Babai happens to watch a movie where Aruna is also present and too obvious to the situation, Aruna cries away and people start thinking that Babai indeed did something to her which made her cry like this!But when he understands that there is no bad intention in Aruna weeping in that manner through her father, he starts falling in love with her..the better hilarious reason for him loving Aruna is..let us hear from Babai’s own words!

“Perulone Runam unnandhu valla Aruna naku nacchindhi!”

Because her name itself has the word “Runa” (Another word for debt!) I liked Aruna!

Scene 6: House-Owner, Sundari and Babai!

This scene occurs at such situation where Babai gets caught by the house owner while escaping and its just an example of how he gets away from her by using flattering words with such an amazing perfection!

Babai: Ivaalla pournama?

Is it full-moon today?

House-Owner: Kadhu Amavasya…pournami ani kottha natakam aadi thappinchukundhamana?

No, it is no-moon day…you want to create a new drama by saying this and escape?

Babai: Em ledhu, Sundari gari moham poornabimbam laga veligipothuntenu..ila kurchondi..mee baaki gurinchi thelchestha.

Its not that, your daughter Sundari’s face is glowing like a full-moon hence I thought so…madam come and sit here..I will finalize everything about your debt!

(A reluctant House-Owner along with her daughter sit beside Babai)

Asalu mana bharatadesaniki thala meedha manchukonda undatam tho ikkada prajalu kastho koostho rangu theltharu gani..Nalupu entha andhamainadhi?Krishnudu nallaga undadu?

First of all, because our India has Snow mountains at the top there are some fair skinned people..but how nice black colour looks?Isnt Lord Krishna dark?
House-Owner turns reluctant to  apprehensive and says:

Ento Endalo koorchovaddhu ante kurchuntundhi..chinnappudu nayana pacchaga merisipothu undedhi!

I always tell her not to sit in the Sun…when she was young she used to shine like Gold!

(Babai Gains confidence and talks matter-of-factly)

Babai: Aa em merupu lendi..adhemaina sasvathama?Gandhigari tarvatha gandhi anthati vadu Luther King nallaga undadu?
Africans nallaga undara, chimpanzee nallaga undada?

Oh what is there in it permanent? The person who is next to Gandhi-Luther King isnt black?

Aren’t Africans black..or Chimpanzees?

(The House-Owner sounds relieved…forgets completely about the debt!)

House-Owner: mare..unnamata annavu..nee notlo kilo panchadara kukkali!

You said it right..I should feed you with a kilo of sugar for speaking so nicely!

Now gaining even more confidence Babai goes overboard and says

“Mana sundari gari photo okati teeyinchandi..the “barbarians” ani..the “ugliest” ani America lo rendu potilu jaruguthai…mana sundari gari photo petti pampinchamante..akkadi judjeelu jaduchuku chastharu..prize icchi teeratharu!

We have to take a picture of Sundari madam and send it to certain competitions namely “The Barbarians”” and “The Ugliest” which happen annually in the USA..if they see our dear Sundari’s photo..they will be flabbergasted and will definetly give her prize!!

The House-Owner believes all this blindly (There was no internet those days!) and says:

“Babbaabu…aveppudo kastha kanukko!!”

Really?I request you to please find out about those competitions!!

Such is the brilliance of Jandhyala in penning awesome dialogues suiting the character!

More to come by in Part 3 of Babai-Abbai-the Ultimate Comedy Duo!


2 thoughts on “Babai-Abbai: The fantastic comedy duo from Jandhyala-Part 2

  1. hahaha Veerabhadra rao in sita clad is too hilarious.

    I laughed more reading your write-up like “who unfortunately looks quite unlike her name!”

    Well written. I feel like watching this film now. Thanks!

  2. Good article. Had good laughs. “English lo down kanna appu viluvainadha kadha?..” brilliant way of writing by Jandhyala. The song..especially Lady Lady sounding… is satire of the disco-break dance songs of those times. The lyricist also wrote one funny line Khatalu Bangala Khataluga maara..

    Keep writing them elaborately. Nice reading Navya ji.

    – JP

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