Glory,Krishnadevaraya, Vijayanagaram and Pure Brilliance: Aditya 369 Part 2

Disclaimer: An extremely long post..and a thoroughly entertaining one!!

In part one of this Time Travel post for this phenomenal film Aditya 369, we have seen in what circumstances the protagonists Krishna Kumar (Balakrishna) and Hema (Mohini) land back to Sri Krishnadevaraya Empire. We also got a glimpse of the Royal Court of Krishnadevaraya and the Ashtadiggajas (Eight Jewel like Poets in the Royal Court) arriving for the daily assembly. While our dear protagonists from the early nineties are still unable to believe that they have travelled 500 years back, the King (Played again by Balakrishna) arrives in a breathtaking manner, as if to amaze the audience and the common public waiting for his presence!! The Music, and the enchanting way in which he arrives itself says it all about the Glory, dignity and the Admirable personality of the Emperor Sri Krishna Deva Raya!

Now that the main characters in the past scenario are well established, we see how the assembly commences in the Emperor’s period. Looking at today’s assembly discussions in which arguing and blaming the opposition seems to be the main theme of every politician, this assembly is a treat to watch!! I say this not only because of the excellent way in which the administration discussions go on, but also the “Artistic” element present in the discussions which take place. The Emperor spontaneously gives an idea “Balaramudu Seetha Joochi Phakkuna Nagiyen” (Translation- Balarama (The brother of Lord Krishna) looked at Seetha and laughed) which sounds really odd to even Ashta Diggajas as both Balarama and Sita belong to different Yugas (As per Hindu Mythology)in the first place but when everybody’s favourite Poet Tenali Ramakrishna (Played by the ever friendly Chandramohan!) designs a poem immidiately earning the Emperor’s appreciation!!

I am sure people must be wondering what our protagonists are doing out here!!Whether they are amazed, shocked, or find this situation entertaining!!  While another Poet called Dhoorjati recites a brilliant poem on Lord Shiva, The Emperor gets so pleased that he starts appreciating the sweetness in Dhoorjati’s poetry saying..

“Sthuthamathi Aina Andhra Kavi Dhoorjati Palkula Kela Galgeno..Athulitha Maadhuri Mahima..”

It is at this moment Tenali Ramakrishna joins the Emperor (As known in History books), but here our Krishna Kumar joins the poetic feast by reciting the poem instead leaving everybody in shock!!Singeetham makes use of the fact that people from future know about the past and would be able to talk about it at length!! When a shocked Tenali Ramakrishna and the Emperor enquire Krishna Kumar about the same, our dear hero says coolly in this way below:

K.K:“Nenu Ee Scene Tenali Ramakrishna Cinemalo Chusanu kavi garu!”

“I saw this scene in a film called Tenali Rama Krishna sir!”

Rama krishna and the Emperor: Cinema na? (With obvious shock!)

K.K: “ Ounu, V.S.Ranga Gaari Direction lo, Vikram productions vaaru teesina cinema adhi.Title “Tenali Ramakrishna”. Andulo mee paatra Akkineni Nageshwara Rao garu vesaru. Ainani chusi Ramakrishna Kavi antha andhanga untaranukunnanu.Uhu.. Kani mimmalni chusaka ala anipinchatledhu. Ee Madhya kaastha Potta penchi pottainattunnaru?

“Yes, this film was made by Vikram productions in V.S.Ranga’s direction. Title “Tenali Ramakrishna”. Your role was played by Akkineni Nageshwara Rao.Watching him, I thought Ramakrishna poet looks so handsome..huh!But looking at you I don’t feel the same. Did you grow your belly and became short in recent days?”

(Jandhyala’s power of words and dialogues is clearly seen in this conversation. Remember, it’s a conversation between a person from future and a person from 500 years back! But the tinge of humor is never lost out here!)

A totally flabbergasted Ramakrishna poet says “Nee maatalu lavalesamaina ardham kaavatledhu baalaka..okka “Potti”, “Potta” tappa!!”

“My dear!I am unable to understand a single word in what you said!Except for the words “Potti” (Short) and “Potta” (Belly!).”

Instead of explaining the total scene in my words, I would recommend everybody to watch the complete scene in order to understand how well the director bring the scene into an amazing marvel!!

As shown in the above mentioned scene, the Emperor and everybody else in the Kingdom are still unable to believe their ears that somebody from the future came to visit them, that too from Andhra Pradesh region!Krishna Kumar is smart enough to cut down the discussion by telling the Emperor that he will explain things in detail at leisure!

For whatever reasons, The Emperor feels thrilled to have special guests from future to his Kingdom and offers his warm welcome to Krishnakumar and Hema and give them wonderful place to stay in the Royal Palace!

Hang on!People must have forgotten another person who traveled all the way back in time along with our protagonists, though he was unconscious!! Before we wonder where this guy is, Singeetham is quick enough to show Sutthi Velu gaining consciousness and the poor chap thinks he is still in current (1991) Hyderabad and tries to do his Police duty sincerely!!

After some dangerous as well as funny circumstances where our innocent Police asks somebody in the kingdom to tell the way to “Hyderabad”, the security people in the Kingdom suspect our Sutthi Velu to be a spy from Bahmani Kindgom (Nizam area- Hyderabad at that point of time!) and try to capture him, our Protagonists rescue and totally get shocked to see him in this period! This whole chapter is too funny to describe in words and I strongly recommend people to watch it to just see the scene to understand how much team work matters!! Let it be dialogue writer Jandhyala, Director Singeetham, or the funniest actor Sutthi Velu and his hilarious dialogue delivery!!

There is another popular comedian actor Srilakshmi who adorned the role of Madhavi, the chief maid in the King’s Palace.  I would like to describe another such wonderful conversations between a person from the past to technologically highly advanced in time!! It is not an easy thing to imagine,visualize and make the conversations natural so that even a normal person can understand, and at the same time the authenticity of characters is not lost! I should rather say Jandhyala did a phenomenal job in each and every aspect mentioned above!!

Scene 2:  Early Morning..Krishna Kumar is having a shave with his electronic gadget while talking to Hema and and now Madhavi comes to the scene .When Krishna Kumar asks what is the matter, Madhavi gets more curious about the gadget in our hero’s hands!The conversation between Krishna Kumar,Hema and Madhavi goes like this!

(Imagine a person 40yrs ago who gets transported to 2010 and looks at gadgets like iPod, iPhone or a laptop!! I am sure they would not believe their eyes or ears seeing such technological advancement!!)

Madhavi: “Arya,Mee chethilo unnadhi..adhi emi?”

“Sir,what is that which is in your hands?”

K.K: “Oh Idha..deenini Shaver antaru..gaddam geeskovataniki memu upayogistham”

“This?This is called Shaver..we use it for shaving purposes”

Madhavi : (In an Amusing expression of wonder) “Idhemi Vichitram?Shavaramu Kshurakulatho Cheyyinchukora?”

“How miraculous?Dont you get your shave from Kshurakas? (A Sanskritized word for Barbers!)”

Looking at this pure grandhika Telugu, Hema is surprised and asks Krishna Kumar “Kshurakula?Vaallvaru?”

“Kshurakas?Who are they?”

K.K: “Hema, Kshurakulante Barbers!”

“Kshurakas means Barbers!”

Madhavi: “Ante shavaramu meere cheskuntara?Kshurakula daggaraki vellara?”

“You mean you get your own shave done?Dont you go to Barbers for this?”

K.K: “Vellamu, meme cheskuntam”

“No, we do by ourselves!”

Madhavi: “Aho..Swaya Kshavarama!!Hata Vidhi!!”

“Oh my..shaving by oneself?Gosh!!!”

Scene 2: During nightfall, Madhavi comes to Krishna Kumar and Hema’s place to find out whether every thing is fine with them. After she does so, she hears a lovely voice and music (which comes from Tape recorder- the song  is Priyathama from Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari- a blockbuster film during late 80s!).

Our ever curious Madhavi again wonders this way:

“Aha..evaridhi ee madhura gaathram?Maa aasthana gaayakudu ushNamu chesi vishranthi gaavinchuchunnaru kadha?Mari ee gaanam ekkada nunchi vasthunnadhi?”

“What a melodious voice?Our court’s singer must have finished his dinner and taking where is this song coming from?”

K.K: “Balasubhrahmanyam, SP.Balasubhrahmanyam!”

Madhavi: “Vaarevaru Aarya?”

“May I know who is that sir?”

K.K: “Aaayana maa kaalaniki chendhina madhura gaayakudu!”

“He is a melodious singer from our era!”

Madhavi: “Yeri Varu?”

“Where is he?”

K.K: “Vaaru ikkada leru.Vaari paata ee Tape Recorder nunchi vasthondhi”

“He is not here!But his song is coming from this Tape Recorder!”

Madhavi: “Bhalare..vaaru lekunnanu..vaari paata indhulo nunchi vacchuchunnadha?Chitramuga nunnadhe?”

“Oh..even though that person is not here..his song is coming from this?It is really surprising!”

(At this instant Krishna Kumar records Madhavi’s voice and gives a her shock in this way!)

K.K: “Nee maatalu kooda vintava?” (And he rewinds the tape and plays Madhavi’s voice!)

“Do you want to hear your words as well?”

Madhavi could not believe her ears and starts calling all her maid friends to tell about this miracle! At this moment our hero plays the song “Priyathama” again..leading to Madhavi run away at shock!!

Time to give an artistic pause to this part..more adventure, fun and lot of entertainment to come by in the next part!!


2 thoughts on “Glory,Krishnadevaraya, Vijayanagaram and Pure Brilliance: Aditya 369 Part 2

  1. yes this is really enjoyable movie. i watched it several time during my school days. a new concept then (for me) travelling in time both into the past and into the future.

    mee vivarana chala bavundi. correct chala daggaraga pariseelisthe, every detail chala jaagrattaga koorchi direct chesaru. especially when the past and the present meet. valla taraha lo vallu, veella taragha lo veelu sahajam gaa maatlade, telisi tleiyani vishayalu chala chakkaga present cheyatam jarigindi.

    ee madhya konni cinemalalo konni simple details kooda directors miss avutunnaru. avi asahajam gaa nu, konni chotle atikinchinattu ganu untunnayi. darsakudu veetiki badhyudu. edo kadha icham clap kottam. direct chesesam laga kakunda, enta sahajam gaa undi anedi kooda gamaninchukovali. lekapothe chinna pillalu saitam aa tappulu telikaga pattukune kalam idi.

    good movie. nice discussion

  2. V.well written.. Line to line.. English interpretation + translation is v.gud. kallaku kattinattu rasaru. malli ilanti animutyam lanti movie osthy adbutham ga untundi… Asalu a amovie lo dialogues, funny coversations, bckgnd score.. deniki ade saati. funny bckgnd wen sri lakshmi n suthi velu meet.. okati kaadu.. master minds andaru.

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