Music, Humour, Adventure, Diamond, Future and the End- Aditya 369 Part 3

In the earlier post for this time travel marvel Aditya 369, we have seen how our protagonists along with the Constable Sutthi Velu reach Sri Krishnadevaraya’s Empire and some of the funny conversations which go on in that era. By now our dear Trio gets accustomed to the daily routine in the Empire and start having a nice time. It is when a very interesting thing happens. Krishna Kumar and Hema happen to see the legendary diamond (From the present time Museum which Kishore accuses to have been stolen) in the King’s prayer room while he sings in praise of Lord Shiva. Out of curiosity they ask the King about the significance of the diamond. The King replies that the diamond was directly given by Lord Shiva as a present to his ancestors and it is supposed to have many magical powers which can be witnessed during Karthika Pournami (Supposedly The favourite month of Lord Shiva). Listening to all this, Krishna Kumar and Hema decide to stay until Karthika Pournami day ( which is just few days ahead from that time) so that they might know something about the diamond which would be useful in their present era.

Meanwhile, Simha Nandini (Smitha) develops a love interest in our dear hero Krishna Kumar and invites him to her place along with singing a beautiful song “Jaanavule” (Which irresistibly has the old Telugu films flavor- maybe due to the voice of Jikki or the brilliant Vintage music of ILaiyaraaja!). This song remains to be the most popular song from this film till date and is popular among the musical connoisseurs as well as normal movie goers alike! Our hero tries to be patient all the while but at one point of time gets frustrated with Nandini’s behavior and rejects her out-and-out.

Another wonderful aspect of this song is the same tune is sung by Krishna Kumar to Hema when the latter is angered by hero that he visits Nandini’s place out of some romantic interest. The song is no doubt aesthetically shot and for everybody’s viewing pleasure, I am posting the video of the song here!

Nandini gets furious for being rejected by Krishna Kumar and to add on top of that, our hero saves the glory of the Kingdom by helping Tenali Ramakrishna in reciting a Counter Poetry to a poet Narasa Kavi who comes as a threat to the Prestige of the Kingdom.  The director Singeetham cleverly includes the scene where the hero suggests Tenali Rama Krishna to recite “ Mekaku Thoka”- a very famous poem according to the history we have!!The beauty of this poem is its utter simplicity and having only two words throughout the verse! Instead of reading at length in my words, I feel its better people watch the video to understand the grandeur this scene offers!

Unable to see the person who rejected her being praised by the king , Nandini along with her friend Senadhipathi ( Who is the Military head in the kingdom) devise a cunning trap by accusing Krishna Kumar that he promised her regarding marriage and then cheated her in front of the king. The scene turns artistically in such a way that Hema and Nandini land into an argument and decide that there should be a dance competition between both, and whoever wins it will be marrying Krishna Kumar. The King, having no other go agrees with this competition along with the Minister Appaji (Somayajulu of Shankarabharanam fame).

What happens next was unheard or unseen in Telugu Cinema till date. The wonderful dance competition between two women from different era goes on in a neck-to-neck fashion. While Nandini has got many accompanists in music and taalam, our Hema has only Krishna Kumar for help. Nevertheless the competition goes very sharply until a point of time. It so even happens that Hema takes lead of Nandini at one step, and helpless Nandini seeks the support of her Guru at this point. Hema is totally flabbergasted at this foul play and now something very intriguing and innovative happens!! Krishna Kumar starts off in a western style solo singing in such a speed which the Krishna devaraya Empire could have never dreamt of in their weirdest of dreams!  He goes to Jazz, Rock-and-Roll and then to disco dance leaving Nandini and her Clever guru utterly speechless!! Music given by Ilaiyaraaja for this song – Suramodamu is a brilliant marvel in my opinion!!

Predictably, on the course of this advent of Modern era music in Classical style Dance competition leaves Nandini in shock eventually leading Hema win the competition with style!!

This song wonderfully shows the fact that Music and Arts is one of those things which can be appreciated by people irrespective of their era and the genre!!

Watch, hear and experience this innovative experiment by the Aditya 369 team!

Shortly after this incident, Krishna Kumar and Hema happen to watch the diamond spectacle on Karthika Pournami day and get thrilled. The rays from the Moon fall on the diamond and it shines with brilliant divine light leaving everybody speechless in the prayer room!

Just before one day prior to our trio’s departure to the present in the ever intriguing Time Machine, Nandini plans in such a way that Krishna Kumar gets accused of stealing the diamond eventually leading to the wrath of the Emperor himself. But due to the good fate of our trio, the Emperor realizes that our hero is innocent and helps them in escaping from the Past to their present time!! The background score for this chase by the Senathipathi’s people in order to capture the trio can be called superior to even John Williams or Alan Silvestri ( Who composed music for Back To the Future series- from which this film has its inspiration).

In a thrilling and gripping manner, the trio reach the Time Machine and start their miraculous journey to their present time- That is 1991!

But, there is a surprise awaiting both for the trio as well as the audience here from Singeetham!! Just in time when the year 1991 appears on the destination screen in the Time Machine and the trio rejoice this fact, the date skips at a rapid pace which leaves our poor trio in dilemma! Before they could do anything they move at an alarming pace moving further in time for hundreds of years and shockingly…they land to the year 2504!!

Till now we saw the brilliance of Singeetham,Jandhyala and ILaiyaraaja in bringing up the life of Krishnadevaraya Era, and now it is the quest of their imagination in how the life of future can be- both in terms of lifestyle and Technology!! While devising a story based on what already has happened is one sort of challenge,  imagining about how life 500 years ahead from present year (1991) Hyderabad was a really commendable effort!

Right to the point, the moment the trio land in this futuristic era, they can see nothing but a plain desert. By the time they try to realize what is to be done, they get affected severely due to radiation the place has! Luckily the technology of that era is somewhat faster, a chief scientist ( Played by the brilliant Subhalekha Sudhakar) arrives for our trio’s help and rescues them in their city. The scene in which the trio is treated for radiation itself shows the advancement of technology and the imagination power of the director and writer of this film!

As per the Chief Scientist’s advise, the trio is looked after another curious gentleman played by the legendary Comedian Brahmanandam! The director shows the lifestyle of that era in a simple way where Brahmanandam has a brief conversation on Live TV with his wife ( Sadly, this technological advancement happened too faster in less than 20 years unlike how Jandhyala or Singeetham thought in 1991!).

One of the most hilarious scenes in future was when Sutthi Velu thinks something private and personal but it happens to be heard aloud in a speaker behind him! Bramhanandam triumphantly says that this is a very new invention of their time where whatever one thinks converts into sound and comes in the speaker!!

This shows the tremendous influence of Technology on people of future and also the excessive dependence of machines by people of that age (Which also has already started happening now!). Another amazingly comical scene is when a beep sound comes from the belt worn by each of our trio which leaves them surprised.

Scene 3 : Changes in Future- Comedy in Technology

When asked Brahmanandam says “Meeku Aakali vesthondhi ani chepthondhi, maa stomach computer!”

“Our stomach computer is saying that you guys are hungry!”

A devastated Sutthi velu says “Aakalesthe amma ani adukku thinali gaani ee ganta kottudu vyavaharam entandi?”

“If we are hungry we should ask aloud but what is this alarm type system?”

Then slightly apprehensive Brahmanandam says “Sonthamga aalochinche adrushtam koodana maaku?Maa computerlu ela chepthe ala chacchinattu vini teerali!”

“Do we have the freedom to think by our own at all?We are bound to listen what our computers direct us to do!!”

This is a comical yet thought provoking way of Jandhyala in telling the increasing dependence of human beings on technology in what I call “Accha telugu!!”.

After having a tour in future Hyderabad, where they watch a preserved part of Charminar and become speechless, they happen to stumble upon the diamond which is so familiar to us right from the beginning of the film!  The people of future say that they use this diamond for electricity generation purpose and it has got quite some enthralling powers.

Amazed at all this, The trio start back to the present in the repaired Time Machine and our hero confronts the villain Raja Varma who kidnaps Prof.Ramdas and Kishore in order to know the whereabouts’ of the Time Machine but sadly, in this confrontation the Time Machine, the brilliant invention which is capable of taking a person to any place in time gets destroyed.

The distraught Professor feels very bad to see his own hard-work, efforts gets shattering into pieces but our Hero cheers him up saying never to stop researching on things like this and requests him to invent something much more useful for common people next time!!

Though we feel sad in the end that Time Machine is no more, we have to realize one thing- Just like how Art is long and Life is short, the same applies for intelligence, Science and thoughts!

Aditya 369 is one such rare films, where the viewer is not only entertained but also made to ponder about some of the most intriguing things such as Art,Science and ultimately the way of Living! A huge round of applause for Mr.Singeetham, SPB, Jandhyala, ILaiyaraja, Kabir Lal and the entire Cast &  Crew of this film for bringing such an enthralling show!


I take great pleasure in successfully completing the first mega-post in our blog Marapuraani Chitralu, and this is just the beginning! I thoroughly enjoyed writing every word in this post, which was like a journey throughout the film and the excitement I have experienced while watching this marvel! Without the sincere support of my co-author and friend Deepti, I wouldnt have completed such herculean task in short notice!Much more to come by in this blog, which will touch all the brilliant and best aspects of Telugu Cinema!!


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