Babai-Abbai: The fantastic comedy duo from Jandhyala-Part 3

Till now we have seen only the preliminary brilliance of Babai in convincing people get the debts he want! But in the following scene one can see the ultimate brilliance of Babai in talking right from History to Mythology to a total stranger in order to get what he wants! This is one of the ultimate “Brahmastram” ( A common word in Telugu which is used as a greatest weapon used on others!) which Babai uses in the film and a hilarious scene!!

So here it is where I did my best to narrate the dialogue-to-dialogue of the scene for everybody’s reading and laughing pleasure!

Scene 7: Word attack by Babai on a poor stranger to get debt!

Babai meets a stranger on street and greets him this way

Babai :”Namaskaram..meeru vaidhyula?”

Namaste..are you a doctor?

Stranger: “Ounu..Bhoota Vaidhyudini” (Bhoota Vaidhyudu is a profession where they treat a person who is affected by a ghost or a troublesome soul!)

Yes..but I treat ghosts not people!

Babai: “Aha..vaidhyulu entha goppa vaallu?”

Great..doctors are so brilliant!

Stranger:” Inthaki meerevaru?”

By the way, may I know who are you?

Babai: “Nenoka desa bharata desa pourudiga desa bhakti undatam tappantara?”

I am a patriotic person..being a citizen of this country dont you think I should love my country?
Stranger: “Abbe, adhi tappela authundhi?”

Definetly not!

Babai: “Annara?Aithe dorikipoyarannamate…naa tharai!”

There you go!!Naa tharai!!( As told in the previous parts, Naa tharai is a punch line by Babai which means I will give in Tamizh!)

The stranger calls a passing auto meanwhile..Babai interrupts and sends off the auto.

Babai tells the surprised stranger in this way” Auto demundandi..arakshananiki okatosthundhi”

Why are you worried about the auto..for every half second one auto will come!

And starts off this way!

“Mana bharata prabhutvam chese pani manamu cheyyatam tappu kadhu kadha?mana desam ahimsani patisthe manamu patistham.Mana desam kramasikshana ni anusaristhe manamu anusaristham.Ippudu mana desam em chesthondhi?Parayi desala nunchi veera level lo appulu chesthondhi.”

There is nothing wrong in doing the thing which our Indian Govt is doing. When our country followed non-violence and discipline, we did the same.Now what is our country doing?It is taking heavy debts from the other countries!

The stranger tries to escape but is caught by Babai  again..and the latter continues “ee yedadi lo prapancha banku ki hecchu ekkuvaga baki unna desallo modatidhi bharata desam,rendodhi Belgium.Andhu chetha appu cheyyatam tappu kadhu.
Inka cheppalante appu cheyyatam bharateeyula janma hakku, karthavyamu!”

“You know our India is one of the countries which is highly indebted to World bank!The next is Belgium!Hence there is nothing wrong in taking a debt!In fact it is our birth right to do that!

Babai goes on despite seeing the stranger disgruntled with this lengthy lecture on debts!!

“Asalu appu ippatidha?Yedukondala swami kuberudu daggara appu teeskuni ippatiki vaddi kadthunnadu. Nela nunchi aakasam neetini appu teeskuni installment paddathi lo varsham rupam lo teerusthundhi.”

“Chandrudu Suryudi daggara velugu appuga teeskuntunnadu. Anthendhuku meeru bhoota vaidhyulu kadha..pancha bhootalu enno cheppandi?”

Is the concept of debt recent one?Lord Venkateshwara took a huge debt from Kubera (God of Wealth) and still continuing to pay interest. Sky takes the water from the Earth as debt and pays back as an installment in the form of rain!
Moon takes the light from Sun as a fact you are a bhoota vaidhya…tell me how many are the pancha bhootas (Five Elements!)

The stranger says “Ayya..pancha bhootalu sangathi naku teleedhu kani..ippudu naku pant bhootam (Addressing Babai) prathyaksham ga kanpisthondhi!”

“Sir…I dont know about Pancha Bhootas (Pancha means a trouser like garment which is worn by men in Telugu)…but I am able to see Pant Bhootam (A ghost like Babai who is wearing pant!) in person!

Babai laughs it off saying “Nee sense of humour ki nippetta!”..and says a sanskrit slokam depcting pancha bhootas “Prudhivyapasthejo vayurdatha” and links it with the word “appu”!!

“What a sense of humour you have man! Do u know this sanskrit sloka “Prudhivyapasthejo vayuradatha?” even in this slokam the word Appu (Means Debt in Telugu) is present!

“ASIAD lo mana gurthu ga unna gunna yenugu perenti?Appu! Mana Vizag pakka unna Simhachalam devudi perenti?Simhadri “appa” nna!”

What is the name of the ASIAD elephant?Appu!!The god present in Simhachalam’s name is Simhadri “Appa” nna!

The stranger becomes mad and says “Amma…maro ganta ila vintunte..nene maro bhoota vaidhyudi daggaraki velli manthram pettinchukovalsi vasthundhi..idhigo naa daggara unna sommantha teeskoni nannu vodhili pettu!!”

Oh my goodness…if I listen to your rant for another hour this way..I myself have to go to another ghost doctor and get a counter medicine!!Take all the money which I have with me now!!Please leave me!

This one scene depicts the sheer craziness of Babai and at the same time the power of dialogues and comedy from the Hasya Brahma Jandhyala!

As discussed in the 1st and 2nd parts where the heroine’s father offers Abbai a sum of 25 Lakhs and asks him to spend the money wisely for the next 30 days!
And now..the race of spending money begins!This is a race of comedy,philosophy, morals and life in short!

The first obvious thing which our dear duo plan and do is to buy an expensive sea side house for extra amount!And the next thing is to appoint a bunch of funny group headed by Jambu Lingam in order to look after their house as well as their personal accounts! These people are so funny that they wake up Babai-Abbai in the most annoyingly peculiar way everyday!! If on one day they wake them by singing horribly…the other day they read all crime related news from the paper in order to wake them up!!

Who else other than Jandhyala would get such ideas which would make people laugh at their wits end?

Then Babai suggests a great idea (According to him) saying that to spend money in Horse Races at Hyderabad. He says that in an opinion “Godaku kottina sunnam raceulalo pettina dabbu eppatiki raadhu!”

The paint done on walls or the money invested in horse race will never come back!

To the same, the great duo goes to Hyderabad by investing a huge sum of money on a limp horse named Caesar hoping they would lose a large amount of money! Though in the initial stage the horse loses making our duo relieved..and they invest on another horse called Kingmaker! Unfortunately this horse wins by giving the duo more money than the amount spent!!

A distraught yet determined Babai makes another plan suggesting Abbai to buy a  costly land and construct a house with poor foundation so that double the money invested will be in loss. Hearing this cool plan (Or is it not?) Abbai goes overboard saying that he would buy a land with house so that more money gets spent in demolishing the old house and constructing a poor foundation house!But even that plan gets failed as there will be a hidden treasure in the land which values more than the money invested yet again! Unfortunately the contractor who tells our duo this news refuses to take the treasure despite offering as he is too “sincere” in taking other’s money!!

These scenes make the audience realize a wonderful fact that if time is determined to act one way..even if a person does something exactly opposite to what he/she wants to get..the result will be the reverse!

Babai thinks of another silly and hilarious idea of re-performing the “Sitarama Sangramam” drama for which they were almost hated by the audience previously ( This scene was discussed in Part 1 of Babai-Abbai post!). But now..people appreciate this drama so much that they even give so much of money in the form of garlands! Some people even buy the tickets in black (By paying more money than intended) to watch this programme! Babai pleads the audience saying how can they appreciate such a worst drama and encourages them to oppose it! But still the people continue to appreciate the drama leaving the duo much much more money than which was spent!!

As more such incidents happen, Abbai gets more frustrated and tensed about the accumulating money in his account and thinks of the deal which he makes with Krishnaveni’s father.Babai on the other hand thinks more determined and plans another idea advising Abbai to buy a film with a horrible cast/crew and sell it for a higher rate to the distributors. He also asks him to make more prints done so that in this process more money will be spent! The title of the film itself makes the audience laugh so much- (Chethiki Chippa!-Meaning an empty vessel to beg in hand!).

Hoping atleast this plan would work, our duo go to Madras(Present day Chennai!) to know about the talk regarding the film! Abbai feels very excited to hear the “flop” talk about the film and the duo wait for the same outside a particular theatre!The scene when the audience come out of one show and the duo asks about how it is is explained below!

Scene 8: The hilarious public talk about “Chethiki Chippa” a film brought by Babai-Abbai!

Abbai gets hold of a thin guy and asks this way

Abbai : “Emandi..Cinema chala chendalam ga undhi kadhu..flop ye ga?”

Sir..the film is atrocious and is a flop isnt it?

Thin guy: “Bhale vare sir!Entha goppa kaLa khandamandi idhi?Andulo oka chota hero adukkune tappudu nizamga naaku edupocchesindhi sir!Chetiki Chippa!Perantha kaLathmakanga undhi sir cinema! Silver jubilee guarantee sir!”

“You are kidding me! What a brilliant film it is! In one particular scene I really felt like crying where the hero begs! Chethiki chippa!The film is as artistic as the title! It will be definitely a Silver Jubilee film!”

Now Babai asks another elderly man saying

Babai: “Emandi..hero asayhamganu..herione ankachandalam ganu leru?”

Sir..the hero is too ugly..and the herione is pathetic aren’t they?

Elderly Man: “Unte maathram?Em act chesaru sir!Ee yedu padmasreelu vasthai sir vaaLLaki!Entha natural ga act chesaru?Cheyyi vadhalandi intikelli family ni teeskuravali cinema ki”

So what?They acted phenomenally!! I am sure they will get Padmasree this year!Wonderful natural actors! Please leave me now I should go home and bring my family for this film!!

A distraught Babai now goes to a lady to ask about the film..and hear another stunner in this way!

Lady : Nenu puttaka ilanti cinema choodaledhandi..kastha coffee taagi matinee kooda chuseyyali!”

I never saw a film like this ever since I was born! Will have a coffee and watch the matinee show also!

This makes Abbai very upset and makes him realize that Money is not the only factor to have a happy living, but peace of mind!! After a hilarious chase sequence (Which is worth watching in the film itself!) the ultimate laughter of this film comes to an end!!

But we are still enthralled and amazed by the tremendous writing power of Jandhyala and the brilliant comedy he has offered us in the form of Babai-Abbai film!!

A special mention to the brilliant Potti Prasad who makes his appearance as a detective spying on Babai-Abbai now and then making them feel he is a spy appointed by Sutthi Velu in order to know their plans! Not until the end we come to know he is a mad person who is just trying to be himself!!

Jandhyala is not only a great writer with tremendous comedy sense but also brilliant musical sense. A great song “Telusa Neeku Telusa” from this film itself is an example for it!!Posting the video of the same for the musical touch to this comedy series!!

Let the laughter series continue with the same pace and vigour in the blog truly dedicated to unforgettable Telugu Cinema- Marapuraani Chitralu!



5 thoughts on “Babai-Abbai: The fantastic comedy duo from Jandhyala-Part 3

  1. Hello Navya and Deepthi

    I really appreciate your efforts for bringing up this blog. the english translation will help non-telugu people enjoy the great director’s talented creations. which otherwise can be mostly understood and enjoyed by people who are native telugus.

    one thing i really like about this blog is the detail. thats the speciality of jandhyala garu . every word and phrase can stand on its own when it needs to entertain. and there is so much thought and logic that goes into binding those words in a funny manner. he is the first and last to do it. i do not find any other writer who can do that so professionally.

    na bhooto na bhavistyath!!

    the most wonderful thing that makes his movies so unique and entertainable is he is the creator and he is the presenter ( i mean the director) here. so there is no chance for a mistake or dilution in the original ideas.

    these are the comedy pine trees of telugu cinema. evergreen and perennial.

    i used to go through the jandhayala community in orkut (meeku nachina dialogues) topic every night after work. it is such a wonderful stress relief and makes me ready for the next day.

    enni saarlu chadivina tanivi teeradu, navvu aagadu. nitya nootanam.
    ivi favorite, ivi kaadu ani cheppalemu. anni goppa chitrale.

    kadhalu levu, kottadanam ledu ani edustunna neti darsaka nirmatalu eeyana srushti ninchi ento nerchukovali. kottadanam okkasari, rendu saarlu tevachu, kani inni cinemalalo deniki matuku danike anta uniqueness aapadinchina ghanata ayanade.

    and adi ekkadinincho srushtinnchinadi kaadu, roju manam choose enno vichitra characters ninche erukunna patralu sannivesalu. cinema choostunnanta sepu

    idi mana pakka intlo jarugutondi anipinchela..

    hats off to him and thanks to meeku.

  2. Sushma,

    Asalu mee(mana) Orkut Jandhyala community choosake naaku ee idea vacchindhi…so meeru maaku cheppina thanks tirigi meeke varthisthundhi:)

    Meeru cheppindhi chala correct..Jandhyala’s dialogues of comedy is a huge stress relief irrespective of any tension a person faces in life!

    We are very happy you liked our blog!It will only make us more enthusiastic and write much in the coming days!

  3. e swardham lekunda kevalam abhimanam ane puvvula to meeru chestunna ee akshara pooja definite gaa abhinandaneeyam.

    manaspoortiga korukune manchi eppatiki nilichipotundi.

    keep up the good work

  4. chala aanandamga undi…

    oka cinema ni intha baga expalin cheyagalagatam super….

    nenu ma frnds ki kuda chupinchanu ee blog ni….

    vallu kuda mana movies chustunnaru ippudu….


    1. Jagadish garu,

      Meeku mee frds ki ee blog nacchatam chala santhosam…inka ee kottha samvatsaram lo marinni manchi chitrala gurinchi raasthamu…keep reading!

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