Gamyam..The Journey of Finding Your Own Self!!

Gamyam remains to be one of the most memorable films I watched in the year 2008 because I did not have any expectations about how “good” the movie would be before I watched it! After watching the film I was enthralled by the brilliant show put up with the Cast & Crew which made me write about the same in Marapuraani Chitralu!

During the time when this film was released, a very good friend of mine who has the knack of watching some good movies (irrespective of the language) has suggested me to watch this movie. Though I was slightly wary about it……obeying my friend’s words I happened to see it!!

Though the movie draws a slight inspiration from a Japanese movie Motorcycle Diaries …….the subject, the taking…..and the portrayal of the main characters made me feel it was very unique in its own way. The nativity of Andhra Pradesh such as the difference in the dialects of different regions…….and the highway atmosphere was simply brilliant.

The movie is based on a simple love story…..but handled in a completely innovative manner. The hero Abhiram (played by an upcoming talented actor Sharwanand) is a rich guy…..having all the habits of a spoiled youngster. Let it be drinking, smoking…..or indifference towards other people regarding help!! He happens to meet a girl called Janaki (Kamalinee in a strong role again!!), a medico who is quite unlike himself. She empathizes with people around her…..helps them in all the ways she can…..and she knows what life is. But our dear hero is only interested in gaining her……irrespective of her ideals and what as a person she is. Due to some serious differences between them…….Janaki leaves Abhiram explaining in a note that they are two people who cannot stay together!

It is at this time…..Abhiram starts his journey from Hyderabad to find out Janaki and get her back. At this point he doesn’t change much……..but he just wants to get her back out of humiliation. But the journey which he takes up…..which comprises of most of the movie……changes him so much for good… can be shortly called as the journey of a lifetime!!

During this wonderful journey on his motorbike, Abhiram meets Gaali Seenu (Naresh in a quite unexpected role!!)…….who can be called as a thief by profession but a loyal friend at heart!! After a few incidents……Abhiram and Seenu start off the journey together to find where Janaki is…..finding out at every probable place about the whereabouts of her……eventually going to Narsipatnam (a small town near Vishakhapatnam!). Though Seenu initially tries to be selfish by planning to steal Abhiram’s bike and sell it off, after few thought provoking incidents in which Abhiram shows courage and spirit of friendship, he gives up the idea of doing so!!

The story looks quite simple when I explain out here but as the movie goes further many questions, topics are touched through the contrasting characters of Abhiram and Janaki. The taking of the film goes in such a way that during the search for Janaki, Abhiram reminds of every situation where how carelessly he behaves while how composed and humane Janaki reacts! In one particular scene where Abhiram and Janaki walk together, a poor lady named Pochamma an acquaintance to Janaki comes to greet them. But Abhiram feels very irritated with her presence and complains to Janaki about the same when that lady leaves. Then Janaki asks a very nice question:

“Premanisthe Teeskogalava?”

“Can you accept love?”

A confused Abhiram says “Teeskogalanu..”

“Yes, I can!”

Janaki : “Marippudu Pochamma icchindhi prema ne kadha..endhuku teeskoledhu?”

“Then, even Pochamma (The lady’s name) gave love (affection) to you..why didn’t you accept the same?”

This short conversation makes us think that before demanding love from a person, one has to be in a position to accept their love without any pretension!

The slow realization of Abhiram as the movie progresses by is shown in a brilliant way by the director Radhakrishna (Popularly called as Krish!) through certain scenes where he happens to help people in trouble. The audience also travel along with him in this journey and ultimately realize that to find oneself one should go at depth to oneself but not to search for the same outside!! I am including the milestone like scene from the film where the realization of Abhiram when he is caught by his dad in this journey. This is undoubtedly one of the best scenes in the film!

The best song in the movie according to me would be “Entha Varaku” is also present in the above clip……which appears during the journey of Abhiram and Seenu on the roads of wonderful Godavari District!!

A well deserved mention for the legendary Telugu lyricist Sitarama Sastry who wrote the simple Philosophy of life in the below mentioned words!

“Prapancham Neelo Unnadhani Cheppedaaka Aa Nizam Telusukova..

Telisthe Prathi Chota Ninnu Nuvve Kalusukoni Palakarinchukova”

ప్రపంచం నీలో ఉన్నదని చెప్పే దాక ఆ నిజం తెలుసుకోవా..

తెలిస్తే ప్రతి చోట నిన్ను నువ్వే కలుసుకొని పలకరించుకోవా..

Realize the truth that the World is within you..

Then you can meet yourself everywhere and greet yourself! !

The popular book Alchemist written by the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho narrate the same fact that the treasure is something which lies in our heart but not somewhere miles away! In short the good thoughts in us leads to good actions and the negative thoughts about others lead to destruction (More of self!).

A very special mention for undoubtedly one of  the best character artists of Telugu Cinema in recent times, Rao Ramesh who adorned the role of an Ex-Naxalite. His clarity of dialogue-delivery, brilliant expressions and excellent acting makes us remember his father- The veteran actor Rao Gopala Rao! He helps our duo (Abhiram and Seenu) at one particular fight where a landlord threatens them for behaving light heartedly with his people.

Another important point which was touched in this film was Economic differences and problems like Naxalism which still exists in many parts of our Country  (State). In one scene where a realized Abhiram speaks to a Naxal head about the blindness in which Naxalites live and he compares his former self to the same! Abhiram says just like how he was blinded by the “Money” factor all these years..even Naxalites are blinded by the power of gun which they have and are ignoring the real problems which are prevailing in our Country.

This scene makes us think that in order to “solve” a problem, escapist nature such as Terrorism,Extremism or (like in this film) Naxalism would not help the Poor and it goes against their will of helping people in trouble.

There are some stark realities which were emphasized in the best way in this movie. From the character of Seenu we come to know that no person becomes bad right from the birth……but the situations make them so. From the character of Janaki…..we come to know that life isn’t about living for ourselves……but by helping others and live along with them!! She is a kind of person who thinks helping others in trouble will make her life better. When it comes to Abhiram……the same case of situational attitude comes into being. As he loses his mother at an early age……and the kind of environment he is living in……he becomes what he is. But due to this wonderful journey along the highways and the country side of Andhra Pradesh……instead of finding Janaki at each and every incident…….he finds his true self!!!

Gamyam can be definitely called as the best thought provoking film which was released in recent times for not only the thrill of Journey but also for making the audience realize the importance of friendship, love, and most importantly Humanity!

A journey of a lifetime!!

Through strong yet conflicting characters Abhiram and Janaki..and the easy-going yet a great human being at heart Gali Seenu, Gamyam is a truly special film for the simple yet brilliant facts about life explained with such a dramatic perfection!
The new comer Krish has to be really appreciated for this honest attempt through Gamyam and he happened to enthrall the audience with another though provoking flick Vedham this year!

Watch out for Marapuraani Chitralu for the best of Telugu Cinema!


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