Prema Desam

The Year 1997 was truly a year to remember as that year saw the release of  one of the Coolest Movie  for years to come….’Prema Desam’ Yes it was the invent of this love story that made a trend setter for the later generation.Until then there were only movies made only with  family drama,sentiment &  commercial entertainment with village backdrops.This Movie came as a fresh change.. Suddenly there was a change in the Pulse of audience .Everybody were like as if they were waiting to watch such a kind of movie with a young theme and such a wonderful script & music.

Though the movie revolves throughly around college life,gangs,love,youth & friendship it was a movie for all ages and applauded by one and all. And the Youth were crazy enough to watch this movie more than once! Story and charecterisation were so beautifully woven that it certainly needs an mention of director Kathir.

Arun(Abbas) is a well off Guy with good looks and has everything in life.He regularly parties with friends and there are many girls who fall back of him.He belongs to Loyola College.Anand(Vineeth) is a poor Orphan  who is from P.A.C college.He has hardly any money to study and buy books.staying in a rented room with his friend (Vadivelu). He is a good poet and dreams always about his dream girl hoping to meet her one day. P.A.C college guys hang out near bus stops outside their college to watch beautiful college girls pass by.They hang on at buses to just catch a glimpse of girls passing by.There is rivalvry between P.A.C College and Loyola College as all smart & good looking girls fall for Loyola Boys who are well off rather than P.A.C guys.Divya (Tabu) is a college student.She is extremely beautiful and has the charm to mesmerise any guy.Her father (S.P.Balu) is her best friend with whom she confides everything.Like wise she’s given freedom by her father to be as she likes. Thee relationship between a father and daughter in recent times has been beautifully shown.

One fine evening when Anand dreams about his dream girl and writes poems sitting in front of the beach ,she stumbles upon him accidently and then he thinks he has met the girl of her dreams. This scene was aesthitically shot as the background music, the view everything make it so really authentic… its like a poets description . Arun also sees her for the first time at a traffic signal and tries to follow her but misses her.Slowly both of them get to know her.

In one such incident P.A.C College guy loves a girl from Loyola college but she is already being engaged to a boy from the same college, On hearing which vadivelu and his friends bash the guy (Loyola).This arouses into a huge quarell from two gangs to two colleges.and there when Anand is being accidently thrown from on top of a car.Arun catches him from being hurt. Later the scene shifts from the Quarell ground to Football ground where Arun captain of Loyola & Anand of P.A.C  come face to face. In the first half of the match Anand’s team scores more points,seeing this arun gets disappointed and in the  break he hurts his fingers unable to bear the loss in the first round. Anand who sees all this decides to give away the game to Arun inspite of his friends scolding him for not playing well and finally Arun’s team wins the match.All this because he remembers arun’s help of saving him from the accident.

After the match Arun meets anand to tell him that the Trophy was actually his coz it was he who left the match by not playing well,Anand explains him that in his Life he has seen lot of failures and he has the strength to face them Unlike him who can’t take failures into his stride.So it was natural for him to lose the match.By this arun Recognizes his sacrifice for his help and both of them become Good Friends. where the latter helps him buy some Expensive clothes and shoes when he learns that Anand cannot effrord such costly things.

Here we can see the Beatiful ‘Mustafa Mustafa’ Song Which shows the Beauty of Friendship and how it evolves around.Ragging scenes,Bunking College and gng to movies… The song itself is a treat to watch andblends exactly with the atmosphere in college.It was a rage among College goers.I myself heard it Numerous times and know every lyric which has sync with today’s young Generation.

One fine day Anand who is on his way to college meets Divya and forgets his Poem Book with her while boarding the Bus.Divya who has to write a poem as given as an assignment gets shocked to listen a beautiful poem read by her lecturer from her book.She praises her for writing such a beautiful poertry and asks her if she has written  more of it.She gets credit without ven writing a bit of it.She later realizes that it was Anand’s and Publishes it in a Magzine whichwins a Prize!. She shows anand his published poem for which he gets thrilled to bits. He thanks her for recognizing his talent and making an effort to publish it.But he doen’t tell her that his inspiration for writing such a poem is she himself when she ask him whether he has got any lover.He tells her that there is a girl in his life but does not reveal  her name.

Meanwhile arun who has also interest in divya helps her in one situation where she bends to pick a coin thrown by some guys outside the college,He warns her not to pick the coin Initially she takes him in badlight but after seeing what happens to the girl by picking the coin.She realises that it was for her own good that he had warned her and later she befriends him and becomes a good friend to him.

Now both of them maintain a relation that divya assumes them to be only their friends. while the other  two love her. The fact that arun or anand loves her or even arun and anand are unaware of this that the other loves her. The song ‘ Nanu Nenu Marachina Nee Thodu’ is a Beautiful Romantic Number which showcases the Love  of both of them towards the Girl.and how they try to feel in her absense and presence.Here is the Super Melodious Romantic Number. Shot Throughly in Mumbai.Its one of a song for all the lovers who have something to say to their GF’s.

This Continues for few days when one day arun tells anand that he would introduce his Girlfriend to him.He asks anand to recognize his Girl friend among the walking girls in front of them. He tels him that if he was his Best Friend then he would Definetly identify the correct Girl.and finally when anand sees Divya coming and points towards her. Arun is amazed by his friends correct guess and tells asks hm how he was so correct in identifying hsi GirlFriend. To thsis Anand gets the Shock of his life when he comes to know that  hsi Grirlfriend is none other than his lover and walks  away from the place.

Anand feels that inorder to save his friendship he need to sacrifice his love.But it foils as in such scene arun gets to know that anand is the one who calls divya and writes poem for. He verifies the call Log in a local STD Booth to confirm his Doubts. Now both of them aware of the fact arun decides to leave all this and go to a far off place. Coming to know about this anand stops him saying that ‘ it is not even if we both love her,It is upt her to decide whom she likes amongst us Both’ This scene is one of a highlight in the filmAs there arises a barrier between both of them.Anand’s friends unable to see his pain decide to rough up arun. Arun thinks Anand has sent his friends. But later anand comes and intervenes and tells his friends not to enter into their personal matters even if they arehsi freinds. It is for They both to decide and dont make it a gand War sort of thing.

Vadivelu’s dialogues are a huge power to this Scene as he says that it  doesn’t  if arun was his friend or not what matters is his friend is in trouble so he soughts to intervene and solve it. This shwocases the true friendship how a friend tries to resolve thing  when he is in trouble.

As divya Becomes close to both of them Her father approaches with marriage proposals but she tells him that it is becoming difficult for her to choose between two of them as both are her good friends.Previously he advised her that a good friend can become a good husband.

True to this.There arrives a point when when both arun and anand save her life and her respect both which are important to a woman and she is extremely fortunate for having such friends.

On learning this anand paves way for arun as his parents decide to fix hsi marriage with Divya who saved her life.Divya also is ok as she feels that anand  is already in love with someother Arun is the correct choice for her.

Towards the end when one of the college Gangster who eyes fall upon divya tries to take he away,both  arun and anand risk their lifes in saving her Towards the end.They decide now to tell their Love to her.And let her decide her own choice.

Divya on learning that Both her best Friends love her is in a fix now as she can’t do injustice to other by marrying only one.Here forms the Crux of the story! When normally we audience would think that she would definetly chose one.It gives a big Twist  as she chose to be friends with them forever as marrying one would hurt the other.

It not only does justice to the friends but to the value of friendship. The directoir proves that at any given time  Friendship overtakes Love and is more Convincing than the other..

The Comedy scenes in the Film are a treat to watch where Vadivelu explains his friend about how to get into a bus only after it starts and get down after it starts again by leaving the stop.

‘Ippudu chudu na Style of Ekking’

‘Na style of Digging chudu ra..’   as he considers that to be a minimum qualification for any boy to be a college student.

The styles which students follow in college is hilariously illustriated.

An absolutely dull looking well oiled boy with full length hands shirt with a pair of jeans sits on his college steps waiting for some girl to look at him.But he feels dejected as he is being not even noticed once for hsi poor style of dressing.

Then enters Vadivelu into the scene and tells him this

‘How can they look at you if you are so worstly dressed ?’

and then he tears of his full hand shirt into a sleeves shirt, tears his jeans into 3/4 th. sets his hair into ruffy one and reomoves his ‘soda buddi’ (Thick Glasses) Glasses and gives him  googles and a ring to wear in his ear.

hus after this the Guy is Flanked by girls and he feels proud about it..This shows how simpel can one be fashionable without even buying anything.

College style song starts into one melodious tune where Girls are shown walking past smoothly and as goddesses but eventually turns out to be a fast beat number showing the students dance in groups to the super number. A.R .Rahman truly deserves an applause as there cannot be a song which can show how college students behave in college their style,their tricks,tantics eetc…The guitar towards the end of the song is the highlight..

The entrance of Tabu by walking slowly  and carefully not falling on the flowers show that how soft a girl can be. Just like the flower which gets crumpled under the feet.The background score is  awesome.

Hello Doctor  tells that lovers who have lost their heart for their love have become mad and how at every given moment they are tortured by its signs.The making  is too good. Symbolic to the lyrics which follow.

Totally there cannot be another film Like Prema Desam which gave Huge Importance to the Concept of FriendShip over Love.


2 thoughts on “Prema Desam

  1. this is one movie thats worth talking about. atleast for the sensation it created. I watched it in Sandhya 70 mm in hyd i think..its been almost 15 years now.i watched the movie two times on two consecutive days with family and friends. a kind of hang over i should say!! everyone who watched it had it. all the walkmans (those days had prema.. playing round the clock) exam time ledu, mamoolu time ledu. anni time lo.

    it was literally the ‘talk of the town’.

    i still remember, anta gola hadavudi nenu apudu choodaledu. chiranjeevi cinema release ki kooda!

    the theater manager arranged cops inside the theater- as students were tearing the seats apart ! why? the excitement was so high in the air for hello doctor and college style songs.
    no one was sitting and watching the movie! everyone were standing up and dancing. maa to saha! and no one was really unhappy about the ending.

    vadivelu’s attitude ala ala pakesindi janalaki. prati mata chivara …..of india anatam mamoolaipoyindi! jai ho prema desam

  2. Sushma Garu,

    I think it is Sudarshan 35MM!! That theatre became most famous after this film released and though I was just 10yrs old when this film released I seriously remember the hall was filled with papers in every inch!

    Meeru annattu Vadivelu style indhulo superb..especially bus ekkadam/digatam lo unna philosophy cheppatam..inka badha paduthunna okadiki simple ga style ela thecchukovalo cheppatam asalu excellent!

    Ippatiki naaku idhi original kanna telugu lo ne ekkuva aadharimpabadda chitram anipisthu untundhi!

    Thanks Deepti for bringing up the lovely memories of this film we all hold and Sushma for writing the comment and sharing your experiences!

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