Happy New Year 2011 to all Marapuraani Chitralu readers!

Me and my friend Deepti would like to wish all Marapuraani Chitralu readers a fantastic new year 2011 ahead filled with Movies,Laughter, Excitement and loads of adventures! We have started this excellent blog in 2010 and are committed to come up with exploration of unforgettable Telugu Cinema in this year at much more depth and dimension for everybody’s reading amazement!

The encouragement which we got for this blog through and through from friends and people we don’t know as well alike ever since we started was simply overwhelming and highly appreciated. Without all that it would have been impossible for us to come up with such good posts at regular time intervals all through the last year!

Andhariki nootana samvatsara subhaakankshalu…ee samvatsaram mee andhariki subhapradam ga aanandakaram ga undaalani memu aasisthunnamu..

Stay tuned to this blog for loads of exploration,thrill and amazing dimension of something we are really proud of- Unforgettable Telugu Cinema!

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