Subhalekha- A Tribute to Individuality and Self Respect- Part 3

Till part two of this classic Film which not only speaks about Dignity of Labour,Individuality but also about the Social Evils which prevail even among the Educated lot as well, we have seen under what circumstances the protagonists Murthy(Chiranjeevi) and Sujatha (Sumalatha) happen to live under the same roof. Though Sujatha’s parents desert her for being honest and standing up against the Dowry System over Aadhi Seshayya (Satyanarayana), Murthy really understands the worth of being individualistic (As he is one himself!) and helps out Sujatha in every possible way he can.

With the little but powerful rapport Murthy has with the Allwyn Director (Their interaction was discussed in Part 1 of the Subhalekha post!) , Sujatha happens to get a better job in the Allwyn Company as the Accounts Advisor for the director. This makes Sujatha eliminate such negative feelings which were developed after the argument regarding Dowry and marriage with a person like Aadhi Seshayya who is seemingly a powerful person in the society.  This acts as the first boost up from the brief state of low feeling Sujatha has in the film!

Looking at Sujatha’s regaining confidence we feel the importance of financial Independence and standing up for one self especially for a woman who is pointed out as wrong in thinking.  It maybe the money factor which is the main reason for this (More of that in films which talk about the influence on money on people’s lives- very soon!) nevertheless it comes up like a welcome change in Sujatha’s life. Murthy also joins the same company as a waiter who serves tea and snacks to the employees there. But our ever confident Murthy never feels an ounce of inferiority or upset for working under Sujatha!

Murthy’s attitude and his way of reacting to situations is a real treat to watch and needless to say Chiranjeevi gave life to this role!

Wait..I did not tell where Murthy and Sujatha managed to get an accomodation in the ever expanding City Hyderabad! They happen to get a small but beautiful place built with wood which almost looks like an outhouse.  The house owner played by Allu Rama Lingaiah is a lawyer and true to his profession he suspects even the sincerest of people! At one instant he speaks about Murthy and Sujatha in an “obvious” manner leading to Murthy’s anger.  But Murthy doesn’t react the way how usually people react when they are in anger. He clearly explains how people in Society think if a man and woman are staying together they conclude that they eloped from the house or having a romantic relationship. A wonderful dialogue he says in this instant is “We are as human as anybody and as cultured as anybody!” which itself is an eye-opener to the usual people in Society who love to gossip or speak away loose comments on a man and woman who are friends or who have a good rapport.

Though it is the modern era of 2011 and this film released in early 80s, the thinking of the majority of people remains the same!

Before the reader wonders where did the “Money Hungry” Aadhi Seshayya goes, he comes away in a very interesting instant! As narrated in the Part 2, Aadi Seshayya goes over board and makes damaging comments about Hotel waiters calling them “Loafers” leading to the extreme wrath of the Waiter community!

It so happens that Aadhi Seshayya gets felicitated ( by paying money for a great title Deena Janoddharana Samrat- Meaning the champion of dejected people) the waiter community (Headed by Murthy’s friend played by the ever talented Potti Prasad!) comes to congratulate him on the account of this function. People must be wondering how can they felicitate a person who insulted their community so much! But the surprise and the comedy awaits when each of the waiter comes and gives either a flower garland, boquet or a shawl and uses damaging words to him in a low tone!  This scene is too hilarious to describe and the audience surely feel an arrogant Politician cum businessman like Aadhi Seshayya deserves this treatment!

K. Vishwanath makes this scene as foundation to the eye-opening chapter for Aadhi Seshayya along with people in the real world who feel  having a girl child in a minus and dowry has to be encouraged!

Coming to the daily life of Murthy and Sujatha, it is really the ideal one if an artistic person is asked!Despite having limited materialistic resources and finances, they have a wonderful friendly time with Sujatha bossing Murthy about studying for his B.A exams! There are some excellent scenes where both of them cook food together and even arrange a door board which gives information about whether they are in the house or not! Sujatha feels really contented with her life and flourishes in her job too.

Films like these make us realize a beautiful fact- that ultimate happiness rests in simplicity and satisfaction of the person!

Just as the relationship between Sujatha and Murthy blossoms this way, her sister Lakshmi (Tulasi) and Aadhi Seshayya’s son Murali (Sudhakar!) fall in love under very funny as well as interesting circumstances ! The peculiar dialogue delivery of Tulasi in Lakshmi’s role along with the adorable innocence of Sudhakar in Murali’s role made them a hit pair after this film was released! After some days pass by with this love story, Lakshmi innocently tells Murali that she cannot marry him because her father cannot afford that much of dowry which the latter’s father will demand.  Murali gets haywire listening to this and goes to his father and blackmails him saying that if he doesn’t agree for this marriage he will commit suicide mentioning his father’s name!

Aadhi Seshayya becomes helpless with this sort of threat and is forced to visit Lakshmi’s residence to speak about the marriage with Murali. Just like how time is not the same  every  moment, this time the upper hand shifts to Lakshmi’s  father.  He politely says he cannot give any dowry or extra gifts which Aadhi Seshayya usually demands and also says he will not compel or request him to give Lakshmi in marriage to such house.

But Mr.Aadhi  Seshayya knows he has to agree even for marriage in free because his son is at stake this time! Though blackmailing is against law and is not a good attitude to show up with, but Vishwanath shows it in such a wonderful way that we feel that is the best way to tame people like Aadhi Seshayya and get rid of their craze for money!

Just as the story is going to a culmination point, Sujatha starts admiring Murthy for what he is and even falls in love with the lively atmosphere he has created for her. This was what all she yearned for where there is no topic of money but only simple yet briliant happy moments! She falls in love with Murthy and Vishwanath sir shows this in such a musically artistic manner which still intrigues me!

Usually Telugu Films have the Herione dressed up in a quite unusual costume (Of course!Its a dream an she can dress unlike her real self- a marvel like Inception was not released that time yet!)  and sings in some nice (According to her) location preferably Ooty, Kodaikanal or a foreign location (That started mainly in 90s!) . But here, Sujatha makes us realize a wonderful fact that one person can dream while doing the day-to-day work also! And it is not really necessary to imagine some unknown places for this purpose!

The picturization of the dream song “Marugelara” ( A popular Thyagaraja Krithi) sung extraordinarily by S.Janaki is a proof for this! Watch out for the beautiful portrayal of love by Sujatha!

But Murthy being unaware of this fact due to the extreme admiration and respect he holds for Sujatha plans to get her married to the Allywn director himself. The relationship between Sujatha and Murthy was not at all crafted like a passionate love story but with a strong foundation of tremendous respect. This makes Sujatha silent about the issue and not until the climax of the film Murthy comes to know about it.

The foundation for eternal love is respect- Another wonderful point made by Vishwanath in this film!

As the climax arrives, Sujatha’s parents also realize the worth of what she did and welcome her to their family with open arms. They also feel apologetic towards Murthy for being so rude to him and when Sujatha’s father comes to know about whom Sujatha really loved and admired, he gives away Sujatha in a happy marriage to Murthy!

Subhalekha – An excellent film with brilliant performances by Chiranjeevi, Sumalatha, Tulasi,Subhalekha Sudhakar, and not to forget the great Satyanarayana who played the bad guy so perfectly!

K.V.Mahadevan for giving though provokingly excellent music suitable to the theme of the film!

A film which makes audience re-think about the attitude towards Social Evils and how we treat the inferiors around in day-to-day life..

A film which shows the beauty of simple things in life..

A fim which re assures any woman about being self-confident and self-reliant no matter how many troubles come in between!

All in all, a beautiful and thought provoking film from the KaLa Tapasvi – The gentleman who changed the face of Telugu Cinema in the late 70s!

Marapuraani Chitralu offers a tribute to the most important trait a person should have- Indivuality and Self-respect, which was shown in a crystal clear way in this film!


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