Action and Adventure series is here- Introduction to the daring director Ram Gopal Varma!

The person named Ram Gopal Varma needs no introduction- either in the Telugu Cinema or in the National Level of Film-Making. Whether it is the craze of his blogs, or what he speaks in the media, or the “different” (People who watched his films would know how different this different word means to this director!) way of taking a scene or a frame, or his adamant nature in following his way of life…the list will sure go beyond the scope of this post!

The current scenario knows about what Ram Gopal Varma is- thanks to the enormous fan-following he has after entering the Hindi Films and establishing his own Production “Factory”.  But how did this person evolve from a curious young guy with casual dressing and spectacles to almost an influence called Ramu-ism in the present times?  It is really an interesting story and quite inspiring one too!

I call this an interesting story not because Ram Gopal Varma achieved what he wanted by beating out some hundreds of similarly talented people of his age- I know nothing of it. But his journey is something which makes us believe if a person has the right passion and dedication for something, he/she will surely attain a top position in the same!

A person from completely non-film background, Varma’s sole interest in life even as a youngster was to watch and analyze films at a crazy extent! Right from his teen years to his Engineering days in Siddhartha College, Vijayawada…his passion was Movies, Movies and Movies! He watched films with his uncle in the early days and as he grew up his friends became his companions for film watching! According to what he himself writes in his blog, he used to discuss about films from Hollywood as well as Indian films at a very different perspective and with lot of zeal.

But what is so special in his film-making? An ordinary film-goer might feel his films just have excessive violence, and only one female actress going on for a handful of films, or his films speak of his arrogance.

Nevertheless, there are many interesting points in his style of film making which made people like Krishna Vamshi, Teja, Gunasekhar become directors of their own stamp after working for Varma initially as assistant directors!

Some of the interesting points in his film-making (which I find quite pronounced) are:

1. The way Camera is used: Unlike films from 80s (When Varma entered the Telugu Cinema) where the Camera was static for most of the scenes, Varma used his own style of Camera-Work which could tingle the Audience’s senses. The impact of the scene was enhanced with the unique use of Camera work he utilizes in his films.

2. Characters: The Characters in Varma’s films are very much close to the real world. The comedy looks as if it is not a comedy at all, but a usual scene which is looking comical depending on how the characters take it! In short it is called as indirect comedy where the situation creates the comedy instead of inserting a comedy track between the main story of the film! In some films, even the main protagonists look extremely funny (Example: Sridevi in Varma’s eternal hit Kshana Kshanam- Analysis of this film coming up soon!)  in certain scenes based on the story.

3. Treatment of Action and Adventure Scenes:  Varma created a trend in the way action or adventure scenes were shot. A murder looks quite calm and silent unlike the films of 80s where there will be a heavy Background score and the person being killed screaming out of pain. But the Varma villain is very “cool” in that sense because he avoids the disturbance in the surroundings most of the time!

Adventure scenes are a treat to watch in his films as there will be interesting chase sequences and along with that, the reactions of the characters make the scene much more enjoyable and lively!

4. Usage of Music: Varma’s use of Music/Background score in films might look like minimal but he is extremely clever in getting what is absolutely necessary for the film. Maybe this is the reason why the audience cannot forget songs like “Botany Paatam” from his first film Shiva,” Alupannadhi Undha” from Gayam,  “Jaamurathiri” from Kshana Kshanam and “Andhama Andhuma” from Govinda Govinda.  The Phenomenal music along with the power of the situation goes hand in hand with Varma’s films!

More such factors and the in-depth way in which Varma takes films will be discussed when each of his films are analyzed in detail..

Me along with my friend Deepti take great pleasure in starting the new dimension to Marapuraani Chitralu- Action and Adventure by introduction of Ram Gopal Varma- a daring personality who began a different trend in Telugu Cinema right from his first film Shiva released in 1989, a huge blockbuster!

The best and the best of the best is yet to come by in the coming posts!


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