Choopulu Kalasina Subhavela- Comedy Unlimited- Part 1

Disclaimer: I wanted to start off with a Ram Gopal Varma’s film to give a different touch to our film blog but after watching this excellent film Chupulu Kalasina Subhavela recently at depth I revisit the Jandhyala’s Comedy Series not only for my pleasure but also for the unlimited laughter for viewers as well the readers of this blog! Will surely explore the other dimensions of Telugu Cinema once the power of Jandhyala is explored a little more further- through the discussion of this film!

Today’s Telugu Cinema generally has  Comedy in a separate track and the main story as one separate track. In short the comedy in most of the films (Except for few films for which dialogues were written by Trivikram)  is confined to the ace comedy actors but not for the main protagonists in the film. Though this is a unique way of making  a film, at one point of time the films look “formula” based and predictable which makes the viewer stay away from such films or even revisit the film after few years of its release!

Thanks to the Hasya Brahma Jandhaya we still have some ultimate comedy movies back from 80s where the comedy is there in every aspect of the film- Right from the characterizations of the main characters as well as the supporting cast! The tremendous timing in his films is extremely hilarious and we feel like reminiscing some dialogues/scenes at some part of our day to day lives!

Jandhyala’s films have created a wave in the Comedy Era of Telugu Cinema not only through the power of dialogues but also by the peculiar and unforgettable characterization which are unbelievably simple!

The Simplicity and fresh honesty of Jandhyala’s films makes us remember these films all over again and make us proud that he is from the Telugu Film Era!

Just to remember the great gentleman’s work, I would like to start my take on one of the most hilarious films I ever watched “Chupulu Kalasina Subhavela”  from this Hasya Brahma and his team! The problem (or pleasure?) with Jandhyala’s films is- where shall I start describing about each of his films? If every bit of the movie is brimming with Comedy and when the viewer doesn’t have the gap to even laugh heartily for one particular scene, it is indeed very difficult but this difficulty is pleasure!

By reading this post the reader might feel this film might get the misleading idea that the film has no message but only entertaining in the comedy sense. But the beauty of this film is it explains the importance of the marriage system and how the individuals are supposed to be , along with the rich family values which we have in India!

How the ultimate comedy and this thought-provoking message is connected will be evident as my posts unfold each aspect from this film!

The storyline of the film revolves around a bunch of characters along with their individualistic qualities.  To begin with, there is a huge industralist named Gundu Pandu Ranga Rao ( Sutthi Veera Bhadra Rao at his best again- unfortunately his last film) who has an eccentric habit of walking for extremely long distances as he believes walking is very good for health. I call this eccentric not because he walks by himself- that is alright. But the worrisome ( and extremely comical) thing is he makes the people who come to meet him also walk along with him for tens of kilometers to the outskirts of the city and then return from there by car ( His car along with his queer Personal Assisant Subhrahmanyam played by Brahmanandam- more of this later will follow them in this course!) .  Posting the video which shows one such incidents where a poor guy gets a shock from Pandu Ranga Rao in a “walking” style where the former comes to the latter’s house in search of a job.

To really understand the tremendous power of comedy sense in Jandhyala’s films is just in the scene itself too- apart from the rocking Comedy dialogues we have!

Coming back to the storyline, Pandu Ranga Rao is very fond of his adopted daughter Padma (Ashwini) who is his brother’s (Nutan Prasad) daughter. Naga Lingam (Nutan Prasad) on the other hand is an interesting gentleman who hates Love Marriages and tries to check on his brother’s family just to make sure Padma will not fall into the Love Marriage trap. He does this by coming in various attires throughout the film at various situations which make the viewer lose all the wits and go on laugh continuously!

On the right track, Pandu Ranga Rao plans to fix an  alliance to Padma with Anand Mohan ‘s(Mohan- in a different role!) friend Thyagaraju (Ashok Kumar) . Anand incidentally works under Pandu Ranga Rao as manager who knows the knack of dealing well with his boss- evident throughout the film!

Padma on the other hand is an individualistic person who strongly feels she cannot accept a person as life partner who is chosen by her parents and also expects certain special qualities from her Mr. Right. She happens to meet Anand on this regard and conveys this message strongly to him. Anand gets impressed with the individual nature as well as the overall personality of Padma and falls in love with her.

Another impotrant character to be discussed here is Anand’s father Guru Natham (Kota Srinivasa Rao’s most unique role till date) . Guru Natham is uniquely stubborn to use Telugu words for even the common words for which people use English words in this modern era! Being from a royal family, he expects his son to learn to ride a Horse along with speaking in proper Telugu (according to his standards- which cannot be matched by the current generation even for a second!) .

In order to get a taste of the richness in Telugu which Guru Natham uses, watch this video from 2:29 min for the brilliant and amazing comedy excellence! Also watch Naga Lingam’s Parrot Astrology attire just after this scene for the path breaking dialogue delivery!!

Some of the words used by Guru Natham:

Ushnagrahakaghatam- Boiler (Used for heating water for bath)

Ashwamunu Adhirohinchuta- Horse Riding

Watch out my further posts for more such interesting words used by this wonderful gentleman!

We need to revisit this film as a reference dictionary to use grandhika as well as Telugu words for even the technologically advanced things which we have now- overcoming the excuse that Telugu has no words for the current inventions/discoveries! In fact I even heard a pure Telugu word for Laptop (Ankopari!)

Jandhyala is a director with not only comedy sense but also with excellent Musical sense as quoted in my previous post while discussing Babai Abbai film.  The wonderful duet “Ninna Monna” from this film is still remembered to be one of the soothing melodies from the 80s era- with music by the brilliant and melodious duo- Rajan- Nagendra!

Before the extreme comedy is cherised and experienced in full, it is time to give a pause to this laughter- only to make the readers get prepared for many more briliant characters, situations, dialogues from this marvel!

By ending the part 1 of this post, I strongly hope more laughter, happiness and positivity prevail all among us without any differences or hostilities!

Thanking Jandhyala and his team for giving us a medium to appreciate not only the beauty of Telugu Language but also how far the comedy dimension can go!

Stay tuned for the further parts in Marapuraani Chitralu!


One thought on “Choopulu Kalasina Subhavela- Comedy Unlimited- Part 1

  1. aaha, bahu pasanduganunnadi mee ee krushi.

    ‘chatuschakra sakata nivaasa sthanamu’ , ‘uttara purushudu’ ‘godhuma varna ushnidakamu’ , vanti bheshaina padajaalamulanu etlu maruvagalamu? ee chitramu kanchina konni dinamula varakunu maa gruhamunaku, telugu talli aavahinchi, maa andari che tenelooru teta telugu palikinchanadi. konni padaalu sphrurimpaka, nighantuvulu kooda tiragaveyavalasina avasaramu erpadinadi.

    bhesh bhesh.. nirvighnamugaa ee yagnamu konasaagincha valenani maa vinnapamu

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