Laughter Prevails- Choopulu Kalasina Subhavela Part 2

In the part 1 of Choopulu Kalasina Subhavela film, we have seen some of the main characters and about the brief storyline about the film. The tremendous comedy sense of Jandhayala through excellent characters was also touched in brief.

While part 1 enthralled with some entertaining lines, Part 2 comes up here without any delay where the amazing capability of Jandhyala in excelling a Comedy Film with the introduction of few more characters!

It so happens that our dear Hero Anand (Mohan) gets a letter from his close friend Prasad (Naresh) who is quite an unlucky person in life. His misfortune mainly occurs due to his excessive innocence and not able to be clever enough to deal with people.  As a result of this lack of practicality, he gets into deep debts and trouble.  To strike the obvious, he feels there is no other go except to commit suicide. He mentions the same in the letter written to Anand which is given by his Telugu-Obsessed father who calls Post Man as Uttara Purushudu ( Remember the statement which was made in part 1 that I would be giving more Grandhika Telugu words for the usual English words we use in daily life!).

Anand gets shocked reading this letter and starts off to Nandigama ( Prasad’s hometown) in order to rescue his friend.  Reading the previous and this paragraph the reader will obviously feel the film is going to the “serious” state and how come it is classified under Comedy genre!

The genius of Jandhyala is seen where comedy is shown at ease even with a deeply dejected character like Prasad! While Anand is on the way to rescue Prasad, the latter tries different methods in order to commit suicide and fails in each case!  When he tries to die by getting a current shock, the power cut occurs! And when he tries to die by hanging himself, the gallows break!

Prasad feels utterly dejected even with this because he feels he is unlucky even regarding death! Unable to bear the torment, he gets at least 50 sleeping tablets from a shop and swallows them in his room. Anand comes off in time and rescues Prasad.  The viewer wonders how come Prasad speaks normally despite having so many sleeping tablets. But the funny part is where Prasad is given peppermints instead of sleeping tablets because no medical shop person is authorized to give so many sleeping tablets at once!!

When Prasad is rescued by Anand , the conversation goes on this way:

Prasad :  “Orey …nuvvu kooda vacchesava” (Apparently thinking he is already dead and they are near the gates of Heaven/Hell)

“Hey!You also came here?”

Anand:  “Ippude Bus ki vacchanu ra “

“Yes..I came by Bus”

Prasad : “Oho..Ee Madhya ikkadaki Buses kooda vesaranamata..vatini RTC vaalle Naduputhunnara? Ounu le..papalu perigi rojuki lakshalu lekkana pothunnaru janam”

“Oh…there is bus service as well to  here? RTC people are only running them? sounds there are so many sins increasing and everyday so many people are dying!”

Only Jandhyala can think of innovative ideas like this and can execute a comedy scene in such a serious situation like suicide/death!

Prasad uses another funny way of describing his fate saying “Naa brathuku ila taalam leni inapette aipoyindhi”

“My life has become like a treasure box without a key!

These sort of phenomenal lines from Jandhyala make me realize that there is no place/aspect/situation/incident in life where comedy doesn’t exist!

Seeing the sad situation of Prasad, Anand takes him to his house assuring him that he will be getting a good job in his office itself. Prasad feels happy for a moment as things are turning out good for him and the unlucky jinx is fading away! Little he knew that he would walk minimum 35 kms with his new boss Gundu Pandu Ranga Rao!  This time Jandhyala uses some philosophically comic lines which describes the walking madness of our Champion in walking- Pandu Ranga Rao!  The lines are over here:

“Aasalu manishi jeevithame nadaka kadhayya…uyyala nunchi smashanam daaka unde nadake jeevitham..Puriti mancham nunchi pudakala chithi daaka unde nadake jeevitham!”

“Actually the life of human being itself is a walk! A walk from cradle to graveyeard is life..A walk from delivery bed to the dead body fire is life!”

This sounds absolutely crazy for the normal viewer but we can strongly understand the walking obsession which our dear Pandu Ranga Rao has!

Despite the trouble and disappointment of Prasad about this, out of the insisting of Anand, he joins under Pandu Ranga Rao.

Off the topic, the word used by Kota for Bus Stand is Chauschakrashakatanivasam ( Flabbergasted?That is the power of Telugu!)

Meanwhile, Prasad tries to think of strategies about how to avoid walking business with his boss with Anand. Initially he thinks of locking off the office door so that walking will be avoided. But the most hilarious reaction which he gets is that, the great boss makes Prasad walk within the room itself!

Determined to find a strategy, Prasad advises to make the boss injure his leg so that he cannot walk..but the result is the great walking boss goes around in wheelchair  for  long distances!

Watch the whole hilarious episode where all the above mentioned scenes can be seen!

After some funny circumstances where Prasad is forced to tell about the love story of Anand and Padma to his boss, surprisingly Pandu Ranga Rao readily agrees for the alliance. This angers his brother Nagalingam (Nutan Prasad) who is dead against Love Marriages and he cannot digest the fact that his own daughter is going to fall in the Love Marriage trap. Nagalingam gets so furious that he decides to divide the property between him and his brother and at a point he even decides that their mother should stay for some time in his place and some time in his brother’s house. This scene is very touching as we can feel the agony of a mother who watches his sons getting split but also think of her as some commodity.

What happens next? To what turns the story turns out to be? And what happens to Prasad?

Will be coming in the next part of Choopulu Kalasina Subhavela Post!


One thought on “Laughter Prevails- Choopulu Kalasina Subhavela Part 2

  1. It was only Jhandyala in Telugu cinema (except a few other, but not to his extent) who brought a star status to comedy genre in Teluge cinema without any double meaning dlgs etc. For sure most of his films are unforgetable (marupuranivi).

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