Laughter Prevails Even More- Choopulu Kalasina Subhavela Part 3

By the end of Part 2 of this amazing posts on this phenomenal film, we have seen the opinion difference and split between two brothers Panduranga Rao (Sutthi Veerabhadra Rao) and Naga Lingam ( Nutan Prasad) on the issue of Padma’s (Ashwini) love marriage to Anand (Mohan). Guru Natham ( Kota Srinivasa Rao) gets highly upset listening to this news as he is a person who gives utmost importance to family values and togetherness along with his obsession  with Telugu Language! He advises his son Anand and his friend Prasad (Naresh) to devise a plan and make sure that the separated brothers get united and their family restores their peace.

Before getting into the actual story of how our dear heroes make a plan in bringing a change in opinion about love marriages in Naga Lingam (Nutan Prasad), it is time to look at another interesting character Subrahmanyam (by the amazing Brahmanandam!) who is the personal secretary to Panduranga Rao!

Which sort of comedy can be called eternal? Lively? Evergreen? It is such comedy where the characters do no act in the intention of making the audience laugh but an extreme real life situation which sounds phenomenally comical for the audience to watch! And what if the characters look and behave so naturally as if they are our friends or neighbors next door?

This is perhaps one of the best reasons why we admire Jandhyala’s films and dialogues where the characters are so beautifully crafted with utmost care and the characters look so real and amazing to watch every second of their presence!

Subhramanyam is one such amazing and memorable characters in Telugu Cinema where he never fails the audience to laugh their wits out with his peculiar mannerisms and his breathtaking innocence!!But what is so funny about his mannerisms? To know about that, we need to see what is the main problem for this poor guy!!

Generally every person has certain weakness or an inclination towards some interesting thing in their life. Let it be food, clothes, Music, or Talkativeness! People like these make us watch a film not only entertaining but also think of which  is our most beloved interest/weakness in life! Subrahmanyam is one such person where his weakness is food! But the extreme twist here is this guy is curiously interested in what other people eat as well! Not stopping over there, he even makes weird sounds and relishes as if he himself is eating the food which makes the other person highly embarrassed!

Subhramanyam’s grandmother is highly worried about this nature of his and wants to get him married for a suitable girl as soon as possible! She initially tries to cover up this weird habit of his during the alliance interaction but every time or other the problematic thing comes out! Watch one such excellent scene where Subrahmanyam goes for an alliance with his grandmother and becomes fool in return due to his food weakness! This is the scene where he finds his ideal match Mandodhari so perfectly where she also is totally into this Gourmet style conversations! The actor is none other than Srilakshmi!


Mandodhari has an interesting tag word which she uses at every word “Aha Naa Raja” which is so amazing to hear from her! Some of the food combinations which she discusses along with Subhramanyam are “Maagaya lo Meegada Perugu”, ” Naana Bettina Vadapappu”, ” Avakaya lo Kandhi Podi”  and so on!! These combinations turn out to be the trademark of cuisine in AP which were used tremendously by Jandhyala!

Seeing their tastes match, Subrahmanyam and Mandodhari get married and have a look at their conversation after they get married which goes non-stop hilarious for the viewer!!

Really indebted to Jandhyala for mentioning about the richness of AP cuisine which is like the heart beat of the Culture which exists!!

Coming to the main storyline of the film, our dear hero Prasad (Naresh) has a very funny and interesting love story with a girl Lalitha (Help needed for this actor’s name!)  who arrives in his town when he used to work as a cycle repair person.  They happen to become good friends and when the time comes for Prasad to confess his love to Lalitha, a funny astrologer ( Sutthi Velu!) advises him not to discuss about his love to anybody except the girl first..otherwise his love will be a failure!This advise creates so many problems to Prasad that Lalitha even imagines at one point in the film that he is in love with Padma! Poor Prasad blames his ill fate for all this and finally confesses this astrologer advise as well as his love chapter to his dear friend Anand! The rest of the film is about how the two lead pairs come together and become successful in love and prove Love Marriage hater Naga Lingam wrong!

On the course of their plan,  Padma acts as if she is having compatibility problems with Anand and says that only due to love marriage such problems are occuring. Naga Lingam gets pleased with this but nevertheless he has his own misgivings about the sincerity in these opinions!  Some of the funniest lines Naga Lingam uses is..

” Aadadhi Atom Bomb oke lanti vallu..vaalla tappuni Kappi pucchukovalani chustharu”

“Woman and Atom Bomb are similar..they try to cover up their mistakes everytime!”

Anand gives a superb counter for this sentence saying :

“Magadu Marri Chettu Oke Lanti vaallu…Anni bharinchalsindhe”

“Man and a Banyan Tree are similar..should bear everything!”

Some other sentences which Naga Lingam uses are:

“Manchithanam Manchi Neellu oka lantive…avasaramainappudu Dorakavu”

” Goodwill and drinking water are similar…they are not available when needed!”

This time Naga Lingam comes in a Cabulliwallah attire in order to test the credibility of Anand and Padma, and this in my opinion is one of the most hilarious scenes in the film! Let it be the awesome dialogue delivery, or the style he hums “Din E Lahi..Bismilahi” this scene is worth watching than reading in my description!!

watch the scene from 0 :25 of the above mentioned video for never ending laughter!

The movie finally ends with realization of not only good family values but also that good attitude is what matters for a healthy marriage but not the way in which a couple gets married! The movie flows at a phenomenal pace and watch out for some excellent songs as well with music by the brilliant duo Rajan-Nagendra!

Off the topic, Keeping to the promise of mentioning more Pure Telugu Words used by Guru Natham ( Kota Srinivasa Rao) the Telugu Word he uses for Coffee is Nisivarnodhakam!! Watch this post edits for more such Telugu words every now and then from now!


We are highly overwhelmed with the response we are getting for this blog and the appreciation given will only make us work out more and more about excellence in Telugu Cinema and we will continue trying our best in giving only the best from the Telugu Cinema- a highly inspiring medium!


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