Kshana Kshanam- The Adventure and Chase Begins here- Part 1

What makes life more worth living? What makes it more exciting to look for every next moment which a person faces? When do we really start exploring the world outside as well as the worth within ourselves?

Though these questions sound utterly random at the first glance,they are interconnected- at least through the film which I am going to talk about now! It is always said that Life becomes worth living when we don’t know what will happen next and how a certain course of events change a person’s life to such an enthralling extent!  At times I get a thought that if at all we know our future beforehand, the thrill factor and the ups and downs of life will be missing- which is the beauty of living!

One such film which showed exactly what adventure means to a common person was made by the daring director Ram Gopal Varma just when the blooming 90s era began in India- in the compact sense, in AP! No, I am not talking about his breakthrough movie Shiva which was made in 1989 instead! It is needless to say that Shiva still remains to be the best in Varma’s career but there is another marvel from this gentleman which can never be forgotten  by every Telugu person (Whether a movie buff or not) for the excitement and class it offered!!

Yes, the film is none other than Kshana Kshanam which was a milestone in Varma’s career not only as a director but also as a writer who can infest various contrasting elements such as Comedy, Violence, Adventure, Fun and tremendous Entertainment- in a single package lasting for about two hours!

Until the time of this film’s release, Telugu Cinema was in a trend like manner where only the hero or the female protagonist (This also in very rare cases!) get an opportunity to perform adventures, or encounter such situations which the common person can never even dream of in their real lives! But the beauty of Kshana Kshanam is that- a girl-next-door, who has no problem at all in life (Except for the silliest problems in job or from the neighbors) happens to get into an unimaginable circumstances which can be never even dreamt in her wildest of her dreams!  The viewer in short will feel so tingled by such sequences imagining him/herself what would they do if they fall into such “Black Hole” sort of situation in life!

I personally feel this is one of the prime reasons for which Kshana Kshanam is still remembered and will be remembered by every Telugu Cine-Goer- in short, there is nothing which looks flawed or unnatural in this film (Except for very very very few unavoidable cinematic scenes!) .

Being a huge fan of Varma’s earlier works (80s till mid 90s) I am feeling highly privileged to write about Kshana Kshanam in our blog Marapuraani Chitralu- tribute to Excellence in Telugu Cinema!

The film begins with a Bank Robbery incident which is planned in a very Varma- ish manner where extreme darkness was made use at the best manner and silent murders are done by the bank robbers! The whole scene looks so chilly and breathtaking making us feel like we are watching a Bank Robbery in Live Telecast!

The first impression which we get about the film with this scene is- “Oh my goodness this is out-and-out a crime movie!” but the viewer will be thoroughly mistaken when we see the next scene- during morning hours where we get introduced to our main character of the film- Satya (Played at her tremendous best by Sridevi!) . No, the introduction scene doesn’t have the heroine dressed in bright costume or singing along at her heart’s content like in our regular Telugu Films! The scene starts with the phone call which Satya gets from her mother and a very happy-go-lucky conversation of the latter in a very lazy tone!

In short, Varma establishes the lifestyle of Satya in just a scene less than a minute-which shows she is just like somebody whom we talk either in marketplace, office or in a train journey!

We also see the amazing acting capability and grace of Sridevi in just this scene- this doesn’t mean that the film is devoid of grace in the rest of the film!Sridevi brims with liveliness and grace along with breathtaking innocence with a tinge of mischiviousness- all in a single person- Satya!

Watch the video below which shows Satya’s happy life with little cribs in brief from the master director Varma!

While Satya is skin deep in her own troubles from the over-curious neighbour and her over-strict boss who chides her for coming late to office (The reaction which Satya gives after the chiding is phenomenal-which is present in the video posted above!) , one of the robberers in the bank robbery  plan named Narayana performs treachery on the group and run away with the sum of 1 crore rupees which was snatched.

When the head of the robbery group (Played by Paresh Rawal- who happened to dub his own voice- at comical and prodigious perfection!) comes to know about this, they try to anticipate who would be knowing about the thief traitor’s whereabouts!  One of his assistants suggests that the traitor’s friend runs a Photo Studio who can be knowing about the money!

Just because I said Paresh Rawal sounds comical in speech for this character doesn’t mean he isnt deadly! He is such a cold blooded criminal that he can commit a murder even without making a second thought before he does! This nature of his is clearly seen in his introduction scene itself- thanks to the genius of thought from Ram Gopal Varma!

But what has this got to do with our dear female lead Satya? Coming to the exact point, she happens to give her passport photos in the same studio where these robbery gang plans to arrive and inquire about the lost money!

Satya- who is unaware of the circumstances which she is going to face in coming hours, bunks the office coolly and heads to the Photo Studio- obviously unaware of what happens next!

The viewer will be immediately bombarded with this question- Where is the hero!!! This is a Telugu Film after all!

What happens next and how things unfold..to be continued in next post!

2 thoughts on “Kshana Kshanam- The Adventure and Chase Begins here- Part 1

  1. Good article. Ramu dared to put an introduction scene of hero after 20 minutes passed. The film is a gem. But sadly, its remake was such a du(a)d.

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