Unexpected Situations, Forest,Chase and Entertainment: Kshana Kshanam- Part 2

Disclaimer: Another lengthy post- but promisingly informative and entertaining!

In the first part of this promising entertainer, we have seen how Satya’s life is almost near the edge where a breakthrough surprise awaits for her and the brilliance in the villany of Paresh Rawal as the comically scary personality! Also, the  amazing capability of Ram Gopal Varma as a film maker as well as a story teller was briefly spoken about. But I am afraid (Or  am I delighted?..looks more like the latter!) that the real story beings when Satya casually comes over to the Photo Studio to collect the photos. At  the same time Paresh Rawal interrogates the studio owner inside the dark room about the whereabouts of the money which were stolen with such a crisp plan.

At one moment in this scene the audience will surely feel Satya will witness this interrogation but at the next frame she is attended by another worker in the Photo Studio and she goes off coolly with the envelope- which has her passport photos (The cover also has the paper which has the whereabouts of the stolen money!).

Satya comes over to the house in an auto, who demands her extra fare (Which happens even now!) in typical Hyderabadi Hindi (Which has Urdu as well as Telugu mixture!) which makes Satya hilariously angry! To her strength and minimal knowledge in the Hyderabadi slang of Hindi she tries to argue with the auto wala! The scene is so funny that I am finding it hard to describe in words!  She argues for less an a minute and when the auto wala becomes a little overboard, she immidiately realizes its of no use and starts giving empty threats! This scene makes the audience realize the current state of many of the common public- where we want to fight/argue something which we know is wrong- but give up seeing the diffidence of the opponent- here the case being the autowala!

Well,well..I am coming to the hero’s introduction now! If you visualize it being a good introduction song where the Hero dances with some really talented group dancers and sing about how “morally” one should live ( Songs coming in this sequence are bound to be hit- According to the Telugu Film Experts!) – you would be thoroughly mistaken!  We see the hero Chandu (Venkatesh- when he didn’t have the tagline Victory attached to him by then!) chases over a group of theives over the streets of Sultan Bazar( These scenes are utterly authentic to watch!) and we feel- “Our hero is such a great guy! Displayed heroics in the first scene itself!” . Immidiately after the chase, we come to know that our hero is a theif in disguise of Police- just being smart enough to be one Cop!

Watch the Satya- Auto wala argument scene as well as Chandu’s introduction scene in the below link:

In the mean time, Satya’s irritating neighbour starts making a conversation with her again and by great difficulty she escapes this marathon of words! But when she doesn’t realize that she was being tailed until she reaches her apartment! The stranger questions her about a cover which sadly she is unaware of! After a little action-packed scenes Satya stabs the stranger by accident and when she was utterly shocked by what has just happened, the stranger gets killed by another knife which was used by an unknown person (both to Satya and to the audience!) . The action content in these scenes are too hard to describe-hence I leave it to the reader to watch and enjoy in the film instead!

Satya is utterly flabbergasted with the account of recent events, and her neighbour even complains the police about the murder (This is what some neighbours are for! Speak sweetly when in good times and first to throw in trouble when in bad times!). Completely clueless of what to do, she escapes from the apartment searching out for a place where she can make a phone call (No Cell Phones during that era- and life was much simpler wasn’t it?- But in emergency situations like which Satya is in one now- Cell Phone would save the day!) .

Extremely panicked and worried, Satya finds some relief when she gets into an Irani Café and finds a telephone to call her friend in office. But little she does know that her conversation gets tapped by the Police in which she even tells the café’s name innocently! Apparently relieved after informing her friend about the problem she is in- she lands into another one! This problem is in the form of some goons who try to tease her (Being their obvious selves!) . Chandu, also being in the same café, comes to rescue Satya (Now, this is what I call cinematic! But it’s a pleasure to watch Sridevi and Venkatesh together for the first time in the film!) .

The café atmosphere (Which is like the heartbeat of Hyderabad culture- where people stay for hours together with a single tea and samosa/Moon shaped biscuits!), the goons as well as the minimal usage of dialogues in this particular scene is enough to tell why Kshana Kshanam is one of the most remembered films in Telugu Cinema!

Satya- feels tremendously relieved with the support she got from Chandu’s rescue and starts thanking the latter non-stop even without listening to what he says!

Right on time, the Police arrives at the café in order to arrest Satya in the crime of Murder. But Chandu goes thouroughly mistaken thinking that they came to arrest him (for the petty robbery) instead and grabs Satya by hand and takes her away in a breathtaking chase! This chase sequence is like a trademark for Varma’s films, where we see lot of local atmosphere which is so unique to Hyderabad life where street processions go on in the middle of the road!

A very special mention is needed for the brilliant M.M.Keeravani here. His score for this film (For both the background score and the songs- the latter would be described in the right context!) has been one of his career bests and he created amazing impact on the audience with minimal instrument usage and excellent sound clarity as well!

The audience will rightly observe that till now there hasn’t been a proper conversation between Satya and Chandu till this point of the film! On the course of the chase, they both get trapped into a forest area and hide from the police in a trap used for hunting animals. Once they clear off, Satya is the first person who wants to come out of the pit and quite being her individual self, she opposes Chandu’s attempt in helping her out! Quite predictably, she fails to get out and falls back into the pit. The scene is shown so brilliantly where the sound of falling only is used- and the actual scene is reflected in Chandu’s facial expression instead!

Learning her lesson, Satya takes Chandu’s help this time and both of them finally come out of the trap!  (The Background score for this scene is another highlight for the film!)

Now, Satya gets the most obvious doubt which was running through her mind right from the beginning of the chase.  She asks Chandu why he started running away when he saw the Police! Completely convinced that he should better admit the truth about he being the thief- he confesses the same. But seeing the shocked reaction of Satya ( Amazing expressions by Sridevi- she looks fabulous throughout the film!) he converts it into a funny story saying that he had to become a theif due to family troubles in childhood and from then he was continuing the same (A very obvious story which is seen in many yesteryear Telugu/Hindi films!) .

Satya gets the same doubt as we audience do! She innocently says she is able to remember the story even before he says and she saw such film recently! Chandu gets furious (Which again is acting!) and says he shouldn’t have shared his problems with her!

Finally- Chandu’s  purpose is fulfilled- Satya believes that he is the Good-Thief( So called- Manchi Donga!)

Watch the scene in the following link from 1:20 where one can see the amazing brlliance of the lead actors as well as the breathtaking simplicity of RGV in handling this scene!

As night falls by, Satya- just like any other common person we can find in daily life, gets nervous about the stay in Forest. She gets so scared that she starts crying and yelling (in a very sweet manner!) at Chandu saying why to bring her to a Forest! She gets too upset and tries to sleep- but becomes unsuccessful! Unable to find the right words to comfort Satya- Our dear Chandu sings a wonderful melody “Jaamurathiri” in order to relax Satya. This song remains to be one of the most appreciated film songs in Telugu- by common goers as well as the elite!

The instruments used in the song reflect the fores t atmosphere- and the singing style of SPB is all the more amazing! Not  to forget the excellent lyrics by Sitarama Sastry sir about fear and how to deal with it as well!

The song does lot good to Satya- so much good that she starts singing in the end too!

Time for a break even for the readers now- More fun,adventure to come in Part 3!!

6 thoughts on “Unexpected Situations, Forest,Chase and Entertainment: Kshana Kshanam- Part 2

  1. Ah! A nice chronological sequence of narration. Going by the description of your scenes, I want to see how you would describe the ‘Brahmanandam’ scene. Going by the way you write, I would also want to see one of my all time favorite movies to be written on this blog 🙂

  2. Thanks Raviteja..for regularly following the posts in Marapuraani Chitralu!

    Thanks a lot Raghav garu 🙂 You are welcome to send your favourite list of movies so that it can help us also to cover them in time!!Encouragement from Telugu Movie fans like you would make me write much better as days pass by!

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