No Limit for Adventure, Situational Comedy and Action- Kshana Kshanam Part 3

Till part 2 of the post on the Enthralling Kshana Kshanam movie, we have seen Satya’s troubles slightly secured by Chandu’s presence and a wonderful nightfall song Jaamurathiri. The excellent story narration technique of Ram Gopal Varma already becomes evident by this part of the film. Instead of using heavy dialogues or sentimental scenes which were so much in vogue of films those days , he beautifully crafts the main protagonists characters with more of their reactions to various situations instead! The viewer definitely gets gripped to the film by now and wonders what really is going to happen next!

Forest is one of the most intriguing and complex form of nature ever discovered by human can be as calm and peaceful when left out but can get wild when disturbed too! Another characteristic aspect of Forests is the richness of wild animals along with the tribal groups who live in such hardened conditions. There is always something special and challenging to discover in Forest irrespective of the day and time one explores it! This is what makes Forest a beautiful hangout as well as a great place to narrate a story (Atleast according to Varma!) .

Varma makes it clear in his mind when Forest comes to picture for exploration! Showing the Forest as calm and peaceful during the night (in Jaamurathiri song), he apparently decides to make it little wild, funny, musical as well as adventurous in every respect as the film progresses by! Not to forget, our dear duo is being chased by Police men, as well as the treacherous criminal Paresh Rawal – while the former wants to catch the culprit of the murder which took place in Satya’s residence, the latter is in the chase for money!

The day falls by with the natural sounds of wild animals and rustling of leaves. Satya wakes up and realizes she is being stalked by a bear and immediately encounters a dreadful snake! The deadly nature of Forest was shown prodigiously by Varma in just few seconds of runtime!

While Satya and Chandu continue their journey in Forest, in hope of going to the city- Paresh Rawal gets comically scared looking at even a dead snake in the forest! Varma wonderfully shows a fact that even villain cannot be invincible- they do have their own weaknesses!

One of the most hilarious scenes in Telugu Cinema comes next- when Satya and Chandu cross a very old battered bridge in the Forest! Satya immediately gets scared (being truthful to her natural self!) and asks Chandu for reassurance about the sturdiness of the bridge. Chandu gets exasperated and gets carried away by his “guts” and coolly asks Satya to just keep her foot in the place he did while crossing the bridge and boom! It is Chandu who misses the step! The scene is tremendously funny partly due to the scene and mainly due to Satya’s brilliant reaction to what happened there! She bursts to laughter suddenly and again controls herself in order to not hurt the feelings of Chandu! This scene is worth watching anytime in the day and is an adventure lover’s delight!

Satya now watches a breathtaking vision of a forest water stream surrounded by chirping of birds and beautiful greenery. She launches herself to a melodious and slow tune describing about the beauty of nature ( Completely forgets to be scared for some time-  that is the beauty of nature!) . But Chandu (Being his cool self) says the song should have more pace so that it appeals to mass audience as well! This is Varma’s style of making audience connected to a song and he builds up the situation for a song so beautifully!!

The song which comes off now is quite unlike its predecessor- it is vibrant, eerie, paced up and foot tapping number! The choreography by one of the greatest dancers Indian Cinema has seen- Prabhu Deva is another asset for this song! Though the tribal loop which was used in the film was copied from a Western Song (Not sure whether its by Dr.Alban) , the nativity brought by the singers and the wonderful lyrics by Sitarama Sastry gives a new feel to the song!

Watch the fantastic song here for a bit of pace in our slowed down lives!

And now, it so happens that Paresh Rawal finally finds our dear duo ( in the backdrop of rain) and the scene where the former asks Satya to cover up her head because of rain makes the viewer wonder whether the villain is really villain at all! As our villain coldly asks about the whereabouts of one crore rupees, Satya is totally clueless about what is going on.

The dialogue delivery of Paresh Rawal oscillates between dreadfulness as well as funny. Chandu- who watches this discussion also wonders at one moment about who Satya really is- whether she is a bigger thief than he is! But nevertheless he rescues Satya from the gang and Varma- an ace personality in direction when action scenes are concerned, takes the front seat with a thrilling action sequence eventually leading to the escape of our duo yet again!

After a logical discussion between Satya and Chandu about why these people are following them- they come to a conclusion that some cover comes over to Satya from the Photo Studio which she went and now decides firmly on getting the lost cover from Satya’s apartment.

Coming out of the forest finally, Chandu steals the Jeep (Which is none other than Paresh Rawal’s) in typical GTA style ( A very famous video game where the hero steals a car as simply as he is going for a morning walk!) . The duo- apparently relieved of coming out from the Forest now hear a foot tapping rhythmic music in the stolen car- thereby going to the imagination song- “Andhanantha Ettha!” .The bubbliness of Sridevi and the brilliant dance moves in this song is one of the biggest assets for this song! The dance moves are made situationally funny and cool, and at the same time the tremendous of ease of chemistry between our duo!

Another wonderful aspect of this song is the postlude music which was in such rage those days! Varma must have gone so much fond of this style of song that he did the same for his further blockbuster film in Hindi- Rangeela as well. The percussions used for this music bit were at high quality those days and it drew much craze for the already brilliant song!

I always found RGVs style of comedy highly intriguing and has its own style. It doesn’t contain lots of dialogues or goes like a separate comedy track at all. It just goes with the flow and the comedy occurs in between the main protagonists (As mentioned before) and well, at times even with the regular comedians but with a different benchmark!

Satya and Chandu get so much in dirt on account of recent adventures in Forest that they decide to get some good clothes in a store at city. The owner of the shop is none other than Brahmanandam (A well-known face of Comedy in Telugu Cinema- Telugu people owe a lot to this gentleman!) who is very fussy about neatness and cleanliness as far as his dear shop is concerned. RGV shows this in a short scene where the co-worker keeps the place unclean and Brahmanandam preaches him about how neatly the shop has to be maintained as the customers who come to the shop are very tidy and affluent!

On the contrary, he watches Chandu and Satya coming in shabby clothes to the shop. One can imagine the plight of our shocked Brahmanandam and his expressions of horror by seeing them! He tries to stop them from coming to the shop but the shock for him comes from Satya who asks in English “We would like to see some casual wear!”. Such incidents are so common in real life till date where the salesman is helpless when the customer speaks such nice English!

The real trouble starts for Brahmanandam now as the duo starts off checking different outfits in the shop. The scene is so hilarious that whenever Satya tries to pick something in the shop it goes to disorder, leading to utter irritation for Brahmanandam! He tries to suppress all his irritation by saying “Nenu..Nenu..Nenu Pedathanu Kadha” ( Let me re-arrange it for you) whenever Satya drops some arranged dresses from the hangers! This scene became the most unforgettable comedy scenes ever in Telugu Cinema till date.

Watch the same in the link below!

After a little romantic interest propping up from Chandu’s side towards Satya after seeing the latter in a beautiful White dress , the duo hurry up to Satya’s residence in order to find the lost cover. The problem which arises now is that Satya’s house is guarded by policemen after the murder commenced there. Chandu devises a plan to get into Satya’s apartment by climbing off the balconies up to the top floor in a quite adventurous manner. As he does this in quite cool manner, Satya gets shocked when he asks her to come off doing the same. The expressions by Sridevi as Satya when he asks to climb up as its such an easy thing to do are priceless! The background score for this scene is another highlight – Thanks to the talented Keeravani.

Somehow with great difficulty Satya manages to climb to the backdoor of her apartment and the duo gets the mysterious cover as well. In the first look,Chandu doesn’t understand what the cover means as it looks like some Railway Cloak Room Receipt. Within less than a minute, he understands that the stolen money was kept in the Railway Cloak Room and with this receipt they can get hold of the money.

A wonderful dream song comes now which is brilliant in many respects. Let it be the wonderful music by Keeravani, sung by SPB and Sridevi herself, or the phenomenal lyrics of Sitarama Sastry explaining the wonders money can do, or the acting with graceful dance steps choreographed by Prabhu Deva again, this song even stands out for the location in which it was shot. It was none other than Bhaskara Palace ( CARE hospital now!) , a star luxury hotel during those days.The song goes off in a conversational way where the Satya asks about various aspects of Money and Chandu answers them in a musically literal manner. Some of such lines are..

Lakshmi Devi Swahastham Tho Santhakam Chesina Patram ( The paper which was signed by The Goddess Lakshmi Devi herself) when Satya asks what a Cheque Book is..

Aidhu Taarala Pootakoolla Illu..Makeup vesi maro bhasha lo Five Star Hotel antaru (  Wonderful telugu definition for Five Star hotel!)

Here is the link for the same for viewers and listeners delight!

After a little conflict between Chandu and Satya when the latter asks him to hand over the money to the Police as its robbed, and the former gets into a dilemma of what to do next, a beautiful train adventure and some brilliant action sequences lead the beautiful film to an end..Predictably, Chandu hands over the money to Police realizing that it is the right thing to do, the film ends in a truly royal manner with Satya and Chandu getting together!

Marapuaraani Chitralu remembers the wonderful team of Kshana Kshanam- RGV, Sridevi, Venkatesh, Paresh Rawal, Keeravani ,Sirivennela and every cast/crew member who worked on it for giving a great masterpiece in terms of Adventure and Fun films in telugu!

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