Aarya (Feel My Love) Part 1

Aarya..Feel My love was released back in 2004.After the much awaited release of Gangotri.which was a debut for Allu Arjun.he waited for a film which could make his acting skills more better he wanted to prove hes an all rounder.Just when he was waiting came Aarya…which was a rage among people with all ages.

The Movie also is a debut for Director Sukumar.who was confident about character Aarya as such.Aptly titled as Aarya..it is wholly about how the character attracts us as an audience.He is a Loved by one and all and yet he mesmerizes people who don’t like him too.. such is the beauty of this character.Until then Telugu Cinema has not seen or Heard of Such character.Not Nerdy,Not Funny,Not Psycho.But yes Totally Lovably Different.

As i go through the character (i don’t say the film cos the film revolves around the character) viewers can  reminisce the beauty of the scenes.The Magic begins!!

Wind breezes coolly over the beach..the sun is shining warmly ..and there in the midst of these is a girl playing with the slowly falling waves trying to touch her feet while she  moves back and forth. A diary whose pages are turning with the ruffle of the wind and making noise catches the girls attention.she come and takes the diary and reads  it..slowly..a poem written by someone catches her attention and she tries to complete it in her own style and leave it. this beautiful scene though i could describe it some how in my words is actually worth watching.for all you guys here.here’s the video

The girl(Geetha) along with her friends comes to Kanyakumari where she is standing on a bridge.some guys see her and like her instantly and vow that they would do anything for that girl.then accidentally one of her ‘patti’  falls into the water. her friend(Santhi) asks those guys to bring the ‘patti’ if they really like her but none of them dare it. A guy suddenly dives into water and Geetha feels sorry and after that there is no whereabouts about the ‘guy who fell for her patti’ in Kanyakumari.she keeps on thinking about him even after coming back to  college hostel how he unnecessarily put his life to risk.

Now the scene changes and here is where  our story begins..

Aarya is a happy Go Lucky Guy and makes friends instantly with his innovative behavior , smart techniques and Witty one liners.he helps them and in return makes every one happy around him. He joins the same college where Geeta and Ajay study.Ajay is MP’s Son who has quite powerful presence in the college.Geetha is a very simple good natured girl.

Aarya enters college when he is bowled by Geetha On the First Sight itself, where she is flanked by her friends who force her to say ‘I love you’ to Ajay who threatens to jump from the top of a college Building.Ajay wants Geetha as his girlfriend so that he can prove his friends that there is no girl who he cannot flirt with.Geetha  agrees to Ajay  cos she thinks she already made a guy lose his life cos of her in Kanyakumari and this time she can’t take it again. Ajay is happy and Aarya is amazed how could she do it? Ajay and Geetha start dating each other

The next day Aarya proposes Geetha with a Flower in Front of Ajay making him startled! Ajay’s Lieutenants ask Ajay to calm down and from then on starts Ajay and Aarya’s fight for Geetha.

Aarya convincingly manages to make others agree his point of view where once he asks Geetha’s friends to handover a letter to her and they reject. as Geetha already is seeing Ajay.

But he poses a question to one of her friends saying ‘Do u Like Taj mahal’? and he asks the same question to other girl and she says ‘yes’ so he asks when Both of them can like a same monument whats wrong in liking a girl.and thus he gets them onto his side. One day Ajay gets a call to go to Delhi for some competition.He gets tensed as he is aware of Aarya’s tactics and how he can become closer to Geetha. Aarya doesn’t stop his trials for Geetha. Geetha tells him that she’s already engaged to Ajay.who can hurt him if he comes to know about this.But Aarya tells that he wants her only to ‘feel His love’ for him and thus the Song ‘Feel My Love’ enters.which is a smooth sailing song where throughout he goes around Geetha trying to please her and make her feel his love once .This song was a sensation among youth that time the foot tapping cool music and the cool Moon walk steps by Bunny made him a dancing Superstar among the youth..

after his pestering along the side..she says she doesn’t like him and that she hates him.he goes back to his lil friends and tells them,while playing the mouth organ

One of the Boys says.” I love you ante happy ga undali kani… I hate you ante happy ga untav enti ra babu..” then Aarya says ” emi lekapodam kante.. edoka feeling undadam better kadha” to this they get amazed.such is the postive nature of aarya

Ajay returns only to know that Aarya totally tried to woo her in his absence.he tries to threaten him.but Aarya tells Ajay to agree to a bet saying

“Boss boss boss kottukundam! tappa kunda kottukundam, kani first okati cheppu.Nuvu geetha ni love chestunava? Venu says”Yes” and Aarya asks again

“Geetha ninu love chestunda?” Venu replies ” arey idem presena bhai..pagal gadi la unnav ..annani love cheyaka povadamaa … love chestundi..”

Then he says “iddaru iddarni love chesinappudu na lanti vondamandi vochhina mi love ki em kadhu” Na love mida naku nammakam undi boss ! ni love mida niku unda?unte ee kattalu sticklu enduku chirakkga.ika nunchi nenu em chesina nuvu em anakudadu.. na vonti mida okka debba paddina.. ni love mida niku nammakam lennate!”

“endukante Prema kani prema ni prema ani analemu”

To this Ajay and gang gets stunned.Aarya convinces them to stay away from whatever he does to be with Geetha.Ajay feels tied able to do nothing.

Aarya tells Ajay to drop him till ladies hostel and having nothing to say he allows him sit on his bike on his way he stops by to pick some fruits for her(as she is not feeling well) then Aarya says

“Enti Boss fruits konte kani geetha ninu love cheyada” And ajay cancels the fruits ordered.

and both of them enter into her hostel.Santhi ironically says that both say that they are great lovers of geetha but knowing that she is not feeling well none of them have brought Fruits or Medicines! and you both are  so called Great lovers of her.To this Aarya says

“Nenu techanu” and he opens his coat where a fruit garland is taken out and also keeps medicines aside for her. this scene has quite a good one liner.where he asks santhi to take care of geetha

“”Oi” ekadiki veledi..fruits teeskelli lopala peetu.Juice teeyi Geethha ki iyyee”.

Having seen all this Geetha gets stunned at aarya presence of mind and the care with which he brings all things to her.Ajay scolds her saying”Idantha nivalle jarigindi..apude cut chesunte inthvarku vochedi kadu” and she keeps staring at the Apple where words”feel my love” are written given by aarya.

One  fine Morning Aarya writes on the Notice Board wishing Geetha A happy Birthday! and distributes choclates to his mates.Every body likes his idea of wishing her in a cool way which indeed was!

On the night of her Birthday Aarya brings his friends(lil children)and makes them hold candles amidst darkness and gifts Geetha  a picture frame of Ajay and Geetha .her friends are all spellbound which Geetha also likes.Ajay is late for her Birthday party by the time which the party is over.Seeing this ajay gets irritated and goes away. Geetha friends tell her that Aarya is really a nice guy and that he only wanted her to be his friend.Geetha falls flat and agrees Aarya is a nice guy.she goes and tells Ajay and shows him the gift Aarya gave Ajay gets stunned!He feels that  he gave that gift so that he could become close to her.

On valentine’s day Ajay,Geetha and his friends come to a hotel where Aarya is spotted.Ajay immediately backs out saying he can’t survive that maniac.then Santhi says he’s only a well wisher of him.meanwhile Ajay friend comes there with his GF and he sees that Ajay doesn’t want to be there cos of Aarya he says”Nenu undanga nikenduku tension.manam verevalaki disturbance kavali kani valu manaki kadu’ and they sit beside Aarya.Geetha sits beside Ajay.when Aarya calls Ajay to tell something and in that name sits in Ajay’s Place beside Geetha. she gets up from the Place.  Aarya sighs Ajay saying”Enti Boss Nammakam  Leda??” and to this Ajay had to give in and tells Geetha to sit beside him.

Everybody orders their choice of icecream and when Geetha’s turn comes she orders for Choclate and the same is ordered by Aarya.seeing this she cancels choclate and orders Vanilla.then Aarya tells that “Ipudu Icecream marchinatte repu na mida kuda opnion marthundi” and Ajay gets irritated to which his friend says “Ponle ilagaina santhosha padani elago geetha Ajay di kadha”

then one of Ajay’s friends ask Aarya how he is so confident of his love.Then he says.”Emundi Boss repu valu vidipovochu ga” Ajay gets stunned to this reply. then he explains “ikada vochina couples andaru. last year unkokaritho vocharu and next year verekolatho vostharu.so epudu evaru permanent kadu. for ex.(pointing to Ajay’s friend) nuvu ipudu ematho vochavu.last year rosy tho vochavu”hearing this his gf leaves him. and to this Ajay gets Angry and asks geetha also to leave along with him. On trying to make Aarya go away from the place. Aarya made his friend only to leave the place.So clever is he..here the Songs U rock my world rocks where Aarya sings for Geetha in the Valentine Party.

Ajay can’t take this and plans to make aarya  go far away from geetha. he meets his dad(Avataram) and tells he needs a person to tackle the problem.his dad sends a guy who he plans to make a skater dash  Aarya who will be coming oppostite to Geetha and Both of them hold on to each other.From the corner of a side Ajay takes their picture and displays it on the NB. and writes unruly stuff about the pic. which makes everyone talk about the proximity between her and Aarya and that it was the handiwork of Aarya.

Geetha comes and see the NB and sees everybody talking cheaply about her.she feels very bad.she warns Aarya that all these days she tried to control and be patient with him.but he has crossed all limits.and that he is a mad maniac trying and asking her to feel his love. but now she will love Ajay and marry Ajay.and asks him never to come in front of her.after this Aarya is shocked and since Geeta herself is not interested Ajay bruises Aarya which lands him in hospital.

From here the Story takes a turn and we have to wait until i get back with more interesting stuff for this film in Part-2


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