Aarya(Feel My Love) Part 2

The interesting turn in the interval left us shocked!.now after Aarya was bruised so badly by Ajay’s Gang.he lands in Hospital.But going by his nature he doesn’t stay too long there and leaves the hospital with a Note saying

‘Na prema chesina teeyani gaayalu ee hospital mapesthundi.anduke nenu iakda nunchi velthunanu’

seeing this note his friends think he’s not a person to lose so easily and appreciate his will to continue loving geetha.At this instance i would say that inspite of ajay beating him he never felt or tried to hurt ajay by any means.his attitude to see positive in anything and anyone(even his enemy) is what makes Aarya ‘s character so strong and beautiful.

Ajay throws a party to his friends and geetha too is present.in the party he tries to kiss her.which she opposes and slaps him in front of everyone.Ajay is stunned!.This becomes a topic of discussion in the college.Ajay is in a pensive mood about the happening and plans to do something.meanwhile a fellow college mate throws his sarcasm on ajay saying that though he(Ajay) keeps saying that she is his girl friend,the manner she behaved yesterday says that he is pushing himself onto her and that she is not interested. Ajay gets irritated and pulls his collar. then he says

” ila ayithe na okka collar ee kadu inka chaala collars pattukovali.endukante ee college lo evadu adi ni gf ga feel avvatledu.Aarya gf ane feel avthunaru”

To this ajay gets irritated.Meanwhile Venu and his friends tell ajay that they have come up with a tour plan and ajay is quite impressed with that.They also plan that Ajay should try and get close with her in this tour.But when Geetha comes to know about the plan she refuses and upon pressurising by her friends she agrees on the condition that if Ajay wins the race she would come to the tour.To this Ajay feels happy coz he feels no one can compete with him in the race.

Finally the day of the race dawns and ajays friends are all decked up for the Tour(Venu is quite funny here)
Just when ajay gets ready for the race and stands in his position,a guy fills in the place beside him.Ajay lifts his head to see who the person is and lo its Aarya! hes shocked!.and in the stands geetha sees that Aarya enters the competition and all the girls cheer for Aarya.the race starts and they start running.In between the race ajay sighs a guy to push aarya down so that he would not win the race.but Aarya resumes after the fall and starts running and wins the competition. this shocks Ajay and his friends. Geetha is surprised at this.
Aarya warns Ajay that its ok even if he gets goons to beat him up,but he cannot tolerate the stupid plans he makes to ruin geetha life.and if he continues to do that then he has to make entries like this!
Aarya friends ask him whether he has left Geetha then he tells
‘Love lo drop avadalu undavu’
and then the O My brotheru songs starts which is quite impressive talking about the benefits of One side love.

Next Scene Aarya aims at a Cup trying to throw stone into it.(usually he plays this cup and stone game where he believes by wisheing of something and if the stone falls into the cup his wish would come true.but he never succeded in that.) while throwing the stone falls into the cup and hes surprised and his friend dances saying that ” Anna rayi padindi anna!” and Aarya replies
“nenu emi anukoledu ” and his friend gets dissappointed to this and suggests that next time he should wish in advance and whenever he plays this game and the stone falls his wish would fulfill.Ajay suddenly appears throwing bear on his face and mimicks him saying that usually you would something or the other but why today he is dull? and that he could not bear if he is like that. Then Aarya asks him
‘Niku Geetha enni sarlu I love u cheppindi?’

Venu replies remembering the scene of the tower that ‘only once’
Aarya says “But naku Geetha enni sarlu I hate u chepindo telsa (he touches his hair to indicate infinite) inni vela sarlu!
ante ni kante nake ekuva sarlu i hate you cheppindi! ante ni mida una feeling kante na mida unna feeling ee strong!

“Geetha life lo ninu ayina marchipothundi emo kani.nanu maravadu!”

To this Ajay gets stunned!and leaves the scene.
Ajay invites geetha and his friends to his party at his home.His dad also invites some of his bestest freinds from his political circle.and a girl smiles at Ajay.whom he recognizes as once seeing her at a pub with her bf. His friends tell him to introduce Geetha and tell him about their love. He calls his dad and introduces her
and seeing him shy he asks him whether she is his love and both of them are amazed and he asks him if he would like to marry her? to this ajay & geetha feel happy and together they party with friends

But his dad onstage announces his sons name along with ‘Lalasa’ as bride and groom to which ajay geetha and friends are shocked! he feels cheated and tries to convince his dad but he fails.His dad sends his men (Subbu) to her hostel to give her a warning.

Here Aarya is made to dress properly by his Lil friends who make fun of his skills.they tell they are going to put his love matter in front of geetha aunty and he is surprised and tells them not to do so but they take the gift and go to geetha’s hostel.Aarya too enters only to find things misplaced and broken.and find that Ajays father has sent his men to give warning to her.Geetha feels that now that Aarya came to know about the break between her & ajay he planned to take advantage.but instead Aarya tells her that if he feels she really like ajay then he would make sure that ajay is with her.
At Ajay’s residence preparations of his wedding take place.Ajay calls his friends and tells him frustuatedly that he doesnt like marrying that Lalasa who is not a girl of character.Aarya enters the house and asks Ajays father about Aarya and tells that he is the lover of geetha and has come to take him on request of hers
On resisting his move.Aarya picks a fight with the goons and takes ajay from there to geetha’s Hostel.Goons follow ajay and aarya.On seeing Ajay with Aarya Geetha is surprised as how he could bring him and keeping his promise to her.
Aarya tells ajay and geetha to plan about what should be done fast as there is no time left anytime those guys can catch them.Santhi asks Aarya why he brought Ajay for Geetha.coz he likes her more than him to this he replies
” Manaki nachindi cheyatam kante vere valaki nachindi cheyatam better kadha”
and she is amazed.He truly is a great lover coz anyone who truly loves who always yearn for their happiness and not theirs.
This aspect was wonderfully shown by the makers.

They plan and the three flee from the hostel premises chased by the goons.they reach the boys hostel where they go from floor to floor and door to door banging on the hostel doors and reach the terrace

Subbu tries to corner them and he sees that Aarya looks relaxing by eating a chocolate.when subbu looks back several boys surround them and ask them to leave the three of them.Geetha while leaving slaps subbu with her sandal as he had held her with her hair while he came to warn her.This brings the ire out of him and the three escape.
They take the jeep left by the goons.

Aarya geetha and Ajay sit in a manner where Aarya who is driving can see Geetha and adjusts the mirror accordingly to get a proper view of her and keeps humming a song
The song is funny
“Naidulolla pilla ni mida poolu jalla
Naidulolla pilla ni mida poolu jalla
aa pachavoni evare mi cheele kada
mi chelle evare pilla na maradale kada
Naidulolla pilla ni mida poolu jalla”
(This song is quite a likeable one. the way he sings is truly funny!)
Ajay who is sitting beside Aarya in front gets irked by aarya’s antics of adjusting the mirror and singing songs and in the process he asks aarya to stop and he sits at the back with Geetha.
Aarya sniggers and drives.They reach at a point and suddenly the jeep stops.and Ajay and Geetha both look puzzled as to what must have happened. Aarya says that Jeep has got stuck.they both pick their luggage and make a move seeing this Aarya suddenly starts running seeing him Ajay & Geetha too run very fast till they reach a station and board a train and upon reaching a station stops.Geetha & Ajay question him why he ran and made them run like mad after him.and they leave him and sit elsewhere in the train
Meanwhile the goons reach the point where the jeep is left and move towards the station.here the goons scatter all round the station and train to trace the three but Aarya encounters them and throws out of the train.
A moment where geetha happens to fall asleep and could be spotted by the goons is very cleverly managed by aarya geetha is sleeping beside a window seat and could be seen by goons as he didnt want to disturb her while she is sleeping so he carefully picks her sidepin of the hair and the hair falls onto her face which covers her face.

Ajay seated quietly beside her, Aarya brings tomato bath and asks him to give to geetha.when he refuses,he goes to give her then ajay interrupts saying that he would give it.here once again aarya manages to make ajay do by trying to compete with him.

This is when the Best part arrives! yes you are there Our Great comedian Sunil arrives and this time as TC whose name is Punching Falaknama.his character is such that he wants punch in every thing he does and the lack of punch he sees everywhere makes him dull.
while checking tickets of passengers aarya happens to say hi to him and asks sunil
“Gurthupatara??’ then sunil replies ‘lede’ then aaraya replies ‘aithe ok’
meanwhile sunil goes from passenger to passenger checking tickets and giving punches to all of them.He come to aarya’s seat and asks all three if they have a reservation.then aarya replies.
Adenti sir nanu ticket aduguthunaru,Nanu Guthupataleda? indaka nanu gurthupatara ani adiganu! nene!Sunil gets a punch
He asks him what is his name?
what do you do?
‘Premistuntanu’again he’s punched!
he again asks whos that girl?
Aarya Replies “Na Loveru”
mari ee ababyi evaru”
“aa amamyi loveru” he screams Reverse!!! on getting confused by the answers and punches he got from aarya.very funny you see

The train stops at a station here is the famous Aa ante Amalapuram song which enthralls the viewers for its beats
Devi scored high on this song it could not get betetr than this i remember that during the time it released the song had become the anthom of Andhra and youth and children danced and hummed to this song everywhere the sequel being picturised on top of a train was quite a big hit with all.

Back at the seat aarya keeps playing stone and cup game where none of the stones thrown fall into the cup
then ajay asks him
“enti ni love success avvalani anukunava”
then aarya replies
“Ledu Boss ni love success avvalani anukuna!”
to this Ajay gets frustated.
and picks a fight with him seeing them fight Geetha arrives,and ajay tells her that she has to choose between him and Aarya leaves
The train reaches a station in the mid of the night and the goons reach the station where the train stopped Both of them get down in the station when Subbu’s gang catches them he lets go Ajay but catches hold of Geetha. who she beat him with he sandal and Ajay flees seeing this Geetha is forced by subbu and while he takes her away Aarya makes his entry once again he bruises subbu badly until he doesn’t get up and saves geetha from his clutches Geetha is shocked as to how Ajay could leave her when he loves her.

Aarya takes Geetha to his village she feels ill initially and Aarya takes proper care of her he writes a letter and gives to her saying that Ajay has written this to say that he would convince his father and make preparation for their wedding. Geetha slowly recovers and both of them start playing in and around the surroundings.
This is very well shown in the song

Slowly she starts being friendly towards him. And Aarya Notices this and he tells her that.But she does not agree.
then he tells her that they will have a small enact where she is Aarya and he is Geetha,this seems interesting to her and she agrees.While enacting she proposes to Aarya but he delines her proposal repeatedly.as its the nature of geetha.and then she cries.Aarya knows that she likes him.but due to his promise he didn’t want her to turn to his side.
Then later after a week Geetha comes to know about aarya through the localtemple priest who says that Aarya is a very naive and good natured guy.he lost his mother very early and has no one to take care of but since the time she arrived in his life his life would me more blissful as from now she would take care of him.
She goes near aarya and asks him about why he has written that letter and stated it as Ajay’s and seeing this Aarya closes his ears and could not hear what she says
she says ” Innalu nuvu feel my love ante ento anukunnanu,kani ipudu nijangane feel avthunanu,nuvu enduku naku munde dorakaledu,enduku nenu ninne preminchakudadu?”
and Ajay enters with his dad.
seeing this geetha stops.she notices that Aarya didn’t hear even a word of her.Ajay confesses to Aarya that all these days he din’t know what love was,But coz of him he came to know what true love was and he was a true lover.Even his dad applauds his courage and his strong love which even changed him along with his son.
and they leave along with Geetha.Geetha seeing and hearing all this is disheartened. As she now loves aarya.

On the day of Marriage aarya is seen busily attending to people and taking care of things.Santhi sees him and asks him how could he sacrifice Geetha ? but he’s not dettered. Time arrives when Geetha is supposed to come down for the Nuptials. Aarya stops her and tells her that he has to tell something and asks that even now if she has something left for him she can tell him. all these days didn’t she feel even one bit for him?

aarya truly emotes one can not stop but cry the way he expresses amkes everyone feel if atleast now she would agree that would be good.but aarya starts laughing suddenly,this surprises her.he tells her that he was making fun of her an he noticed how she looked very sad and as if he really was crying and telling those things. he wishes her a happy married life by giving her a rose.She notices a tear on the flower given by him.aarya turns back and wipes his tears.he didnt want her to take notice of his tears and that he was really feeling sad that she is getting married.but as he thinks that geetha loves ajay and so does ajay he should not come in between them.
Meanwhile the children who are aarya’s lil friends stop geetha to give her a gift. and tel her that during the trip to kanyakumari it was Aarya who dived to get her patti.and whatever she has written in the diary was Aarya’s Poetry.Hearing this she reminisces all the moments when aarya first proposed her till he saved her.without stopping for a secong she runs from the marriage hall to find aarya Aarya.she finds him sitting and crying. Aarya on seeing her is very excited and happy Both of them hug and aarya being happy that his love has succeded tries attempting to throw a stoen in the cup and succeeds….
True love when expressed clearly and in a right way with patience will surely Succeed!
Geetha had to fall for Aarya, as he did every possible thing as a person who truly lover her.he succeded in making her realise that true love is that which makes people see happiness of others and ultimately won her heart!.A love story which will be remembered for generations together..


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