Ooty, Love, Philosophy and Life- Geethanjali Part 2

Till now we have seen just the introduction of the two main protagonists of the film- Prakash and Geetha. While one is totally dejected about life due to the health condition, the other is quite happy with her huge family having grandmother, Doctor Dad and a bunch of kids to great delight! Mani Ratnam shows the lifestyle of Geetha in the first scene of hers after the wonderful Jallantha song!

The scene is such that- Geetha arrives late for dinner at home, after roaming all over Ooty.  She makes a Kitchen Window entry to the house and as rest of the family members are praying before food, she joins them swiftly – hoping nobody has noticed her late appearance! But her father notices this and asks her not to eat in punishment!

Watch the scene below for the funky side of Mani Ratnam and ILaiyaraaja!

A sensitive person would have felt bad for the punishment and leave the place. But our Geetha acts cleverly in pleading her Dad and in course, gets the food from her family members! The scene is so cool and funny that we immediately get more idea about how light hearted Geetha is. As we get convinced that her plan is almost fulfilled, she gets caught by her father! This scene shows the beautiful relationship between father and a daughter- in the so called Mani Ratnam style!

In the mean time, we see Prakash arrive in Ooty but still unable to come out of his melancholy. Still, he hopes to find some peace-owing to the beautiful locations of the place.

Geetha has a very mischivious habit of fooling guys who try to follow her while in a public place! One such scene is shown where Geetha narrates the actions of a stranger who is trying to follow her to Grandmother in a hilarious way! Mani Ratnam shows how funky youth can be, with sweet memories and funny actions! Geetha coolly goes near the stranger and straightforwardly asks him whether he liked her! The guy-obviously gets shocked with the dare and eventually agree he likes her! The next question from Geetha comes as a shocker to him! She asks him whether he is interested to elope with her and asks him to come near the graveyard in the evening.

The innocent stranger comes as requested and gets scared away by Geetha and the kids gang : acting like they are ghosts! The prank literally scares the wits of the stranger and he starts running away in fear. Geetha’s gang gets highly pleased with themselves and as they start running home, she bumps into Prakash : Dressed morose in shawl, and a worn-out look. Geetha obviously dressed in a ghost like dress (Clad in White saree: Trademark costume for Indian Ghosts!) ,  yells as in to scare Prakash and runs away!

Prakash- does not react for this and gets back to his melancholic mood yet again! Following the mood, he starts singing “Aamani Paadave” in the misty early mornings of Ooty, singing in a very dull and upset tone. Veturi does a great job in writing about the heart of dejected person- who would want to escape the current condition and then hoping to go to some other world. The Ooty mornings were shown breathtakingly by P.C.Sreeram and as the song progresses by, Geetha’s gang find Prakash very interesting and funny: Singing so dull as if there is nothing left in life!

The funniest part of the song occurs when Prakash spots Geetha’s gang following him in the end and they go away singing the same swaying and dancing funnily on the roads of Ooty!












Watch the marvel in the link below..

After few funny incidents between Geetha and Prakash..where the latter makes a fool of former in front of her grandmother once, Geetha decides to use her ultimate prank on Prakash (Just like she does on every other guy in the town!).

Then comes a brilliant ghost song in Telugu Cinema “Nandi Konda” sung greatly by Chitra. As the song progresses, Prakash disappears which makes Geetha’s gang think they have succeeded in scaring him! But the stunner comes from Prakash in the form of his own Ghost song and Geetha gets totally terrified as the song ends!

Geetha indirectly brings the lively Prakash to the surface again, the quality which was long lost in him due to the advent of disease. She gets more determined in fooling Prakash around which reaches to crazy heights- leading Prakash to take Geetha to some secluded place away from the town and leave her there itself. He soon realizes that he did a mistake in doing so when Geetha’s sister comes and pleads him to get Geetha back home. The scene where Prakash comes to get Geetha back is the subtle beginning of care which he develops for her. Looking at her suffering in cold, he tries to comfort her in everyway possible. But Geetha is quite cool as herself where she gets all the care wanted owing to her state!

After getting Geetha back home to her worried family, her grandmother starts off in anguished tone scolding Prakash for what he did. Prakash does not understand what made her over react so much for this incident. The shocker comes from Geetha’s grandmother saying she is already having a less life due to Heart Disease and we cannot live if something dangerous happens to her. Prakash cannot believe his ears listening to the shocking news and asks Geetha the same. She simply shows an action of getting hanged and winks : Giving the viewer a stunner in return!

Prakash gets so stunned with the news that he gets the same doubt as we the viewers get. How can a girl suffering with a fatal disease be so happy and relaxed about life? What gave her strength in doing so? How can she be so lively despite having a dangerous illness?

Right to the point, Prakash asks the same to Geetha at her house later, where Geetha is coolly doing some cooking with her sisters.

She simply says it short “Everybody is going to die..you will die..that little one (Pointing to her sister) will die..just that I will die a little early. I am not bothered about tomorrow. TODAY is only important to me. If you like it, be here. Otherwise just go!”

This straightforward motto of life changes Prakash so much that he starts discovering the life lost. He also understands that why to spoil the existing moment, worrying that something bad might happen in coming days!

The scene in which Prakash realizes was shown brilliantly by Mani Ratnam and the backgroundscore by ILaiyaraaja (The music was wonderfully inspired from Mozart’s piece) .

We also realize the wonderful truth of life- Along with Prakash : Thanks to the Geethanjali team!

To be continued in Part 3..

P.S: Wishing the great influential director Mani Ratnam , who is celebrating his birthday today. Marapuraani Chitralu wishes him a great creative year ahead!

More musical wishes to Maestro ILaiyaraaja, who shares his birthday with Mani Ratnam (Despite some confusion with the birthday being today or tomorrow!). For Art lovers, These two gentlemen will always be remembered : Irrespective of their birthdays!


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