Old is Valuable Gold- Beginning of the Black and White movie series!

It is the place from where Telugu Cinema started from..

It is the breakthrough point which gave the birth of many great personalities in Telugu Films..

It challenged the audience imagination with socio-fantasy, Mythology, Social awareness and many such versatile themes and still continues to enthrall the audience!

Yes, I am talking about the beginning of much awaited series in Marapuraani Chitralu- The Black and White movie series! These are the films which many people get connected to, irrespective of whether they belonged to that era or not. The amazing feeling of nostalgia which it creates to the older generation, and the fantastic feeling of wonder to the younger lot is what makes Black and White Telugu Film era the most unforgettable of all.

After a great beginning with Jandhyala series and going around in Fine Arts and a tinge of Adventure with RGV and finally some Love Stories, it is time to re-discover the magic of Black and White films in Marapuaraani Chitralu..

But where can we start with the real Golden Era of Telugu Cinema? Should we start with the greatest thinkers and people who contributed to films in every area of expertise? Or to the films itself which created a lasting impact on the viewer even till date?

As an attempt to begin this fantastic series, I would like to remember some of the greatest people from this era who made an impact on me through their phenomenal work..

Akkineni Nageshwara Rao- With his excellent diction and dialogue delivery and histrionics, delivering his best in social dramas as well as Folklore/Mythological films..Let it be a mythological film like Vipranarayana or the social drama Dr.Chakravarthy, this man is par excellence in every role he does!

N.T.Rama Rao A greatest actor who can adorn any mythological role as well as perfect in delivering dialogues leaving an everlasting impact to the viewer..Who can forget his portrayal of the evil Ravana in Bhukailas with his excellent body language and the perfect dialogues? And the role of Bruhannala (As the eunuch -Disguise of Arjuna in Mahabharata Virata Parvam) in Narthanashaala?

S.V.Ranga Rao Another great actor who can push off any role with ease and make it memorable..greatly remembered for his roles in Paatala Bhairavi and Mayabazar! He can be as cold as ice in certain roles and generate excellent laughter as henpecked husband in certain films as well! He is versatility personified – as far as variety of roles is concerned!

C.S.R A peculiar character actor who can generate laughter or even chills to the viewer! He is greatly remembered for his role as Shakuni in Mayabazaar and not to forget, he is an excellent stage actor and singer too!

Savitri A legendary actress who looks so much like the lady next door or part of our family, when seen on the big screen! Let it be the lady-love (Chaduvukunna Ammailu), or sweet sister (Raktha Sambandham),or a lovable wife (Dr.Chakravarthy), or the strict christian lady (Missamma), or a doctor (Velugu Needalu)..this lady is capable of doing any role with tremendous grace, ease,  perfection and her lovely smile!

Bhanumathi A versatile personality who is not only an actress, but a singer, writer, Director and Producer as well..She can be highly dominating as the female lead, or a fun-loving maradalu (Mallishwari), or a lovable wife (Gruhalakshmi), a lady seeking revenge (Vipranarayana), a Widow (Baatasari), and the list is endless! She brings terror to the male protagonists in the film with her unbelievable screen presence!

Suryakantham Who earned the “Dominating Mother in law” image due to her many roles in Old Telugu Cinema- a brilliant actress in mellowed down roles as well..Called as the lady who can be the dominating wife, strict as mother in law (Everybody’s favourite Gundamma Kadha!), and a terror to her daughter in laws (Mostly the heriones in a film!) , she is literally like a lady in everybody’s family- who can be nosy, short-tempered, ready for a combat anytime in the day!

Relangi The face of laughter in Telugu Cinema..an inspiration to all budding comedians of the modern Telugu Cinema..His role as Lakshmana Kumar in Mayabazar, as the funny Bridegroom is always remembered and cherished by every Telugu Film lover!

Ghantasala The musical voice of Black and White Telugu Cinema, who is immortal through his wonderful songs! The great depth in his voice, the melody, capacity to sing even the toughest of the tough songs, his voice glows with devotion!

P.Leela, Jikki This duo created wonders in singing, and still continue to do so through their eternal songs! Despite being non-Telugu natives, they gave life to every song in Telugu Cinema, sing like they are the people next door in every household of Andhra Pradesh!

Sri Sri, Arudra The greatest poets who penned some wonderful yet thought provoking songs during the regime Sri Sri, though known for his revolutionary writings, did wonders in Telugu Cinema through positive attitude songs and some greatest love songs ever! Arudra is another promiment poet who writes any situation at ease!

I know the list here is quite concise and many more people are left out, but we are very delighted to announce the beginning of Black and White Film series in Marapuraani Chitralu by remembering at least some of the greatest personalities of that era..
Stay Tuned to Marapuraani Chitralu for the beginning of the most brilliant and valued series ever- Black and White films!


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