Mayabazar- A Whole New World of Magic- Part 3

By the end of the last post, an interesting turn took place where Abhimanyu (ANR) and his mother are in safe hands of Ghatotkacha (S.V.R) at his abode. The welcome is quite warm and very soon Ghatotkacha comes to know the treachery of Kauravas regarding the marriage of Abhimanyu. He gets furious and immediately decides to help his cousin Abhimanyu in the most unique way anybody could have imagined at all!

Ghatotkacha arrives in style to Balarama’s kingdom (Dwaraka- present day Gujarat) and performs his own unique magic and successfully enters the interiors of the fort. He notices many unrecognized women who are sleeping and gets confused who among them would be Sasirekha. As he starts contemplating who would be Sasirekha, he hears an old man’s voice singing some philosophical poem sitting in the corridor.

 This scene is one perhaps one of the best in Telugu Cinema which explains the motto of life and the universality of the supreme God.

The poem goes in the following way:

Chiranjeeva Chiranjeeva Sukhi Bhava..Atu Unnadhi Itu Ledhu..Itu unnadhi Atu ledhu..atu nene..itu nene..

“Let you live long life in happiness..whatever is there is not here..whatever is here it is not there..I am there..I am here..”

Ghatotkacha being his obvious self tries to perform magic on this old man and soon realizes that it doesn’t work on him. Right on the situation the old man happily sings this way:

China Chepanu Pedha Chepa..China Maayanu Penu Maya..Adhi Swaha Idhi Swaha..Chiranjeeva Chiranjeeva Sukhi Bhava

The small fish is captured by the big fish..the small magic is captured by the bigger magic..that is gone and even this is gone..Oh lad have a long and happy life..

Erakakunda Vacchavu..Erakaleka Pothavu..Idhi Vedham..Idhe Vedham..Idhi Vedham..Idhe Vedham..

“You came without knowing.and you will live without knowing..this is Vedham..and this alone is vedham”

Listening to this unending philosophy, Ghatotkacha gets irritated and questions the old man about the whereabouts of Sasirekha. The old man gallantly asks him to request instead of command to know the whereabouts. After a little word exchanges and some feeble attempts of Ghatotkacha to get information from the old man, the former soon realizes that he is none other than Lord Krishna in disguise.

Director K.V.Reddy’s brilliance is clearly shown here. He shows Lord Krishna as an old man who speaks lot of truths about life and about the unique nature of God- the supreme power which rules the world and balances the good and bad happenings around.

Watch the fantastic scene below:

The moment Ghatotkacha realizes this, Lord Krishna transforms to his original self and guides Ghatotkacha in what to do next. The priceless expression of S.V.Ranga Rao as Ghatotkacha is enough to say how much fun is going to come further in the film!

Meanwhile, we also see Sasirekha and Abhimanyu in their saddest self in separation. A wonderful song “Nee Kosame Nee Jeevinchunadhi” arrives which is like a perfect example of pathos songs, and also showing that there is sweetness in separation as well.  Watch out for ANR’s subtle yet brilliant expressions as the separated lover!

Ghatotkacha successfully gets Sasirekha out of the fort and Dwaraka kingdom leading to delight of his mother Hidimba and Subhadra. They feel sorry to see Sasirekha (Who is asleep )murmuring not to trouble her anymore and she cannot marry anybody else except Abhimanyu. Ghatotkacha plays a prank on Abhimanyu by getting disguised as Sasirekha and very soon Abhimanyu realizes that the real Sasirekha is here, leading to utter astonishment and delight.

The real meaning of magic begins now, with Ghatotkacha and his funny assistants led by Ramana Reddy arrive at Dwaraka. Ghatotkacha is disguised as Sasirekha, and his assistants are ordered to look after the bride groom’s party ( Lakshmana Kumar) . The hilarious sequences begin right from the moment where the magical Sasirekha wakes up and shouting aloud in male voice, leading to shock of her maids. Savitri’s acting brilliance is evident in here, where every move of her reflects the rakshasha clan, and how exactly Ghatotkacha reacts to something in real!

As the maids get scared to even come near Magical Sasirekha, she tries to convince them that she is happy to be married by singing a ultimate song “Aha Naa Pelli Anta”. Savitri’s moves, terrified maids, and extraordinary singing style of Leela which has an aggressive touch with feminity and phenomenal music made this an unforgettable song in Telugu Cinema!

Another directorial touch of the director here is to show Magical Sasirekha changing to original Ghatotkacha in the middle and again getting back to Sasirekha in hesitation! The musical brilliance of Ghantasala is another added factor for this amazing transition!

Watch the extraordinary song below:

Sasirekha’s mother gets delighted to know that her daughter is happy about the marriage and decides to show the bride to the bridegroom’s party for once. Our funny bride groom Lakshmana Kumar (Relangi) arrives in the bride’s kingdom and is quite eager to see the bride. Magical Sasirekha’s funny behavior makes Kauravas quite apprehensive and especially Shakuni gets more suspicious in the beginning itself. But Lakshama Kumar falls for the magical Sasirekha the moment he looks at her, he likes her so much that he starts off singing “Sundari Neevanti Divya Swaroopamu” and dances funnily for it too!

It is needless to say that Ghantasala is an amazing singer and a boon to Telugu Cinema. What makes him undisputed singer is that he can sing exactly as the actor and his body language – let it be aggression, sadness, comedy, love, devotion, anger and what not! In this song we see the comical brilliance of Ghantasala as he sings for the most comical character in Mayabazar- Lakshmana Kumar!

Relangi does a particular clap dance while singing this song and Magical Sasirekha observes this quite closely. At one moment she performs magic in which his hands gets stuck all of a sudden! Relangi’s fearful expressions are priceless at this moment!

The bride groom party gets quite pleased with the service and hospitality of Bride’s party. Ramana Reddy and his funny assistants perform every magic they can to make them happy. When the same is conveyed to Shakuni (CSR), he gets furious and says that even if the bride’s party people are hospitable, we should comment saying something is not good in it. This attitude is quite evident even at Marriage ceremonies of India even till date!

The bride groom party gets overboard in their requests and get fooled around by the clever magical Ramana Reddy- this whole episode is a treat and laugh riot!

Ghatotkacha happens to get some great aroma from the kitchens, and being a huge foodie, he forgets that he is in disguise of Sasirekha and starts off appreciating the wonderful food items which are prepared for the big wedding! The song is nothing but Vivaha Bhojanambu sung phenomenally by Madhavapeddi Satyam garu- a veteran singer who is specialized in such Royal Renditions!

The song describes the delicious food platter which is served during Telugu Weddings even till date. Let it be rice preparations which are spicy, or the vadas, or the enormous variety in Sweets and savouries! The song challenges the gourmet imagination of every food lover in Andhra Pradesh for sure! It also shows that in order to appreciate the food prepared, one needs to be highly artistic enough!

Watch the magical song below:

The fun goes on until the big day of wedding arrives, where Lakshmana Kumar is scared out of his wits during the ceremony! Ghatotkacha does his best to scare Lakshmana Kumar as Magical Sasirekha- which is another treat to watch in the film! His assistants do their work perfectly by throwing pranks on the people who arrive for the wedding- in return making chaos!

The comedy goes to a hilt when Lakshmana Kumar happens to see Sasirekha looking like a Lion and gets scared like crazy! Shakuni and Duryodhana get furious by seeing this and start accusing the bride’s family saying something is wrong with the bride. Lord Krishna intervenes the scene and asks Shakuni to speak by standing on the Satya Peetham (A gift given by Krishna to his brother Balarama in the initial scenes of the film) and clear off facts.

Shakuni starts speaking all the real truth in his mind about Balarama and the plan Kauravas make to demean Pandavas. He also makes snide comments about Balarama by his caste (Yadavas) leading to boiling fury of Balarama!

The film ends with Lord Krishna’s vishwaroopam (NTR at his real best) and Ghatotkacha praising Krishna’s brilliance in solving problems and his versatile nature!

Abhimanyu and the real Sasirekha get happily married in Ghatotkacha’s forest abode leading to a great happy ending to this phenomenal world of magic!

By the time the movie ends, we start wondering who is the real hero of the film! Is it Abhimanyu, Lord Krishna, or Ghatotkacha?

The whole team of Mayabazar made it clear that the film is so perfect that it does not linger to one character alone- it follows the story and the plot, without missing the fun element even for a second of its runtime!

Marapuraani Chitralu pays a tribute to this wonderful film- which re-defined the meaning of Entertainment in Telugu Cinema- without compromising with the excellence in values.


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