Swathi Kiranam Part-2

Sarma and wife are honoured at an event on GuruPournami. (Sanmanam sabha for his musical excellence) Just when Sarma sits down to sing at the event, the host announces a surprise for Sarma in the form of Gangadhar. Taking blessings from Sarada, his mother like figure he steps onto the stage saying ‘A boy like him who does not even know the ABCD of music can’t even think of singing like the great man. Coming from a poor family he can’t afford anything other than offering ‘Swarapuspalu'(to sing and honor him) on this GuruPournami.To this Sarma steps down and lets the boy sing.

Whenever i hear this song i am dragged into a devotional tide.What can one ask for. Vanijayaram has crossed all limits for any singer to achieve such heights.More importantly the classical music itself is pitted against each other to create such wonderful tunes, where some are composed for Sarma and some for the boy. The ‘Pranathi Pranathi’ song itself is a sole example how a song can be composed into different tunes of classical yet light music. being a non-singer and having hardly any knowledge of music i can’t really tell the technicalities of music so brilliantly. but as an audience i can admire and wish for more such wonderful creations from such directors (KV Mahadevan Garu)

Being the first stage performance Gangadhar sings like a novice and wins accolades from the audience.Sarada is touched by his boy talent but it doesn’t go well with Sarma.
At his home his parents rejoice his success. He turns up at his school only to be honored by his friends and teacher who once insulted him in front of the whole class.
At Sarma’s home some event organizer’s turn up saying they require Sarma’s availability for a Sanmana Sabha. To which Sarma agrees saying ‘Kalakaarulani gouravinche valante maku istame adi kala ni kuda gouravinchadam avthundi’.But later he comes to know that the Sanmanam is for Gangadhar and that he needs to grace the occasion.He rejects the invite.

Gangadhar starts earning accolades all over for his kacheris and becomes his parents muse.But on the same note Sarma feels the pinch of the boy growing up the ladder of success day by day and even his jealousy grows along with his success.As usual in a morning walk he is advised by his close friend who appreciates the talent of the boy wonder and time has come for him to step aside and give way to new talents like him.No wonder a Genius like him is a nothing in front of this fresh budding talent.

One day a letter from the Bharati Peetam arrives at Sarma’s home. They request Gangadhar to compose the remaining songs for Devi Sarada.Sarada feels he is very lucky boy cos what it took years for her husband to attain,the Gangadhar is accomplishing all at this young age and is fortunate to be so.Gangadhar’s parents arrive at Sarma’s home to invite for Upanayanam ceremony of their son. Sarma offers to conduct the ceremony at his home. The parents are delighted. The ceremony takes place grandly with Sarma gifting a ‘Tambura'( a musical instrument) to Gangadhar.RadhaKrishna who was sceptical about Sarma’s take on the boy further deepens his doubts on Sarma trying to take an initiative in conducting ceremony in his own house. He predicts his motive might be something else behind letting him sit in his home.

Sarma starts composing the remaining songs for the Peetam.One of the songs being being ‘Sruthi Neevu Gathi Neevu’. He starts to compose in a rather difficult and old tune a more classical form, but could not get it right. Gangadhar in his attempts to tune those songs sits and composes a simpler tune for the same song and Sarada sings in front of Sarma.After Sarada finishes,Having known that it is being composed by Gangadhar Sarma says
‘Dhavajastambham leni mandiram ela untundi?’ to this Sarada says ‘Oohinchalem’ then Sarma says
‘Raganiki pranam undali,Bhaavaniki jeevam undali,Swaram sajeevam ayyi undali,Ivanni unte keerthana bagundedi!’
Gangadhar hears this and felts a bit dissappointed.

Sarma writes down the composition for the same song by Gangadhar but does not let him know about this.Though he likes the composition rendered by him out of his jealousy and his ego which he can’t let go off his head he disregards his compositions sighting poor quality knowledge in music.

RadhaKrishna once seeks Sarma’s approval for organizing a kacheri on behalf of their police academy.To this Sarma says ‘When everthing is arranged there is no need for his approval.A boy of such age should not waste his time by doing kacheris but sit at home.and they should not seek business from the boy’s talent.RadhaKrishna realizes that though from outside he is talking about the boy’s welfare ,inside he wants to confide his talent and his recognition from the world.

Gangadhar’s several attempts to earn Sarma’s goodwill turns futile. But Sarma files all his tunes and is amazed by the talent Gangadhar possesses. In one of his letters that Ganga writes to his friends in his hometown,he mentions how Sarma is not pleased with his Keerthanas and he is feeling all time low with this.He had never felt like this all his life. He also tells that this time he is making one last attempt to impress Sarma by one Keerthana and that this keerthana would decide his fate whether he would Live or Die.

As we have seen earlier, Gangadhar’s personality was such that he could not take harsh criticism or failure. So previously too when everyone pointed out Gangagdhar fault for not singing properly in front of Sarma.He got so hurt and unable to bear the crticism from his parents,teachers and friends he decided to give up his Life.This small incident gives us insight into what Gangadhar was. often we come across personalities like these,who can take anything but criticism.This becomes a key factor in the forthcoming story.

One day Ganga sits down to compose for ‘Shivani Bhavani’ and cracks the code finally.Inspired by Folk men who sing in the roadside he too takes the same road to compose. He requests Sarma to listen to his last attempt to tune a song also being his last chance to impress him

This song originally composed by Ganga takes prominence for Sarma ,But he doesn’t approve this song of his.

But at a ceremony where Sarma has to sing the songs composed for Sarada Devi in front of Swamyji for Bharathi Peetam he sings the same tune and gets applauded for his beautiful rendition.

Ganga also present there applauds,But it doesn’t go down well with Sarma. On their return Sarada sees that Gangadhar is visibly happy and she says may be his frustation for Sarma for not accepting his Keerthanas might have gone.Ganga says
‘why is that i should be Frustated with Him?if at all i have to be angry i have to be with god.Even though she accepted him as his son,Sarma is yet to accept him.
Sarada tells him Sarma likes him very much but doesn’t show it outside.

In their room,Sarada tells Sarma that all these days he had hidden his love for the boy just like how a father would do.Also how he filed all his keerthanas and today he himself sang a song composed by Ganga.All this tells how much he likes him and his compositions.He should now help him to sing in front of ‘Peetam’.Sarma walks out of his room and goes near Gangadhar.He slaps him and questions

‘Nuvu chesina punyam enti? nenu chesina papam enti?E devudu niku ee Gathra Danam ichadu?
Poorva Janma lo nuvu Tyagayya va Annamayya va evaru nuvu?Chepu?

Sarada pulls him back and asks him ‘Emitandi idi? anni telsinavaru miru ila chestunaru enduku? Aa pasivadu…
Sarma says ‘Vadu pasivadu kadu,Vamana avtaram lo vochina Vishnu Murthy.Na Tala ni paatalaniki tokkeyagala Sakthi samarthyam unnavadu’
She says ‘Idi kevalam mi apooha,mi mundhu vadentha? vadi anubhavam entha?Entha saadhana chesthe mi daridapulaki ragaladu chepandi?
Sarma says’ipude vadu chaala degara vochesadu,lekapothe nalo eeshya dvesham ela puduthundi? Na ekagratha ne patapanchalu chesthada?ee Anatharama Sarma sarigamalatho chadarangam adukune Swara Samrattu intha neechaniki digajaruthadaa?vadu paadina prathi keerthana na manasuni kariginchina.na swabhimannani champukuni aa sangeetha saraswathini avamanisthana?

Sarada tells him that no can compete with him in music.Can anyone come in front of the Sun?even if they come they would get burned.if at all he doesn’t like him,she would send away from their house.but Sarma says that ‘if he would leave the house he would cross him in all levels and his fame would come to question at that time,I cannot bear my fame being affected.i can’t take this when someone like Ganga puts me and my fame into Darkness.that’s why i want to kill him by giving him poison.i can live with that guilt but cannot accept his rising fame in front of mine.
Hearing this Ganga is broken. Just then Sarma gets an Attack and he is taken to hospital.

Ganga sees the trauma faced by Sarada.He sees her praying for her husband to return normal.One fine morning Sarada’s brother Ananth sees a letter in the Puja room. Just then Sarada returns home with Sarma being discharged from the hospital.He asks her to call Gangadhar.Sarada calls for Gangadhar but Ananth comes and handovers the letter written by Gangadhar
she starts reading the letter in which he writes ‘She has been a mother to him and given him love and cared him so much.she also encouraged him very much.But somehow he did not get the father like affection from Sarma.Whatever he learnt or got was from them.So he cannot think of risking Sarma’s life.That’s why he is leaving music and his talent at their feet and giving his life as Gurudakshina for whatever they have given him.As now, he is leaving them, there wont be any hurdles from him now on

Sarada gets unconsolable.Gangadhar’s body arrives at his home town and his parents are shocked at this.Sarada loses her state of mind and question Ganga’s parents ‘Gangadharani evaru champaru? Ee Devuda(Sarma) Aa Devuda?’

The story returns to the present,Sarma in his unkempt attire is adviced by RadhaKrishna’s father to realize his folly.He could master the Saptaswaras but could not control his Senses.He should now forget everything and start a fresh lease of life.He should ignite the light of wisdom in him and make redemption for his mistake.He should stop jealousy from winning his heart and make place for music and learning.

Sarma realises that though he was a Samrat in Music he could not control his jealousy and Ego.He didn’t realize then that Music and Learning is the Supreme thing above all. One cannot master an art if he has no control over his senses(Anger,Jealousy,hatred,Ego,foolishness). Being a scholar he should have accepted Gangadhar’s talent as there should always be room for new and budding talents.
One should not feel insecure by other’s talent and should always encourage inorder to keep the learning process going.In this way one can respect the Art and Culture learned and also it is the only way one can get high regard.

He starts a music school where he trains young children in music and thus paves way for new life.

This Movie really teaches to encourage young talent and that those scholarly would earn respect only by doing so.and in all this they would keep the light of learning in high regard.Arts and Culture are meant to change the person within from bad to good and not otherwise.

I salute the Kalatapasvi for giving such a wonderful film.It will remain in our hearts forever….


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