Humanity, Love, Family and Money- Aa Naluguru- Part 2

By the end of part 1 we can expect the (obvious )hardships which Raghuram is going to face, now that he is jobless. But Raghuram, being truly unique at heart and optimistic chooses something which nobody who does an editor job can imagine! Knowing very well how his family would react to his decision, he starts off working directly as a salesman of papads on the road! It does look too cinematic or idealistic for the normal audience but the way in which the director projected the scene, one does not feel odd at all!

Raghuram initially tries to sell the papads and fails very badly, owing to his inexperience in the field! The scene looks so funny as well as hopeful for the viewer as very few people would think of seeing the bright side of life even at the darkest of times!

Meanwhile a kid who is also in the papad sales business, gets furious with Raghuram’s intervention in his area and tries to (sweetly) threaten the latter.  In the due course, Raghuram and the kid become great friends and our ever optimistic Raghuram even learns the tricks in sales from his newly acquired friend! This scene also makes us realize that if one has the will to learn, the source can be the most unlikeliest as well  (Such as Kid in this context!)

While Raghuram gets accustomed to this new job of his, he accidentally bumps into his wife and daughter in the streets. They become extremely angry with his new work but wont express it in front of the public.

Another wonderful shade of Raghuram is shown where he joins the kid into an orphanage and gets the kid an opportunity to study and live a happier life instead!

After Raghuram heads back home, they confront him asking what was the need to sell papads and earn money at all. Raghuram, being to his obvious self explains that a work is always a work, whether it is a salesman or an editor!

Meanwhile Raghuram’s boss in the newspaper office faces quite a situation because of the fashion photos published on the front page. The situation arises in such a way that his own son gets influenced by the pictures and gets arrested by misbehaving with some models at the fashion show. Raghuram’s boss soon realizes his mistake and understands the value of morals and principles in life.  He rushes to Raghuram’s place and apologizes fervently for his mistake and asks the latter to join office immediately.

The scene next drifts to Raghuram celebrating his daughter’s birthday with his family. They visit a temple and start planning how to celebrate the day. After some relaxing moments within the family, Raghuram happens to see a poor lady with a kid pleading Kotayya for donation so that she can get her daughter cured from cancer. Just as Kotayya cuts her back saying she is a fraud, without another thought Raghuram donates whatever money he has to the poor lady and takes his family back home.

Raghuram gets a heap of comments and whiff of anger from his family for doing so and his kids even say carelessly how can little sum of money change a person’s life. Raghuram apparently thinks it is the time to explain what made him concerned about humanity so much and starts off telling the story as an eye opener not only to his family but also to the audience!

Watch the wonderful sequence below:

During his student life, Raghuram’s mother gets seriously ill but doesn’t have sufficient financial support to get operated. At such crucial time a certain NGO helps them out and luckily his mother survives. Raghuram gets curious to know about the anonymous person who helped his family so much without having any relation with them at all. He decides to visit the person by getting the address and thank him for the timely help the person did.

Raghuram heads to Madhurai to meet Mr.Swaminathan (The anonymous person) and gets surprised to see a very simple house instead. The person speaks in tamil and without further ado offers newspapers to Raghuram and asks him to check all the people who are in trouble and write letters to all such NGOs about the news. Very soon Raghuram gets amazed to see the simplicity and down-to-earth nature of Mr.Swaminathan and understands that to really help a person out, one need not be affluent.  This scene was wonderfully conceived by the director and sure makes a great impact on the viewer.

A great caption catches Raghuram’s attention in Swaminathan’s house. It says “I believe in mankind, I love mankind, because I belong to mankind”. That is the line which shapes up Raghuram’s life and makes him decide to bother not only about his own family but also about the society.

It also makes us understand that inspiring people are around us, and they need not be someone who has achieved greatest things in life.

We get to see much more different shades of Raghuram as the film progresses. One such situation where he happens to find out his daughter is meeting up with some guy and instead of scolding her for doing so, he brings them both to the house itself and asks them to talk in the garden itself. He even requests them not to meet up outside and become an object of criticism by all, but meet in the house itself and understand each other well.  Raghuram’s wife gets furious with her husband’s actions but the former explains his action wonderfully saying that he is only giving his daughter a chance to understand her would be partner better and make her happy!

Scenes like this make the audience feel Raghuram is such an unbelievable person but it is people like him who make us re think about our values, and whether we are really caught up in the norms of the society and forgetting how to react to things differently and coolly!

The film gathers tension when Raghuram happens to know his daughter plans to marry another guy in a registered office and he accepts for the marriage. Looking at the furious outburst of anger from his wife, Raghuram coolly asks to take the situation at easier note.

He explains her in a relaxed tone saying their daughter only chose whom she liked by meeting up few of the guys and married the person of her choice. Even as parents if they would choose to marry their daughter, they will have to search for an ideal match and get her married by her liking. Listening to this, Raghuram’s wife gets somewhat relaxed and things set right.

This scene shows amazing acting skills of Rajendra Prasad and Aamani, and the impact of thinking about a certain situation in life. Everything in life is based purely on the perception or how we see things.

Raghuram happens to confront Kotayya in stopping the latter to get hold of a debtee’s house. He tells Kotayya to understand the values of life and not to be so money minded. But Kotayya challenges back saying it ismoney alone which runs life, not trust and love. He even gets further saying Raghuram should never take a debt from him. Raghuram being his obvious self signs for surety and gets off the trouble in the scene.

Little does the viewer know what Raghuram is going to face next. The situations which come further not only challenges Raghuram’s ideologies but also his life in a shocking manner. Till now the conflict Raghuram faced was from outside the house , but what will happen when his own family starts hating his ideals just because they not getting what they asked for?

Can Raghuram pull off these crucial situations like before? Will he eventually win with tremendous trust in his ideals?

The best and the important part is to be continued!



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