Who says Commercial Films are Forgettable?

We have come a long way in the journey of discovering and unleashing the best of Telugu Cinema in Marapuraani Chitralu. Taking a dip in the hilarious comedy of Jandhyala to begin with, the roads turned to Arts and Social Message films from K.Vishwanath, and an interesting turn with adventure (Kshana Kshanam) and a tinge of eternal love story (Geethanjali) and eventually at a humanity and philosophical juncture with Aa Naluguru..which is the path next?

Why do we watch a film?What is the most enthralling and exciting aspect of a film? While some watch a film to escape the ground realities and have fun for nearly 3 hours of its runtime..few watch for the technical aspects, subject and the performances of the actors. Commercial Cinema especially in Telugu taught the audience to think beyond the sentiments, and broke all the norms which were prevailing till a point of time (Such as Brother-Sister sentiment, weeping sequences, anti climax, tragedy and so on!) and at the same time followed some norms too! (Hero Introduction song, a pathbreaking fight, a foot tapping dance number etc!)..

Marapuraani Chitralu would surely become incomplete without the exploration of the Commercial Cinema which turned the Telugu Cinema scenario..and entertained the audience irrespective of the timeline present.. When such commercial cinema of 80s-90s is watched now..they are still as entertaining as they could be then..which brings them to the unforgettable category!

Commercial Telugu Cinema introduced us to International heroes such as Rambo, James Bond, and pop stars such as Michael Jackson which did so much good (in most sense) for the growing up kids of late 70s-early 80s era..The best aspect was that, the touch of nativity was added to these heroes (Without directly copying form the original-this comes to another debate anyway!).

Another important influence which the Commercial Telugu Cinema made was the fashion sense through the main protagonists. During the era of closely knitted atmosphere with not much of globalization, it got the advent of Jeans, Action Shoes,International dressing brands as well as new electronic gadgets to the Andhra Pradesh household!

Commercial Telugu Cinema expanded the financial potential of Telugu Cinema, at the same time maintaining the technical values, and the needful for making movies, thereby making Telugu Films eternal in every sense..

Stay tuned for the new dimension now in Marapuraani Chitralu- The Commercial Telugu Cinema!


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