Sambho Shiva Shambho Part-I

Shambho Shiva ShamboTelugu cinema has enough love stories in the era gone by,present and more to come in future.but wondering down the line ,you as a viewer would feel how come every story has only love but no meaning or purpose.Here comes amidst all those questions a good and powerful story that makes one to think what all these years love has been projected to be and why its failing when its in nascent stage.

Taking from its original Naadodigal which was a hit in Tamil cinema and remade in all other languages(Telugu,Kannada,Malayalam,Bengali,Hindi) you can understand the essence of the story from this very point.While every love story that is made is set to make the viewer understand how the couple fall in love and make their way for love.This Story stands apart from the usual contemporary stories and shows like every story its a usual one but the quest for why love is not standing long enough between modern day couples and  what is breaking them apart.One would get a reality check from this very story.moving on….

Karunakar(Ravi Teja),Malli ( Allari Naresh) and Chandu (Siva Balaji) are close friends living nearby in a middle class colony in a small town in Rajahmundry. Each one has their own set of goals to achieve but yet no one is selfish in their own part.Karunakar has his goal of getting a government job so that he can marry his cousin Manamma(Priyamani)this condition is put by mani’s father(Bharani)so that he can marry her.Karuna tells Bharani that he likes his honesty.Chandu wants to start a computer institute so that he can settle and marry Pavithra(Abhinaya) who is Karunakar’s sister.While karunakar is aware of her sister’s proximity towards chandu,he usually turns a blind eye towards them having confidence in both his friend and sister.

Karunakar and Pavithra live with their grandmother and parents.His father taunts him for not getting a police job. In one such sequence his father asks pavithra when was independence achieved?.Pavithra tells that she does not keep unimportant things in her mind.Her father supports her.Karuna disapproves him and asks him who were the grandfathers and their ancestors. to this he does not have a answer.karuna tells all the names and surprises everyone.he tells that these days youth don’t remember such things but only about computer and other tech stuff.which is very much true.While chandu lives with his father who dotes on him.his father also supports his love for pavithra by helping him in proposing her at the college.Malli is a comic relief.he is very much fond of prasadam offered at temples and in one such attempt loses his passport form.Yet he too has a serious goal to fly abroad for which he needs a passport.but unlike Karuna and Chandu.Malli does not have affable family his father (Kota Srinivas Rao) has married another woman after he lost his wife. Kota tries to enact so he scolds him for not being responsible in front of his wife as if he is mistreating his son.but otherwise he loves him so much and supports him by giving money even after his son’s repeated failed attempts to file a passport application.In one such situation Malli tells his father as to how many days he will enact like can see how a father loves a son so much but cannot show due to external factors around him.

Of all the three Malli is outright in nature.He speaks his heart and does not think twice before saying anything to anyone.In a way he is innocent.while chandu is normal.The most balanced one and quick at action is Karuna,who is a dare devil.Mani always is in a playful mood with her Bava(Karuna)she does everything possible to make him happy.The chemistry between the duo is natural.Like every Telugu inti Bava Mardalu, Ravi and Priya put up a decent play. She is supported by Karuna’s nanamma who suggests her on how to impress her bava with different sweets and eatables.

Santhosh meeting karunakar, Malli and chandu
Santhosh meeting karunakar, Malli and chandu

Meanwhile Karuna’s childhood friend Santhosh(Surya Teja) lands at his house.On knowing that karuna is not at his home.He goes near the railway bridge in Rajahmundry where he meets him and also chandu and malli.Karuna tells his friends how close both were right from sharing same food,same bed,clothes till seeing same girl.There were same in all aspects.Malli requests santhosh to swim along with them.he refuses saying he doesn’t know how to swim.they take him to the village carnival.There is a local leader who aspires to grow politically in that region Chitti Naidu (Krishna Bhagvan) who boasts about helping everybody in the form of his posters and ads in that area.

Chitti naidu
Chitti naidu

He helps people but in turn publicizes his helping nature to gain political mileage.In one such encounter the trio(Karuna,chandu,malli) bash him up and leave an unpleasant experience in the village carnival.
Meanwhile a police officer comes to Malli’s house.But Kota thinks his son might have done something wrong for which he came. Malli comes and gets to know that the officer has come to verify his passport details.Quite enthusiastically he answers all questions.The viewers are left in splits as one gets to know the reason.but after the officer leaves,malli tells his father that instead of trying to insult him,why doesn’t he kill him by giving some poison.Kota feels bad as he misunderstood his son.

Karuna gets a call letter for the next level in his exams.Mani lands up at his home and she taunts his mother that she is not giving any food to karuna as he has become very weak. his mother also taunts her that all days she keeps eating whatever she makes for him and both end up face to face.karuna interferes and stops their cat fight. Mani gets to know that karuna has a interview on 26th of the month for next level.she is happy but only to be disappointed that there is still a long way to go.Here Chandu gets his formalities done for getting the loan and happily sets on for a ride with his girl friend.

Here at this juncture malli’s passport is on his way,karuna is only one interview away from getting his dream job(Government) so that he can marry his cousin. And Chandu also gets his loan cleared.When all three are so close in achieving their desired goals there is a simple yet interesting twist that comes our way. Normal audience would be puzzled as to what could be the so called turn.And yet truly as the story turns interesting from this juncture.

Santhosh being resued
Santhosh being resued

Santhosh the childhood friend of karuna stands atop of the Rajahmundry Railway Bridge and jumps into the Godavari river.Malli and his friend who is beside him is alerted and malli too jumps into the water to rescue him.Chitti Naidu who is there on the shore sees all this and sets off with a rescue boat.Meanwhile karuna and chandu too hearing this set on another boat.By the time karuna,chandu and malli reach santhosh.He is rescued by Chiiti’s men. Karuna slaps malli for taking him along as he does not know how to swim. but malli tells him that he did not fall by mistake or was not thrown by anyone.,e wantedly jumped to end his life,which surprises everyone. Santhosh is brought up on the boat and is hanged upside down and is being swinged so that the water inside comes out. All three sigh in relief.

Malli then shouts upon Santhosh saying that his life has almost gone. What would be his answer if people would question him about his whereabouts.Also he reckons that Karuna who has not slapped him since childhood has first time slapped him because of him. here we can get a glimpse of what malli is about he lets his anger in a true manner like anyone would do without hiding any emotion. Upon questioning the reason behind his extreme step Santhosh tells them that he has loved a girl and ever since wanted to be with her.All three look Surprisingly happy.As if they wanted to be in that situation.He narrates to them how initially it was difficult and after he jumps into a lake, she also starts reciprocating his feelings on seeing his sincere love towards her.

As he narrates this.Malli tells that ” Eee Ammayina padalsinde.” EE Strory ayina elage untundi” to this chandu asks him to keep his mouth shut.Santhosh tells that his story is now known to both their parents and that Prabha(Santhosh Lover) is in her house. and his mother(Roja) is seeking the alliance of central minister. Santhosh tells Karuna that he loves Prabha Deeply and if both them are married to different people then both would die eventually.To this Karuna and other two take serious note of his words.Karuna scolding Santhosh

Karuna tells him for this small thing he has to die like this? “Edaina Bathiki Sadhinchali”…”Prapachamlo evaraina ee dhairyam tho premistharoo telsaa? Preminchaka valani Support cheydaniki,kalapadaniki manalanti friends untarani..” and he assures Him that his marriage will be Done!.Karuna assures to help Santhosh

Karuna makes all arrangements to get Santhosh married to his Girl.Pavithra offers money to Chandu.saying that.
“Repu manaki edaina sahayam kavalante evaraina ilage help chestaru kadha” chandu says”Mana pelli ki ilanti problem em undadu”..
All four set for Kurnool
All four set off on the vehicle and Malli enquires as to where they are going.On knowing that they are going to Kurnool.he says “Rayalaseema lo unde Kurnool aa?”. “Avnu” says chandu. Malli: “Pere intha danger ga undentraaa…??!!!”
Here our Rayalaseema holds a special place for faction and love. where on one side you have love on the same side you have faction and how many stories have evolved and who has won will always be a question.

After a tired and long Overnight journey they reach Kurnool on the wee hours of morning.All four sit down for a cup of tea.In between Karuna gets a call from his Friend Nani(Sunil)As They come to know that he works in a hotel.they think their work is done and assure santhosh about his marriage.Nani on receiving his friends learns about their shocking plan and questions about their Nani shocked by their plansknowledge on the people they are about to encounter.Karuna Tells nani that Santhosh is the son of Bhavani(Roja) Ex MP.Nani asks, why cant you talk peacefully.
To this malli replies.”Matlade samsye ledu.akada manakosam 100 mandi vethukuthunaru”.
Nani:”eviti manakosama? nenepudu milo cheranu ra???
Malli: “Ipudu Kalisam ga..” Nani is shocked!
Malli: “ikanunchi memchese prati manchi chedu pani lo niku saga bhagam undi! nuve ma gang leader vi!”

A car stops in front of the hotel.Nani tells all four that if you want to go safely from this place then don’t utter a word till that person goes out and tells that the person is Narsimha Reddy’s driver.

Malli asks “Driver ki intha build up aa?? vadi mokham mida enti anni pichi geethalu unnai??
Nani says: “Picchi geethalu kadu ra katthi potulu”
Karuna keeps watching and Nani asks them as he is about to leave where he is going. Karuna replies:”Pelli Sambhandam matladostha!”
Nani fears and Karuna gets into the car with the driver.He goes till the factory of Narsimha Reddy and meets him.He asks if he is interested to sell old cars as he has started a company to buy old cars then remodel and sell them.Narsimha tells him that he is not interested in new things and always like old things as old is gold. Narsimha then asks him if he is from east? karuna replies he is from Rajahmundry. Narsimha says his accent made him to think like that.

All five gather and think about the plan to take the girl.while Nani is tense about how they four will execute. Malli tells him that he is also going to be part of their plan.Hearing this Nani is shocked.they will plan to execute that night itself.While the three of them are at the house of the girl.

Malli gets caught
Malli gets caught

Malli is forced to go inside,while other two wait outside.Not aware that a dog is inside of the house malli jumps and finds himself in front of the dog.while the dog chases him he is being caught by the security men and is handed to Narsimha .Narsimha confronts malli.He comes to know that he is a thief who came to steal small items.Thus narsimha offers some money and warns him not to be seen again.With this malli gets a sigh of relief and tells his friends that narsimha seems to be a nice man.On hearing this nani is astonished.he says after i came to know that you were going i was surprised and on hearing that you were caught by them my heart almost stopped functioning.He pleads them to stop at this point and leave.He says it is all because of that guy Santhosh that their lives are at risk.he(Nani) is in no way concerned in this matter.

Karuna says “Vadu mammalni nammi vachadu anduke memu Vocham!”
“Memu pattukundi katthi ani telsu!, adi gutchukuntundi ,raktham vostundi ani kuda telsu!ayina sare danni vonchadame gane vodile samasye ledu!”

Nani says:Vodalakandi ra vodalakandi… kani nanuu vodileyandi raa!!”
Karuna: Orey Nani…
Nani: Sare Kani…

Bhavani Enquiring about her sonNext day Morning, Bhavani(Roja) finds about his son’s whereabouts and doubts that Narsimha might have kidnapped him.She is quite tense when she gets a call from police department, that her son is in Kurnool itself.She orders her men to be infront of Narsimha’s house and track their moments.While narsimha and his men come out of their house.Bhavani’s men follow them.Also behind bhavani’s men are the trio who chase them behind in an auto.All four Set on their MissionThe trio along with santhosh go to the Ahobilam temple where Narsimha along with his family and  his daughter Prabha come. From here the story takes an interesting leap. But Viewers should wait for the next part as to see what unfolds for the trio. Will they be successful in kidnapping the girl? and Nani who is extremely afraid of Narsimha and his people would he be caught or will he escape?
Well even i am curious too.. meet you in the next Part.

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