Business Plans, Love, and Strategies- Challenge Part 2!


Till part 1 of the post on this marvel, we have seen the dramatic circumstances on how Gandhi (Chiranjeevi)- an unemployed youth challenges an influential businessman Ram Mohan Rao (Rao Gopala Rao) saying that he would earn a sum of fifty lakhs in five years.  Though Gandhi challenges with full confidence, it happened in nick of the moment and he doesn’t really have a clear strategy on how to proceed forward. When Lakshmi(Suhasini) comes to know about this challenge, she mocks Gandhi saying that it is humanly impossible to earn such money in the current era. Just when the viewer is also concerned about how Gandhi finds inspiration to go forward, the director immediately takes to the inspirational incident which removes all the doubts from Gandhi’s mind.


A concerned Gandhi sits near a temple premises where an old beggar woman comes and asks him for alms. An already troubled Gandhi reacts in an irritable manner saying that he doesn’t have even a single rupee in his pocket. The old woman leaves the place but comes back with a ten paisa coin in her hand and gives it to Gandhi. She also asks him to buy something to eat with the money(Yes!those were the days when people could buy some snack or food with 10 paisa!) This one incident might sound too simple and dramatic in the first look but with deep thought- it is downright inspirational! Gandhi understands that if an old woman with no education or proper health could have confidence in earning money with her prowess, he can definitely achieve the task!

Gandhi immediately heads off to a gambling center to stake his newly earned rupee to play a game of heads or tails. His balance turns to 100 rupees in just an hour of inspiration! When the gamblers ask Gandhi to play once more, the clever hero replies in this following way:

“Telivaina Joodagadu ekkuva sarlu geliche vaadu kadhu, aata eppudu aapalo kacchitam ga telisina vaadu, inka aadithe emauthundho naaku baga telusu!”

A clever gambler is someone who doesn’t win consistently but someone who knows where to stop the fun. I clearly know what would happen if I play more!

This one line is fantastic punch on people who obsessively get into gambling and get carried away by the wins! The director and writer show perfectly that gambling to some extent is fine but it shouldn’t become the sole way of earning money- It needs dedication, hard work and of course a tinge of luck!

Lakshmi on the other hand has other ideas about living and earning life. When she comes to know that Gandhi earned money by gambling , she tries to tell him that it is not really a victory at all. But Gandhi replies cleverly saying that there is nothing like good or bad in the society where things are already corrupted to the hilt. In the mean time, Haarika finds Gandhi’s ways quite intriguing and they get into interesting conversations. A slight romantic angle also begins between them when Haarika requests Gandhi to advise to get into some business and the latter asks her to set up a beauty parlor and offer her own beauty tips!

The fantastic blockbuster Indhuvadana song arrives in a jiffy with remarkable dance steps by Chiranjeevi and supported ably by Vijayashanti as well. This song became an anthem for the youth those days for its peppy beats, frisky interludes – a whiff of fresh air from melodramatic or overly sweet duet songs!

. A very special mention should be needed for lyricist Veturi to infuse versatility in a totally commercial number!

With the earned money, Gandhi gives an advertisement in newspaper saying that he would give tips for people on how to earn money quickly.  A troubled textile client arrives to meet Gandhi saying that none of his clothes or bed sheets are getting sold because of the movie craze which is changing too fast in the people.  Gandhi laughs it off saying that the problem is quite simple as the movies might change by the actors in it don’t! He advises the textile client to print the film stars posters on each of these garments and the idea becomes viral! Though this idea looks quite dramatic and funny- the intention of writer and director is that sometimes even the most unlikely plan can work great!


Gandhi then meets a group of unemployed youth headed by an angry youth named Ramtheertha.  The young man shares his anguish that the country couldn’t show them any jobs despite having top grades in their graduation.  Fed up with the system, Ramtheertha says that his group is planning to make an advanced weapons factory which would fetch them money. But Gandhi advises them not to go in the wrong path and tells them to approach the government for a self employment scheme to establish a factory in east side of Vizag city. Gandhi also says that the profits which come from the plan’s executon should be shared equally with him!


In the mean time, Gandhi makes no delay by employing Lakshmi- his most trustworthy friend as his secretary to look after all tasks he need- entrepreneurial lessons explained the best in the so called filmy way!

The plan works out as expected and Ramtheertha along with his team succeed in starting the industry. The union minister is also invited for the function along with Haarika who comes to offer her support to Gandhi. But sadly, Gandhi leaves with Haarika as per her request to talk and leaves Lakshmi after the event. Gandhi wonders why Haarika called him so urgently and during the time they have dinner, she asks him to sign on a blank paper without explaining any reason.


Gandhi- a pure businessman by heart does something quite unexpected then! Without hesitation, he signs the paper and gives it back to her. Haarika obviously feels quite pleased for the trust he has on her and he even says that his value for her is more than a life partner! Just when the viewer confirms that the love angle is fixed between Gandhi and Haarika- the director shifts the scene back to Lakshmi!


An angered Lakshmi gets very upset with Gandhi’s sudden departure and talks quite harshly to him when he gets back. Instead of arguing back with her, Gandhi silently departs by respecting her words. It is really interesting to see the contrasting relationship Gandhi has with Haarika as well as Lakshmi. While with Haarika, it is mostly of mutual trust from a distance, Lakshmi is someone who is always there for Gandhi right from the day one! The film also treats friendship as well as romantic interest with equal importance and which is where it turns out to be a modern classic.

gandhi lakshmi

Gandhi zooms in his money earning by making impressive strategies and comes to a position where he can afford and an own house along with a car.  He earns Rs.20 lakhs with the plans till date and now plans to buy a land where mica deposits can be seen. The moment he earns this money, Gandhi takes Lakshmi to see the new residence and also tells her that he wouldn’t disturb her in untimely occasions and stay in his limits. Obviously, Lakshmi realizes her mistake and confesses that she felt jealous when he left with Haarika. The greatest friends unite after an emotional breakdown and Lakshmi then gives a letter to Gandhi saying that he should read it after the bet duration is completed.


A very special mention should be made once again to the fantastic chemistry between Chiranjeevi and Suhasini in this scene. They share a very special onscreen bonding which speaks of classiness and each of them complement so wonderfully with each other!

The audience might think how Gandhi could progress so effortlessly without any hurdles or troubles in the journey. Just when the thought comes, here arrives Lakshmi’s irresponsible brother Hanumanth (Gollapudi Maruthi Rao) along with his stunningly beautiful wife Priyamvada (Silk Smitha).  The clever Hanumanth tries to speak sweetly and requests Gandhi to look after them until their financial condition improves. While Lakshmi tries to be wary about trusting her lazy brother, Gandhi obliges.


What sort of twists happen with the advent of Hanumanth in Gandhi’s abode? What does Priyamvada got to do in this plot?


How would Gandhi deal with these hurdles?

Stay tuned.. as more important characters would make their presence in this fantastic marvel.

More to come in part 3!

2 thoughts on “Business Plans, Love, and Strategies- Challenge Part 2!

  1. Great blog, Navya! I too am a huge fan of Telugu classics. Yandamoori’s novels are such a guilty pleasure for me. Abhilasha is my favourite adaptation of his thoroughly engaging novels and Challenge is a second. The rest mostly were too commercialised and downright unpleasant to watch. Glad to see Challenge on this blog.
    I have a request though. I’d love to contribute to your blog. I don’t own a blog as such, but any opportunity to geek out about Telugu movies would be great. I’m not sure if you had any guest authors for your blog, please let me know if we can work it through.


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