All about Marapuraani Chitralu..

Cinema is one of the most powerful mediums which has the capability to influence thought, generation and even the way of has grown so influential in our lives that the topic of a particular movie comes up atleast a few times in any person’s day-to-day discussion irrespective of the language. Cinema is a culmination of various art forms such as drama, script-writing, music, lyrics, directing, acting, costume designing and for a movie to be welcomed by the audience, every aspect mentioned thereby needs to excel!

Though there are wonderful movies in every language in this beautiful world of ours, Marapuraani Chitralu is all about the Golden Era of Telugu Cinema.This is a space to relive the magic of the brilliant movies which never failed to fascinate the audience even after countless times of viewing.

In this artistic space, me along with my friend Deepti- the huge movie afficionado duo will discuss about the most unforgettable movies in our Telugu Cinema which has made us ponder, ecstatic, develop and transform as individuals with not only thought and social responsibility, but also with tremendous sense of timely humour!

3 thoughts on “All about Marapuraani Chitralu..

  1. Hello guys..

    I was seeing “Back to the Future” English movie and went to our own “Adithya 369” Wiki link where I found your blog as a reference.
    Seems to be a good one. Nice work and keep it up.


  2. Hi Navya & Deepti,

    Landed here from Minai’s blog. Fabulous work ! Just wanted to check whether any details are available about Saleema, the daughter of Girija, a brilliant actor who did a handful of memorable films and disappeared into the woodwork.I had written a bit about her sometime back on my blog ( ) and have been searching for any details forthcoming of her. Thanks so much..regards..cinematters

  3. Hi
    Accessed this blog by gettign information of a similar blog in Malayalam ( and found this to be superb. I am Narayan radhakrishnana , a lawyer and presetly on work ona book about lawyerrs,law and courtroom in Idnain cineam. I am also covering elugu cinema- though id ont know how to speak or write Telugu. yet. a picture says a thousand words and i am now collecting major contributins in Telugu cinema. I have covered movie like
    Edi Dharmama, Edi Nyayaym,
    Lawyer Viswanath (1978).
    Barrister Parvatheesam (1952)
    Potti Pleader (1966)
    Akka Chellellu
    Justice Chakravarthy with Nageswara Rao in the lead;
    Justice Chowdhary
    Abhilasha (1983).
    Chettu kinda Pleader (1987)
    Gudu Gudu Gunjam,
    Justice Rudrama Devi (1990).
    Naidu LL.B. (w. & d. Nambi)
    Nippulanti Nijam
    Lawyer Chakravarthy (Satyanarayana)
    Shravana Sandhya
    Lawyer Suhasini.
    Lawyer Bharti Devi
    Is there any notable movies i have missed. I have also some confuysion b/w Lawyer Chakravarthi & Justice Chakravarathy. Are they the same movie- or sequels?? Is the dved of Barrister Parvatheesaam avaialble. Please do reply.

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