Sambho Shiva Shambho Part-I

Telugu cinema has enough love stories in the era gone by,present and more to come in future.but wondering down the line ,you as a viewer would feel how come every story has only love but no meaning or purpose.Here comes amidst all those questions a good and powerful story that makes one to think what … Continue reading Sambho Shiva Shambho Part-I

Swathi Kiranam Part-2

Sarma and wife are honoured at an event on GuruPournami. (Sanmanam sabha for his musical excellence) Just when Sarma sits down to sing at the event, the host announces a surprise for Sarma in the form of Gangadhar. Taking blessings from Sarada, his mother like figure he steps onto the stage saying 'A boy like … Continue reading Swathi Kiranam Part-2

Swathi Kiranam Part-I

Its a pleasure to write about K Vishwanath movies any time. How one can forget the melodious honey sweet musical elegance carried so beautifully in his films.The stories are meant for showcasing the actor's hidden far no actor/actress had not been unsuccesful in outdoing her self when it comes to a character played in … Continue reading Swathi Kiranam Part-I

Aarya(Feel My Love) Part 2

The interesting turn in the interval left us shocked!.now after Aarya was bruised so badly by Ajay's Gang.he lands in Hospital.But going by his nature he doesn't stay too long there and leaves the hospital with a Note saying 'Na prema chesina teeyani gaayalu ee hospital mapesthundi.anduke nenu iakda nunchi velthunanu' seeing this note his … Continue reading Aarya(Feel My Love) Part 2

Aarya (Feel My Love) Part 1

Aarya..Feel My love was released back in 2004.After the much awaited release of Gangotri.which was a debut for Allu Arjun.he waited for a film which could make his acting skills more better he wanted to prove hes an all rounder.Just when he was waiting came Aarya...which was a rage among people with all ages. The … Continue reading Aarya (Feel My Love) Part 1

Prema Desam

The Year 1997 was truly a year to remember as that year saw the release of  one of the Coolest Movie  for years to come....'Prema Desam' Yes it was the invent of this love story that made a trend setter for the later generation.Until then there were only movies made only with  family drama,sentiment &  … Continue reading Prema Desam


A Happy Independence Day to all ! It gives me great pleasure to start with a movie like leader.On this special day which is very important to all of us indians.Let me take you to the beautiful world where characters come live in front of you.I hope you enjoy reading my article.Its a tribute to … Continue reading Leader