Swathi Kiranam Part-2

Sarma and wife are honoured at an event on GuruPournami. (Sanmanam sabha for his musical excellence) Just when Sarma sits down to sing at the event, the host announces a surprise for Sarma in the form of Gangadhar. Taking blessings from Sarada, his mother like figure he steps onto the stage saying 'A boy like … Continue reading Swathi Kiranam Part-2


Swathi Kiranam Part-I

Its a pleasure to write about K Vishwanath movies any time. How one can forget the melodious honey sweet musical elegance carried so beautifully in his films.The stories are meant for showcasing the actor's hidden talent.so far no actor/actress had not been unsuccesful in outdoing her self when it comes to a character played in … Continue reading Swathi Kiranam Part-I